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Aerosmith: Sick as a Dog

Aerosmith: Sick as a Dog .


Please, I just got to talk to you
Please, well keep your head out of the loo
Please, we're a long, long way from home
Please, you'd turn a young man's face to stone

Sick As a Dog, what's your story
Sick As a Dog, a cat got your tounge
Sick As a Dog, you'll be sorry
Sick As a Dog, 'cause you're really ain't that young

Please, you were much to my surprise
Please, you're a lady in disguise
Please, you're the only friend I got
Please, you're the last to see me rot


Please, it's a shame you're so refined
Please, she was the last thing on my mind
Please, don't be late to take it light
Please, you're gonna bay into the night

Say goodnight



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