>>Saber tooth tigar

: Saber tooth tigar

/ English joke: Saber tooth tigar.


This newfie, one time, wanted to marry a Shieks daughter in Egypt. So the Shiek said to the Newfie, "You have to complete three tasks before you can marry here."
So the newfie replied, "That sounds good."
So then the Shiek said, "There are three tents. In the first tent, there is a forty ounce bottle of rum, which you have to drink in a half hour."
The newfie replies, "piece of cake."
"In the second tent," the Shiek said, "there is a saber tooth tiger that needs his tooth pulled."
The Newfie replies, "EASY."
"And in the third tent," the Shiek says, "there is a women that has never been sexually pleasured before, and you have to pleasure her."
The Newfie replies, "Not a problem"
So the Newfie walk in the first tent, and a half hour later, he walks out and says, "Well, that was easy enough, show me the next tent."
So the Newife walks into the second tent and then the tent started to shake, and strange noises started to sound. A few minutes later, there was silence. The Newfie walks out of the tent, bleeeding and ripped upo clothes and says, "NOW, wheres that women who wanted her tooth pulled"

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