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Yuri Gagarin (09.03.1934 - 27.03.1968) - Russian pilot and cosmonaut.

  , Yuri Gagarin photoYuri Gagarin was born on 9 March 1934 in the village of Klushino. There were four children in the family and Yuri was the third. His father, Alexey, was an able carpenter. Both father and mother worked on a collective farm. It is also known that his mother, Anna, was a voracious reader. As parents worked their daughter helped them to bring up Yuri. In World War II the Gagarins underwent Nazi occupation and their dwelling was taken over. The family had to build a mud hut and they lived there for almost two years till the occupation ended.

When Yuri was young he took an interest in planets and cosmos. Gagarin studied at a vocational technical school and then was chosen for training at a technical high school which was located in Saratov. Afterwards Yuri affiliated himself with the AeroClub and tried to fly a light aircraft.

From 1955 Gagarin studied at the Orenburg Pilots School. He made the acquaintance of Valentina Goryacheva there. Two years later Yuri married her. Post-graduation Gagarin served at Luostari airbase. Bad weather conditions of this region made flying perilous. On 5 November 1957 Gagarin became a Lieutenant. In 1959 his rank was Senior Lieutenant.

In 1960 the 20 pilots including Gagarin were chosen for the Soviet space program. Subsequently he was chosen for an elite training group. All the pilots were tested for both psychological and physical staying power. At the end of the test program Gherman Titov and Yuri Gagarin were selected because their results were the best. Moreover, physical characteristics of these cosmonauts were the most appropriate. They both were not tall. Gagarins height was 1.57 metres.

Gagarins character was described as humble, attentive and persistent. He also had a good memory, vivid imagination, fast response and other mental faculties. An Air Force doctor considered that Gagarin understood life better than others. It should be noted that Yuri liked sports. He played ice hockey and was a basketball fan.
It is known that when the twenty pilots chose anonymously one of them for the first flight, all but three voted for Yuri Gagarin.

On 12 April 1961 the first human travelled into cosmos. Gagarin was aboard the Vostok 1 and he orbited the earth. This great event made Yuri Gagarin famous and he received a lot of honours and medals. Gagarin became Hero of the Soviet Union.

On 27 March 1968 Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Seryogin died in a MiG-15 crash. The incident was near Kirzhach. The Cosmonaut Training Centre outside Moscow and the adjacent town of Gzhatsk were named in his honour.



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