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Mika: Lonely Alcoholic

Mika: Lonely Alcoholic .


You're a lonely alcoholic
With a tendency to whine
Well you speak it
And you drink it
And bore us all the time
Say you drink out of your sorrow
For you've got no one to love
But tell me,
Who could cuddle up
To a lonely alcoholic?

You're a stressed out single mother
Who has clearly been harassed
Well you can't predict the future
For you can't erase the past
Cuz your baby is growing
Anywhere but up
So join the line and get the dole
For the stressed out single mothers

I'm a mediocre writer
Who sings all of the time
Writing songs about misfortunes
And other peoples crimes
Oh they say that I am doing
My duty to the world
Or you could say that that is onerous
I'm just craving to be heard

Please tell me who will listen
To the problems of our lives
There are kids who just don't eat enough
And men with many wives
If we're all together screaming
Why can't we make a sound
Oh cuz the dirt on which we're stepping
Is the one in which
We will be found (2x)



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