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/ ZZ-Top: Poke Chop Sandwich,

/ ZZ-Top: Poke Chop Sandwich, .

Better watch that
Poke chop sandwichwaitin in the sack
Ridin a tom tom, a double fat back
Got my poke chop sandwich?
Layin on da drum
Poke chop greazyim gonna get some
Get some a dat poke chop
Poke chop sandwich
Poke chop
Poke chop sandwich
Yeah yeah twenty five
Louisiana back beat and the texas bop
Do a hollywood shuffle jes cant top it
New york turn around and
The london stomp
African good luck combination
I know that ya want
Poke chop
Poke chop sandwich
Poke chop
Double poke chop sandwich
Play on
Spider & lightnin hopkins got
The big bad beat
Aint no question what they gonna eat
Spider wanna a bottle,
Lightnin' wanna a can
Theyll take in a bucket
ause they dam well can
A poke chop
A poke at dat chop
Cut dat poke chope
Poke chop sandwich
Feel like, I feel like a poke chop sandwich
Give me dat sandwich in wax paper
Pork chop sandwich

/ ZZ-Top: Poke Chop Sandwich,
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