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/ Avril Lavigne: Move Your Little Self On,

/ Avril Lavigne: Move Your Little Self On, .

I will move my little self on
It wont be very much longer
One day soon he will find me
I know this because I believe

If I get to know myself better
I will be a little bit stronger
I wont forget everything you told me
Yeah I miss, the way youd hold me
The words you told me

Things happen for a reason, youll become a stronger person
When life tears you up, then youll understand
Its never easy, but youll know when you get there
As it tears you down, it builds you up
Well, it built you up

Some girls fall, just like I did
They break our hearts, I shouldve broke his
Get yourself up, strut along further,
My advice, you can do better
Just say whatever


Well, you said you would love me forever
Well, blablablablablablabla
You should maybe watch what youre saying
Why, why, why

[Chorus] 2x

/ Avril Lavigne: Move Your Little Self On,
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