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Tonights The Night
I'ma feel alright
I'm gonna hit the scene with my friends
Tonights The night
I'ma feel alright
Feel alright again
Tonights the night
Ima do what I gotta do to get outta here
Tonights the night I'ma feel alright
Feel alright again

Verse 1
Buy myself a quick cheap ticket
i'm looking for a brand new scene
Gotta Get the hell outta hollywood
Cuz every day here's Halloween
Hit The Town With Brass Knuckles
let all the good people stare
I hope I dont end up in jail
But then again I don't really care


Verse 2
Think It's Time to have some fun
But what am I gonna wear?
And Where We gonna go?
And whos gonna do my hair?
Got these Hot A** boots
But aint got Nothin to do
Somebody better get me some gas money
Or We'll be Sitting here like fools


I'm Leavin
Im goin far
far, far away
Got no reason to stay
cuz I wanna play
so can you hang? its gonna be all night


/ Pink: Tonights The Night,
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