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Eminem: Almost Famous

Eminem: Almost Famous .


Can't stop now, this may be the last chance that I get.

You dream of trading places,
I have been changing faces
You can not fill these shoes,
There is too much too lose.
Wake up behind these trenches,
You run around defenseless.
There is too much too lose,
You can not fill these shoes
I just want to be Famous,
But, be careful what you wish for

I stuck my dick in this game like a rapist
They call me Slim Roethlisberger
I go bezerker than a fed-up post-office worker
I'm Erkel with a Mossberg
I'm pissed off get murdered
Like someone took a ketchup squirter
Squirted a frankfurter
For a gangster you shoulda shit your pants
When you saw the chainsaw get to waving
Like a terrible towel
I faced her around
But his fangs come out
Get your brains blown out
That's what I call blowing your mind
When I come back
Like nut on your spine
I'm a thumb tack
That you slept on son
Now here I come screaming attack like I just stepped on one
Low on the totem till he showed 'em
Defiance, giant scrotum
He don't owe them bitches shit
His britches, he out grow'd em
He's so out cold he's knocked out of the South Pole
And nobody fucks with him
Rigamortis and post-mortem
He's dying of boredom
Take your best rhymes, record 'em
To try to thwart him
He'll just take your punch lines and snort 'em
Shit stained drawers
You gon fuck with a guy who licks the blades of his chainsaws
While he dips 'em in P.F. Chang's sauce
Game's up, homie, hang it up like some crank calls
You think I'm backing down you must be out of your dang skulls
I'm almost famous




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