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13th Floor/Growing Old

I bet you never heard of a playa with no game
Told the truth to get what I want but shot it with no shame
Take this music dead serious while others entertain
I see they makin they paper so I guess I can't complain... or can I?
I feel they disrespectin the whole thang
Them hooks like sellin dope to black folks
And I choke when the food they serve ain't tastin right
My stomach can't digest it even when I bless it
I'm confessin one mo' lesson from the South we in the house tonight
Now hootie who wants to oppose? Suppose
We rolls through Headland and Delowe
where me and my niggaz surpassed the flow
And got down for ours like hind catchers
My mind catches flashbacks to the black past
while my close niggaz laugh at
The Southern slang, finger waves and Mojo chicken wangs
I grew up on booty shake we did not know no better thang
So go 'head and, diss it, while real hop-hippers listen
Started by Afrikan Bambaata, so you and your potnah
Gather your thoughts

Musical Interlude: Debra Killings

(Something's gotta change
Sounds of laughter and happiness turns my teardrops to rain
Been bearing this burden for too many of my days
Looks like breezes of Autumn done finally blew my way
Like memories of yesterday...)


A Bad Note

A bad note ain't no bad note
If it's a good note
A bad note ain't no bad note
If it's a good note
A bad note ain't no bad note
If it's a good note
A bad note ain't no bad note
If it's a good note
A bad note ain't no bad note
If it's a good note
A bad note ain't no bad note
If it's a good note
A bad note ain't no bad note
If it's a good note
A bad note ain't no bad note
If it's a good note


A Day in the Life of Benjamin Andre

I met you in a club in Atlanta Georgia
Said me and my homeboy were coming out with an album
You looked at me like yeah nigga right
But you gave me you number anyway
You were on the talcum powder

How's about them oranges
Moved away from home to school with big plans
By day, studied the history of music
By night, just to pay for that shit, you'd dance

To get your pants was a mission impossible
We were both the same age but I
Suppose wasn't on the same page but in
The same book of life so I'd paged you when

I felt you that were getting off of work
Or either when you're on your way to school
We starting hanging like Ernie and Bert
And in my idle head I'm thinking cool

Just when I think I'm going down your shirt
You're hiking up your skirt now
The events that followed had me volley
If your hometown would be heaven or hell

The angelic nastiness you possessed
Made you by far the best therefore hard to tell
You'd dropped me off by the dungeon
Never came in but I knew that you were wondering

Now are these niggaz in this house up to something
Selling crack sack by sacks so they could function?
Well, yes and no, yes we were selling it
But no it wasn't blow

Cook it in the basement then move it at a show
Then grab the microphone and everybody yelled, “Ho”
Meanwhile the video starts playing BET college radio and a van
Packed full of niggaz with a blunt in their hand
And one in their ear you know what I'm saying

But I kept your number in my old phone
Got a new chip flip with the roam roam
So it took me a minute to retrieve seven digits
But I promised I would call you when I got home

But when I got home I never did
By the time I did, heard that you had a kid
By some nigga in Decatur
Who replied see you later when he got the good news
That's life shit

Now, I'm nineteen with a Cadillac
My nigga had a Lex with the gold pack
Got a plaque but I'm living with my pop pop
So I got glock and a low jack

You kinda fast for that fella in class who used to draw
And never said much ?cause half of what he saw
Was so far from that place you wanna be
That words only fucked it up more follow me

Are you starting to gather what I'm getting at?
Now if I'm losing you tell me then I'll double back
But keep in mind at the time, “Keep it real” was the phrase
Silly once said now but those were the days

When spring break and Dayton
And Freakniks made you wanna
Drop out of college and never go back
Move to the south but that ain't a Kodak moment

On went myself and big boi
Well you knew him as Twan
That's right you were around before this shit begun
When Twan had a daughter and
Sort of was made to mature before the first tour
We hit the road like jack
Laughed and cried and drived it back with some Yak
Girls used to say, y'all talk funny, y'all from the islands?
And I'd laughed and they just keep smiling

No, I'm from Atlanta baby, he from Savannah, maybe
We should hook up and get tore up and then lay down
Hey we got to go because the bus is pulling out in 30 minutes
She's playing tennis disturbing the tenants

15-love fit like glove
Description is like 15 doves
In a Jacuzzi catching the Holy Ghost
Making one woozy in the head and comatose, agree?

Enough about me how's about you?
How's the lil' kid? She was about 2 the last time we spoke
I hadn't smoked or took a shot of drink
'Cause I'd start the 2nd album off on another note

Now, that note threw some niggaz in the hood off
But see I'd balled out and before I fall out
I'd slow my Lac down to a nice speed
The brain is that fried egg I might need

New direction was apparent
I was a child looking at the floor staring
So changing my style was like release for the primitive beast
Yes I was on the rise, yeast was the street
To make bread never primary concern

Just to hop on these beats and wait my turn
I'd meet Muslims, ganstas, bitches, rastas
And macaroni niggaz imposter's

So on a trip to New York on some beeswax
I get invited to a club where emcees at
And on stage is a singer with some thing on her head
Similar to the turban that I covered up my dredz with

Which I was rocking at the time
When I was going through them phases trying to find
Anything that seemed real in the world
Still searching but I started liking this girl

Now you know her as Erykah on and on Badu
Call Tyrone on the phone why you
Do that girl like that boy you ought to be ashamed
The song wasn't about me and that ain't my name

We're young in love, in short we had fun
No regrets no abortion had a son
By the name of Seven and he's five
By the time I do this mix, he'll probably be six

You do the arithmetic me do the language arts
Y'all stand against the wall blindfolded me throw the darts
To poke you in the heart and take you from the start
To one luxury transportation and a Marta card

Or either when your girlfriend that went to Mays
Momma or her daddy let her borrow the Benz because she's smart
Or maybe if your neighbor does you a huge favor
And he sells you that rabbit that's been sitting in his yard

You fix it up, you trick it out, you give it rims
You give it bump, you give it all your time
'Cause that's all you can think about
And that's as far as I got

And that's as far as I got and where I wanted to go
Knowing the whole time that's all you could think about
Even though if you cut it off and start that bitch up
You need a jump like you'll need in your rump to grow

And you change all the time so that rabbit that you
Thought about that whole summer
The next summer you didn't want that rabbit no more
You wanted something bigger and better
So the summer past and now the rabbit is old
Right, right, so now you want a Cadillac


Ain't No Thang

A nigga ready from the get go(blowe blowe blowe)
Y'all hear my shit go it's Andre. Can yo punk ass come out to play?
Stay in your little hole then coward duck your head
You don't know who you be fuckin with youse better off...dead
Is what I say best run the other way
In case of physical breakdown...y'all can break now
My kitchen full of heat if you can't take the temp
Make yourself exempt
Pussy footin around don't be gettin y'all nowhere but stuck
Nowhere to duck, pull his file, niggaz die
By gettin blasted, how drastic
They got the nerve to ask me why I do the things I do
I got the nerve to serve you up just like a raider do, but naw(naw, naw)
I take that back, that's my problem
Turnin and walkin away, this ain't gon work when they be robbin
As long as Big Boi's still livin, never standin by my lonesome
Step up nigga, if you want some

Ain't no thang but a chicken wang
We havin a smoke out in the Dungeon with the Mary Jane
It's just a pimps(players), Mack daddies(East Point)
It's all about that ses in yo chest(It's the joint)

[Big Boi]
Well nigga, you softer than silicone, used to pump up tits
It's that nigga down in the Dungeon with them playeristic hits
I'm quick to stop a sucka flow like menopause, it's the
Original ghetto bastard, so now I makes a switch
I used to sell dope, but in 1994
I'm makin Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
But see these voices in my skull has got me reminiscin
About the days back when me mammy had to work in kitchens
She had me makin better grades to make a better life
But I never had no love or respect, 'cause we gon be alright
I ran the streets and broke my curfew 'cause I gave a shit
I carried guns and butcher knives 'cause I was steadily in the mix, yeah
It was so hard to say goodbye, I'm a man now
I'm at the end of my street, so it's time to take my stand now
I call the wild because it's time to take the streets
So if you ain't got the burner, bring your big enough nuts(retreat)
I'm ready to wet 'em up like cereal
Just an international playa, comin through your stereo


3-5-7 to your fo'head, there'll be mo' dead
'Cause I'mma po' kid
So Lord forgive me, I got to keep my milly right here near me
When I be doin fine until these niggaz want to clear me off my street
But in my hood hood, they hollerin ghetto
Don't have no neighbors that hit the pipe but never let go
But I feel for them like Chaka Khan feel for you
Ain't shit that we can do but rest in peace, pour a brew
On the concrete, remember when we ran deep
Remember at the party when we served them niggaz dandy
They know not to test us, test me, do me, try me
Trippin with that drama, my Beretta's right beside me
One is in mid-air and one is the chamber
Y'all ask me what the fuck I'm doin, I'm releasin anger
Quick to dodge danger, I'm takin it one day
At a time, I got the fattest dimes around my way
You can sway with Andre, I'll take her to the ho-jo, bitch
Just let you know, yeah


[Big Boi]
It's on my friend, on the road again, I'm travelin
No more than 65 on 85 off in my Cadillac
I got that nigga Dre, he ridin shotgun
And got my pump under my seat, in case these yougstas wanna have some fun
I'd do it if I have to, bustin caps with this a heat and load it clip up
After clip
And after again, if I feel it
The glock, the gat, the nine, the heaters
See I be bustin caps like my amp be bustin speakers
So how do you figure that Big Boi beats ghetto blastin
You 'posed to be quickest draw, but man, I hail 'em faster
1-2-3, you need to think about the future
Before I shoot your ass and dilute your gut with lead
>From my hollow clips, I'll send you to an early grave
You fuckin slave, you better try another way
To take me out, is truly something difficult
Don't even run up on me, unless you want your brain broke
I'm out of bullets lettin loose my last clip
I'mma kick you in your ass and your nigga gettin pistol whipped
You know that's how I do, you know that's how I do


Yeah and it don't stop and it don't quit, to the muthafuckin...
Organized Noize, PA, Goodie Mob, Big Gipp and all the niggaz
Around the East Point way
College Park is really on the map
We comin around Atlanta and the niggaz are really strapped
With the muthafuckin guns and the muthafuckin glocks
Steady is the gas nigga, don't fear it and it don't stop


Akshon (Yeah!)

[Intro - Andre 3000]
Yeah! Killer keeps it honest
Cause reality is perception with a weak stomach
Bubbling uneasy like the bowels of hell (Boo!)
Enough to make a black ghost turn pale

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

This is the name that came to alter the game
Not like these rappers who spit it the same
Separate lames from they chain
My mind don't slack
I'm totally focused on beating up tracks
Monsterous music to beat in your 'Lac
1000 watt amp with woofers in back
Lean to da left if you burning a sac
Baby got back and its in Baby Phat
Pardon me dog 4 chasing the cat
I'm hittin all kittens meowing like that
I like the front but I'm loving the back
I like to bite and I'm hoping she scratch
Escalade dipping I'm holding the lane
Mama's a scholar she blowing my brain
Ain't the the life?
Snapping & Trappin and Rappin & Frappin all night
Lil mama's a plumber she handling pipe
Ill wit a pill she handle it right
Like Iverson, the smallest thing on the team
But the livest one
Cocked loaded bust like a gun
Y'all better run, one, one!
[Hook - Big Boi]
Thump, thump, thump, thump (yeah)
All in your trunk (yeah)
Grinding and hustling and getting at mine
Swerving and token and grippin on pine

Bump, bump, bump, bump
All in your trunk
Woofers and tweeters and speakers and geekers
Crawl in your bunk


All N My Grill

Uh, hit me

Don't explain, you never change
Same old thing, same old game
Say ya want to be wit' me
But show me my ring
Baby, let me think
I been in the cold
The story untold, about to unfold
How do you expect me
To ever believe you want be wit' me

[Missy] (Nicole)
Why you all in my grill (Why you all in)
Can you pay my bills (Can you pay my bills)
Let me know if you will (Let me know, know)
Cuz a chick gotta live (A chick like me, I got to live)

Talk is talk, and talk is cheap
Tell it to her, don't say it to me
Cuz I know I'm in control
See Trix are for kids, and boo I'm too old
Go 'head, with your games
Don't ever come back to me again
Where you go, remember me
I'm the best thing in history

[Missy] (Nicole)
Why you all in my grill (Why, why, why)
Can you pay my bills (Can you pay my bills)
Let me know if you will (Let me know boy, boy)
Cuz a chick gotta live (A chick got to live, ooh yeah)

[Missy] (Nicole)
Third time (Third time)
I moved you in, took you back
In my life (I was a fool)
I don't know what's wrong with me
Third time (Third time)
I moved you in, took you back in my life (oh yeah, yeah)

[Missy] (Nicole)
Why you all in my grill (All in my grill)
Can you pay my bills (Can you pay my bills, yeah)
Let me know if you will (Let me know if you will)
Cuz a chick gotta live (oh, yeah)
Why you all in my grill
Can you pay my bills (Ooh, pay my bills)
Let me know if you will (Let me know, let me know baby, baby)
Cuz a chick gotta live (A chick like me, I got to live)

If you want me, where's my dough?
Give me money, buy me clothes
No need for talking, have my dough
Where's my money? Where's my clothes?

If you want me, where's my dough?
Give me money, buy me clothes
No need for talking, have my dough?
Where's my money? Where's my clothes?

[Big Boi]
Aight, uh
Why you all in my grill?
I'm thinkin' it's time to chill
Yeah, but you on a drill, though
I couldn't even step out the baby blue Bonneville
Cuz you be tryin' to kill my hoe, my girlfriend
And people around me is tellin' me that you's a stalker
Like Darth Vader takes a Skywalker
I told you I was the street talker
It ain't my fault you dirty your Victoria's Secret's
And your Frederick's
You wanted the Waldorf Astoria
But instead I took you to Cedrick's, to entertain you
To give you to the "G", and never claim you
Me and Missy, we get it straight pissin'
Oh yeah, we puffin' on one of them thangs too
You blamin' who? You namin' who?
I know you ain't bringin' that lame crew
Big Boi, they the phat sacks
She pretty D, all they same, boo
But I'm backed by the Dungeon Family
So you can go 'head wit' all that stabbin' me
Cuz I will jab thee, and slam thee
And Bobby Boochet yo' ass, G
Yeah, yeah


Art of Storytellin'

[Andre Benjamin]
Yea yea yea yeah yah yo
Baby did you hear that yea baby I heard it too
Look out the window golly the sky is electric blue
Mamma Earth is dyin and cryin because of you
Rainin cats and jackles all shackles disintegrate, to residue
Silly mortals haven't a clue
As to what the fuck is goin on
I'm on the telephone, dialin the Dungeon
"Hello?" This Dre, bring the MP and the SP
Meet me at the center of the earth and travel carefully
Baby grab the baby cause baby it ain't much time
Mamma Earth is tossin and turnin and that's our sign
Omega Nigga IFO's are landin in Decatur
Hope I'm not over your head but if so you will catch on later
Play the track, guess she could not take it anymo'
Rapin her heavenly body like a hoe, coochie so'
From niggaz constantly fuckin her never lovin her never showin
Appreciation bustin nuts in her face when they done

[Big Boi]
The sky is fallin nobody ballin they done gave back they guns
For some tickets to the playoffs but the Hornets they won
Nigga we SLUM, kept all the guns, I gotta protect my family
I drove the biggest thing at the house
Cause I knew they'd try to ram me, but I'm stabbing
Makin a path on expressways, the best way I know how
Up in the sky, East-West, no clouds
Him comin now, fuck that money now, I ask my honey how
She feeling and is Jordan okay, yeah yeah she's chillin
We should be in the Dungeon shortly
Ain't nobody on they porch see
Approachin the final exit
I'm thinkin I see four horsies but I don't though
Nigga you WON'T know, until it's on ya
I put that on my dope boys from A-Town to California
All the weed smell like ammonia
But at the Dungeon I know they smokin
Writin the raps and doin the beats to make this last recording
Fuck abortion, I got in the booth to run the final portion
The beat was very dirty and the vocals had distor-TION *echoes*

{sung in a low voice over and over}
All's well, nothing's well



Big Boi

Well it's the M I crooked letter ain't no one better
And when I'm on the microphone you best to wear your sweater
Cause I'm cooler than a polar bear's toenails
Oh hell there he go again talkin that shit
Bend corner's like I was a curve I struck a nerve
And now you bout to see this Southern playa serve
I heard it's not where you're from but where you pay rent
Then I heard it's not what you make but how much you spent
You got me bent like elbows, amongst other things, nut I'm not worried
Cause when we step up in the party, like I'm out-you-scurry
So go get your fuckin' shine box, and your sack of nickles
It tickles to see you try to be like Mr. Pickles
Daddy fat sacks, B-I-G B-O-I
It's that same motherfucka that took them knuckles to your eye
And I try, to warn you not to test but you don't listen
Givin the shout out to my Uncle Donnel locked up in prison

Chorus: Andre (repeat 2X)

Now throw your hands in the air
And wave 'em like you just don't care
And if you like fish and grits and all that pimp shit
Then everybody let me hear ya say O-Yea-yer



Even the sun goes down heroes eventually die
Horoscopes often lie and sometimes "y"
Nothin' is for sure nothin' is for certain nothin' lasts forever
But until they close the curtain
It's him & I Aquemini
[Big Boi]
Now is the time to get on like Spike Lee said
Get on the bus go get your work
And keep your beeper chirpin' is a must
Is you on that dust or cornstarch
Familiar with that smack man
The music is like that green stuff
Provided to you by sack man
Pac man how in the fuck do you think we gon' do that man?
Ridin' round Old National on 18's without no gat man
I'm strapped man & ready to bust on any nigga like that man
Me & my nigga we roll together like Batman & Robin
We prayed together through hard times
And swung hard when it was fitting
But now we tappin' the brakes from all them corners
That we be bending in Volkswagens & Bonnevilles
Chevrolets and Coupe De Villes
If you ain't got no rims nigga don't get no wood grain
Steering wheel for real you can go on chill out & still build
Let your paper stack instead of going into overkill
Pay ya fuckin beeper bill bitch
Twice upon a time there was a boy who died twice
And lived happily ever after but that's another chapter
Live from home of the brave with dirty dollars
& beauty parlors & baby bottles & bowling ball Impalas
& street scholars that's majoring in culinary arts
You know how to work bread cheese & dough
From scratch but see the catch is you can get caught
Know what ya sellin' what ya bought so cut that big talk
Let's walk to the bridge now meet me halfway
Now you may see some children dead off in the pathway
It's them poor babies walkin' slowly to the candy lady
It's lookin' bad need some hope
Like the words maybe, if, or probably more than a hobby
When my turntables get wobbly they don't fall
I'm sorry y'all I often drift I'm talkin' gift
So when it comes you never look the horse inside it's grill
Of course you know I feel like the bearer of bad news
Don't want to be it but it's needed so what have you
Now question is every nigga with dreads for the cause?
Is every nigga with golds for the fall? Naw
So don't get caught in appearance
It's Outkast Aquemini another Black experience Okay
[Big Boi]
The name is Big Boi Daddy Fat Sax
The nigga that like them Cadillacs
I stay down with these streets
'cause these streets is where my folks at
Better know that some say we pro-black boy we professional
We missed a lot of church so the music is our confessional
Get off the testicles & the nut sacks
You bust a rhyme we bust back
Get get back for real niggas that's out here tryin' to spit facts
You hear dat can't come near dat maybe you need to quit
Because Aquemini is Aquarius & Gemini runnin' shit like this
Yea yea yea yea
My mind warps and bends floats the wind count to ten
Meet the twin Andre Ben. welcome to the lion's den
Original skin many men comprehend
I extend myself so you go out & tell a friend
Sin all depends on what you believing in
Faith is what you make it that's the hardest shit since MC Ren
Alien can blend right on in wit' yo' kin
Look again 'cause I swear I spot one every now & then
It's happenin' again wish I could tell you when
Andre this is Andre y'all just gon' have to make amends



I came into this world high as a bird
From second hand cocain powder
I know it sounds absurd
I never tooted but it's in my veins
While the rest of the country bungies off bridges
Without no snap back
And bitches they say they need that
To shake they fannies in the ass clubs
They go the other route
Turn each other out
Burn each other out
Where a bonified nigga like me
Can't even get no back rub these days
Ain't that bleak on they part
But let me hold it down
Cause they shut you down
When you speak from your heart
Now that's hard
While we rantin and ravin bout gats
Nigga they made them gats
They got some shit that'll blow out our backs
From where they stay at


Ooooh, I fear the battle's just begun
Ooooh, though we're here someday we will be gone
So i'm hopin, wishin, prayin
To keep my faith in you, in you

(yo, yo, yo in background)

I'm fascinated by the way yo
Nipples peak at me through yo blouse
Freaky me, freaky you
Can't help but be aroused
'Scuse me lord less for thinkin
But that's the way we was brought up
Sneakin to watch playboy at night
We all must be caught up in worldly ways
Chemistry between boys and girls
Is a lot like when we went to the woods
And laid with the squirrels
Durin P.E., we'd be
Exploring each others privates
Hunchin with all our clothes on
Until we felt excited then, aaaah
Oh now it's on from here on out
Put yo hands in the atmosphere
If you know what i'm talkin bout
Now if two hearts done walk on out
And I see you on the next song
They call it horny
Because it's devilish
Now see we dead wrong


People don't know the stress i'm dealing with day to day
Speakin about the feeling i'm possessing for Rene
Mopin around and wondering where she stay
Saw her last that she lay
Give it another day I say
But the lord he taketh away
Now give it back lawd
Cause that's like backboards without the rims
Me and my auntie was tight like southwest
Before the pinks moved in
Like the niggas that owned the ligour store
Crack cocaine, pimps and whores
Livin up on this earth
Before a nigga like daddy was born
But they makin a scene
That my music and crime are a team
But i'm speakin the truth not dreams
So what in the fuck they mean
My lyrics ain't clean


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