>>Wooden leg pig

: Wooden leg pig

/ English joke: Wooden leg pig.


A man is travelling across the country and comes upon a pig with a wooden leg.

This rouses his curiousity so he finds the owner of the pig and asks "How'd your pig get a wooden leg?"

The farmer replies "Why, this pig is really something else. One day, I got trapped under my tractor. My little fella ran on over to the neighbours and somehow got them to come on over and free me from under it. This amazing pig saved my life!"

The traveller, amazed, says "That is amazing, so how'd he end up with a wooden leg?"

The farmer goes on to say "Let me tell you about this marvellous pig. Another time, the house set fire and I was trapped inside, unconcious. This sweetheart of a pig ran through the flames, grabbed my arm in his mouth and dragged me out to safety. This little guy saved my life AGAIN!"

The traveller, mystified, replied "That is a wonderous thing, but...how'd the pig get a wooden leg?"

The farmer goes on, saying "Let me tell you...one time I fell in the pond, and not knowing how to swim, set to drowning. This beautiful creature dived on in, and pulled me out to safety, then gave me mouth to mouth resucitation. The little bugger SAVED MY LIFE! AGAIN!"

The traveller, amazed, but now incredibly curious, asked again..."Wow, but..how'd he get the wooden leg?!"

The farmer replied, "A marvellous creature, I tells ya, a real beaut. A pig like that, you just can't eat a pig like that.

At least not all at once"

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