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Aerosmith: Falling Off

Aerosmith: Falling Off .


I was a young man
Whose intentions were good
Kept my hands in my pockets
The way that I should

I soon found out
They got a mind on their own
Beginning to think
I had a heart made of stone


I keep falling off
I keep falling off
I keep falling off
I keep falling off

I try to remember
I try to forget
I keep my promise
If that's what I said

I had your number
But I didn't call
I got no excuse
I've got my back to the wall


My eyes don't wanna see
My ears don't wanna hear
The things that make me feel
That keep me so in dear to you
It makes me think
Is that the best that I can do?

It doesn't matter
The time that I fall
I'm up for the next
When like I'm ten feet tall

(Repeat Chorus)



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