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/ AC/DC: Mistress For Christmas,

/ AC/DC: Mistress For Christmas, .

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the day
I just can't wait till
Christmas time
When I can grope you in the hay

Easy come, easy go
Have a good time with lots of dough
Slippin' up high, slippin' down low
Love'm and leave'm on with the show

Listen, I like meaphoe in
midd one glass (or "female
form in minimal dress")
Money to spend with a
capital "S"
Get a date with the woman in red
Wanna be in heaven with
three in a bed

He got it, I want it
They got it, I can't have it
But I want it, it don't
She got it, but I can't get it

I want a mistress for

Easy come, easy go
Slippin' high, slippin' low
He got it, I want it
They got it, I can't have it
I want it, don't matter
She got it, and I can't get
a -

Mistress for Christmas


I want the woman in red with
her body on my bed

I can hear you coming down
my smoke stack
I wanna ride on your
raindeer honey and ring the bells

/ AC/DC: Mistress For Christmas,
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