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Aerosmith: Downtown Charlie

Aerosmith: Downtown Charlie .


(This is impossible)

Well, downtown charlie
Was a place on my daddies and a
Well my pistol was a tripper
And I didnt feel so bad
Well be comin round with roses
Put my hands on my feet
And my turnin to the luck picture
I put my neat
Well, the gangs all here
And Im feelin fine
Ah, you gotta lose your mind
He was a countdown
Oh, that was a downtown

Said, swing low slicker
Future goin lover
All is goin good
I forgot my rubber
A pi-sa (never mind), my sexy
All I wanna do is get on my feet

Na, na...oh, the boys coming home

(Around this time, steven screams
Something I wont even try to make out)
Downtown charlie
Said, downtown charlie
(And never mind the screamin parts...impossible)

Just call him if youre good
Rockin fat if the machine was a roll



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