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Well, I rocked over Italy and I rocked over Spain
I rocked in Memphis;
It was all the same
Til I rocked to Africa
I rolled off the ship
I seem them natives doin an odd looking skip
I parted the weeds
And I looked over the swamp,
And I seen them cats doin the Ubangi Stomp

Ubangi Stomp is a rock and roll
It beats anything thats ever been told
Ubangi Stomp, Ubangi style;
when it kicks,
It drives a cool cat wild

Well I looked up the chief;
He invited me in
He said, "A heap big jam sessions bout to begin"
I grabbed up a tom and I picked up the beat
That crazy thing sent
Shivers to my feet
I rocked and I rolled
And I skipped with a smile
I did the Ubangi Stomp with a Ubangi style

Well, we rocked all night and part of the day
Had a good, rock-in time
with the chiefs daughter Mae
Im makin good time and Im gettin in the know
when the captain said, "Son, weve gotta go"
I said, "Thats all right
You go right ahead
Im gonna Ubangi Stomp til I roll over dead"

Ubangi Stomp is a rock and roll
It beats anything thats

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