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Avril Lavigne: Tomorrow You Didn't

Avril Lavigne: Tomorrow You Didn't .


Its a forgone conclusion, youre loves an illusion
And the picture is starting to fade
Boy lets be honest, when it comes to your promise
Its just a lot of empty words you say
And the futures only gonna be more of the same
Youve only got yourself to blame

Tomorrow you didnt, yesterday you wont
cause I know everything you say you gonna do you dont
Thats a given, it doesnt matter anyway
Hey, I know what love wasnt, I know what love isnt
So when you say youre gonna change you gotta be kidding
Tomorrow you didnt,
Hey hey, Im outta here today

I used to believe in, all your romantic dreaming
But it really aint that cute anymore
cause my times too precious
So I wish you the best with
Whatever it is youre looking for
Baby this is all for your own good,
Im leaving cause I know you never would


I dont need a crystalball to see it all my dear,
It doesnt matter what you say,
It always turns out the same way
Your predictions are fiction
And its tragically clear

[Guitar solo]


(dadada, yea)



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