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Korn: Predictable

Korn: Predictable .


I can, in every way
Distinct the pain I feel inside
It comes to me
Evil thoughts is creeping through my mind
Who are you to say that I can't speak what's on my mind?
It runs away
It's so predictable
I can, in every way
Feel the strength that tingles up inside
Too blind to see emptiness and sorrow of their lives
You run away to the cover of their pointless ties
You ax me
It's so predictable
I'm gonna try
I'm gonna die
I'm gonna try
Another day
silence overwhelms my mind
Who is to say
if I have the time all wide?
Should I pray
for all the hate to go away?
Another day
I can never break free
You wait for me
I call out to you
Another day
I'll live forever!



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