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Mika: Pick Up Off the Floor

Mika: Pick Up Off the Floor .


There's a girl, thought she knew,
What her life was going to do,
Then she goes, and falls in love and throws it all away.

But her man, can't decide,
If he's made the right choice in life,
So she comes home on day to find he's gone away.

Put your heart back in your pocket,
Pick your love up off the floor
When your momma says you're stopping,
But girl, let me tell you more:
If he's 95 or 22,
A boy's gonna do what he's gonna do,
He says he don't love you anymore,
So pick up off the floor.

Walks around an empty town,
Sees his face coming around,
Every corner takes on a similar stay.

Love is lost, love can burn,
But your luck will return,
But if youre dragging it down
You won't know it's there

[Chorus 2x]

Pick your love, love, love (pick up off the floor)
Oooooooooh (pick up off the floor)




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