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Lady Gaga: Sometimes

Lady Gaga: Sometimes .


You make me feel so pretty,
When Im not feeling so cool today,
Yeah, you pull me out
When you know that Im afraid,
Something about you,
It dries up every tear in my way,

And when I trip myself on the sidewalk
You put my boots back on me, babe
Cause youre my cowboy, youre my everything
And you know how to get me

Sometimes Im feeling up, sometimes Im down,
You lift my feet up off the ground,
Sometimes Im moving fast, sometimes Im slow,
You know how to make me go,
Sometimes I am a happy girl you love,
Sometimes I dont feel good enough,
Sometimes, sometimes, oh
Youre there when I need you.. sometimes

I ask myself these questions
About you that I cannot explain,
How you ride with me
When you know that Im to blame
Youve proved your love, I
Dont need to hear the words that you say

But I know you say them anyway
Just to keep me feeling sane
And my worries become yesterday,
Baby, you get me


And my worries become yesterday because
Babe, you know I



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