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: Sexy Automatic

: Sexy Automatic .


Verse 1

Turn me out, it aint no secret that it turns me on
When we go at it till the break of down,
break of down,
Sexy automatic when youre around


Im feeling good in a way, bet you know what I mean
Makin you loose all control, got you down on your knees
Got me thinking dirty thoughs, touchin your body all over


Its automatic how you do, what you do, when you touch me.
Electrify my body, feel it starting to rush me,
Aint got no way to hide it, so I guess Ill embrace it.
Sirens go off in your head like you were getting pulled over.
Arrest you, tie you up, then throw you over my shoulder.
I wanna feel the heat of your love till its over.

Verse 2

Take it off, the way I tlk you is fully suave.
The things you fo to me when lights are off, lights are off
Are even sexier when lights are on


Tie you up, hold you down, feel you up, then take you down,
Im makin you sweat when I pull your hair
up in bed or on the floor baby I dont care




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