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/ Christina Aguilera: Koochie Koo,

/ Christina Aguilera: Koochie Koo, .

I saw you here
Where you were standing
It scared me, dear
So I bought some candy.
When I see you
My eyes are open.
When you see me,
Your eyes are open.

Oh oh oh oh oh my koochie koo
Ohhhhhhhhhhh I still love you oohhhhhhh oh oh
Oh koochie koo
Do you love me too oh oh oh oh

I was sitting there
Playing Mario Sunshine on Game Cube
Oooooooooh but it's not the same
Without you
Ohhhhh it's better than that

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my koochie koo
Oh oh oh oh oh oh I still love you oh oh oh oh oh oh
My koochie koo oh oh oh oh oh
Do you love me too oh oh oh oh.

Koochie koochie koochie koo
Candy, Mario, Game Cube
Koochie oochie oochie oo
Do oh ohoh you ohoh oh love ohoh me ohoh too??

Oh oh oh oh oh

/ Christina Aguilera: Koochie Koo,
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