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Ace of Base: Ravine

Ace of Base: Ravine .


Have you heard, have you heard?
About this girl who was ripped up by her roots
Have you heard, what she learned?
Like humility - you win when you lose

I have learned, I have learned
The most horrifying nights have an end
I was hurt, I was lost
In the dark I found a way to a friend

I am standing here in my ravine
Once again I see a piece of the sky
And my joyll never be denied
cause I was meant to be here -
The only place on earth
Where you are near, where you are near

Was a flower, was so frail
And I let the trees grow wild around me
Grew so high, hid the sky
Shaded everything I needed to see

Then one night, someone came
Took a knife and ripped me up by my roots
Tossed astray, far away
In the darkest night, I started to pray

I am standing...

Why do you, why do you ask?
Why Im not blaming my god?
Ill tell you, Ill tell you what
He was the only one there

I am standing...



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