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/ Ani Lorak: 13 .


I feel like Im in pig tails and cut off jeans
Im wearing braces and all knock-kneed
One look in the mirror I gotta reach for the clearasil
I get so nervous and sweaty palms
I got a drawer full of training bras
I stay up all night wondering
If someones gonna ask me to the prom
I cant believe you look at me
And just like that
Suddenly you send me
Right back, right back


And Im thirteen
Horribly thirteen
And Im so shy
I cant even speak
And my heart beats
Thundering heart beats
And I could die
Every time we meet

You got me chasing rainbows and fairy tales
Im wearing lip gloss and glitter nails
Keep hoping were gonna get to second base
Im looking for a reason to callyour phone
But then Im prayin you wont be home
I never know what to say
After you say hello
(repeat 1st b-section)
(repeat chorus)

Got his picture in my locket
Got a letter in my pocket
Sayin just the way I feel
Every night hold my pillow tight
And pray that this love is real
I write poetry in my diary
All about how much he really means to me
Cant vote, cant cope
Theres just no hope
Cause Im thirteen
The awkwardness, embarassment,
The agony
Suddenly it all comes rushing back to me

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