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380 Midnight Mix
Age of Loneliness
Back To the River of Beli
Between Generations
Between Mind & Heart
Beyond the Invisible
Callas Went Away
Camera Obscura
Dancing With Mephisto
Distorted Love
Double Crossing Time
Eppur Si Muove
Find Love
Following the Sun
Goodbye Milky Way
Gravity of Love
Hello And Welcome
I Love You... I'll Kill You
In the Shadow, In the Light
Invisible Love
Je T'aime Till My Dying Day
Just For the Day
Knocking of Forbidden Doors
La Puerta Del Cielo
Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi
Look of Today
Mea Culpa
Modern Crusaders
Morphing Thru Time
Odyssey of the Mind
Out From the Deep
Page of Cups
Principles of Lust
Prism of Life
Push the Limits
Return To Innocence
Roi Est Mort Vive Le Roi!
Second Chapter
Seven Lives
Shadows in Silence
Silence Must Be Heard
Silent Warrior
Sitting on the Moon
Smell of Desire
The Child in Us
The Cross of Changes
The Dream of the Dolphin
The Eyes of Truth
The Gate
The Rivers of Belief
The Roundabout
The Same Parents
The Screen Behind the Mirror
The Voice And the Snake
The Voice of Enigma
Third of Its Kind
Total Eclipse of the Moon
Turn Around
T.N.T. For the Brain
Way To Eternity
We Are Nature

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