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/ Beyonce: World Wide Woman, .

I'm a World Wide Woman
You can log on anywhere
Your girl can take you there
World Wide Woman
You know I'm that type of girl
[Repeat 2x]

No specific area code
Whether it's them project homes
Or overseas on them cobble stone roads
I could just divide a globe
What you need and all the essentials
Believe me I'm what you lookin' fo
Log in B
Backslash O-N-C
Each day B


If it's like a MAC you want
Maximize the full potential
Baby if you connect with me
I'm just like your high speed cable
Even if you gotta fly
To where they drive on the passenger's side
I'll be like the Autobahn
When you get on
You won't know how to let go

fall through you
You got to click right here come find me
I'll assure you
The places you ain't never been
I'll take you


I want love
Like any world wide woman would need
I know you think that can't be
Still got sensitivity
In my world
It's hard to get authenticity
But you feel so damn real to me
Come take the lead and join this world with me
[Repeat Chorus until end]

/ Beyonce: World Wide Woman,
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