: Fishing

/ English joke: Fishing.


A man and his new bride check into a hotel, looking forward to their honeymoon. After they go upstairs the desk clerks looks up and sees the man walking downstairs with his tackle box and fishing pole. He walks out the door and is gone until nearly midnight.

Before dawn the next morning, once again the desk clerk sees the man walking out the door with his fishing pole and tackle box. He is gone all day and returns really late.

On the third day as the man walks down the stairs with his tackle box and fishing pole, the desk clerk stops him.

"Excuse me sir, but I understand you are on your honeymoon," He asks.

"Yes sir.." The man replies.

"Well, If my wife looked like that, I'd be upstairs in bed with her.." he says.

"I can't, she's got ghonnerhea." the man replies casually.

"Okay, how 'bout a little oral action?"

"Nope, she's got herpes."The man says calmly.

Agitated, the dek clerk says "Well, you could take the back door.."

"Nope, she's got diarrhea."

Frustrated the desk clerk shouts "Well then what the hell did you marry her for?"

The man smiles "She's got worms too..and they make good bait."

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