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Lady Gaga: Retro Dance Freak

Lady Gaga: Retro Dance Freak .


Hello Everybody!
Get A Ride To The West Side
Kiss The Girl With Her Tongue Tide

Hello Everybody!
Well Get Out Cause You Don't Care
Sit Down Like Software

Hello Everybody!
Take A Sip For The Hip-Hop
If You Look For The Rest Stop

We're Just Physical Creatures Of The Underworld
She Is The Queen Of The Fra-Disco Scene

Retro, Dance, Freak! (Retro, Retro, Dance ...)
Singing With Her Dance Beat
Retro, Dance, Freak!
Undercover The Girl Needs A Lover

Whats Up Everybody?
Take A Ride On The Air Plane
Take A Bath In Champagne

Whats Up Everybody?
Watch The Girl Curtsy For The Paparazzi!

Let's Go Everybody!
It's Time That We Rotate, 'Cause It's Getting Real Late



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