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/ No Doubt: You Can Do It, .

Since you've been gone
Since you've been unglued
It's hard to figure out
You're next move
One minute here
The next you're gone
Let's make an end
To this sad, sad song
For you it's hard to take
'Cause the pill has an awful taste
Just open up and swallow down
Once it hits bottom
Things may turn around

Unfortunately this is the case
You've got to catch up
And win the race
Straighten yourself out...
You can do it

Every thing you say
Has been taken wrong
Enough to say
It's a sad sad song
They can't understand
That you mean to do good
I guess you could say
You're musunderstood

I know you're meaning well
But you're been shot to hell
Just come back and join us now
'Cause I know that you know how

I know it seems
They're messing with your mind
But you don't have to go
Forward blind
So let the bygones be hygone
And let's make an end
To this sad, sad song


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