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50 cent - Disco Inferno

50 cent/ 50 : Disco Inferno .


[Hook - Repeat x 2]
Lil' mama show me how you move it,
Go Ahead put ya back into it,
Do ya thang like there aint nothin to it,
Shake.. sh.sh..shake that ass girl.

[Verse 1]
Go, Go, Go, 50 in the house -
bounce, y'all already know what I'm about.
The flow sounds sick over Dre' drums
n*gga, I ain't stupid
I see Doc and my dope come bigger. Whoa!
Shorty' hips is hypnotic,
she moves is so erotic,
but watch
I'ma watch her bounce that assss girl.
I get it crunk in here,
I make it jump in here, front in here,
we'll thump in here. Oooohh.
I'm so gutter, so ghetto, so hood.
So gully, so brawly, what's good?
Outside, the Benz on dubs -
I'm in the club wit you snubs
don't start nothin', it won't be nothin'.

[Repeat Hook x 2]

[Verse 2]
Let's party, everybody stand up.
Everybody put ya hands up.
Let's party, everybody bounce wit me.
Some Champagne and burn a little ring of reef.
This hot. Disco Inferno, let's go.
You are now rockin wit a pro.
I get toed to flip dough to get more, fo sho'.
Get my drank on n*gga on the dance floor.
Look baby I don't dance all i do is this.
It's the same 2-step wit a lil' twist.
Listen pimpin' I ain't new to this,
I'm true to this.
Pay attention boy, I teach how to do this.
So you mix a lil' piece with a lil' Don Perrion.
And a lil' Hennessy,
you know we from the Carrion.
Hollerin' at these snakes
in da club tryin' to get right,
we gonna be up in this bitch
'til the bright daylight.

[Repeat Hook x 2]

[Verse 3]
You see me shinin'
and lit up with diamonds
as I stay grindin'. uh-huh.
Homie you can catch me swoopin Bentley coupin',
switchin lanes. u see me rollin,
you know I'm holdin,
I'm about my paper, yeah.
N*gga I'm serious, I ain't playin',
I'm better than ya brain,
I'm off the chain. G-Unit!
Next level now, turn it up a notch.
Em and Dre sent me to tear up the spot.
Front on me, oh no, you know I'm loco.
Hands up on the dance floor, ok let's go!

[Repeat Hook x 2]



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