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/ Rihanna: Good Bye (Good Day),

/ Rihanna: Good Bye (Good Day), .

Good bye to everything that we use to say
Good bye to everything that we use to have
How I for forget
Good bye how we use to walk
How you doing baby
How do we say good bye
How I forget your name
Thing we call loved how do we get it back
I don't feel so strong without it so much in love with you (with you in)
No, can't say no to you
That how make me feel
So I go on without you
You leave now what I purpose to do in situation that got me in
Good day to you and all your

Do you reason why you never felt the pain, cause I did that night
Which I love you can you see anything I do for you
You see in my eyes
You can't see the person that I become we see want to see I can I pick and choose when you I want, hard decision to make when you're in love
I don't won't feeling have to fend for myself how you left me
Don't know how to react how that you is wth me
Good girl I believe
Your will it short
My temptation keep rising
So keep close to me baby
How you said forget me
How I forget your name
How do we say good day
Thing we use to in love

(Chorus) x5

It might be last... last time talk to you
It might be last... last time kiss you
Last time hold you hold me
No, I can't take you back
No, I trust you with my heart
No, I trust you won't say anything
No, I give it all away how am I'm fool
I know I thouught I know better
I thought I knew you seem I dont
No, I can't you back
Good day sir your day just ending

Chorus x5

/ Rihanna: Good Bye (Good Day),
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