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Yeahh.. mmm mm mmm
That shit sho feel good
Hey playa, dis peaches
Comin back at ya one mo gen, wit a big whayssup
Break out your black low, and your booms phone
As I send it out one more time
For east pointe, college park, decatur, and the swats
We got that southernplayalisticadillacfunkymuzik for yo' trunk
And it's fat like herringbone, and tight like nap booty
So let me take you deep, straight to the point
Cause it ain't nuttin but king shit, all day, eryday



Talking: The feeling of being 12 years old and waking up in the middle
Of the night and somebody in yo room.
Yo heart starts beating so fast
You can hear it pumping.
The veins in yo temple pulsate as you stare at the intruder.
Then after a few minutes you realize he ain't moving.
So finally you let 'em hang and
Turn on the light and
The killer turns into
Yo coat throwed over the chair.

The feeling of sitting at the red light early in the morning and two or
Three motherfuckers cross the street.
Yo senses heighten, reflexes
Sharpen vision's enhanced adrenaline flows as they rush across the
Street you leave the print from the heater grip in yo palm then yo heart
Rate and breathing drag back to normal as you realize these niggas just
Goin' to the store.

Many of us mistake Phobia for true fear. Whereas fear is a gift from
God to be used for self-preservation. Phobia are obstacles strategically
Placed in society by opposers of positive existence. Through
Stereotyping, innuendo, false documentation, and glorification they'll
Turn your fear switch to a permanent on. We can change this by changing
The small truth within' the lie. Death is a small price to pay for
Respect. Death is a small price to pay for respect. You know who it is.
You know what it is. Peace out.


In these troublin' times
A nigga like me be thinkin' of rhymes
That makes my quarters nickels
Plus my pennies and my dimes stack
Don't be lookin' for trouble it be finding me
Try turning the other cheek
I understand but never mind that
Yes Sir guess the light is getting dim
At the end of the tunnel tried to hit me for my rims
I never thought thirty spokes
Could attract too much attention
I gotta protect my own therefore
I'm heated just like a kitchen
Full of pots and pan Glocks in hand
Shots rung out like ringin' the bells
And then that sucker nigga ran
Damn, I never thought that it
Would come to this conclusion
The folks that throwed us
On them boats should be the one's I'm losin'
But naw we don't see it that way
In '94 this is the real no time for play play
Betta believe the playas on the loot
Need to get they head screwed on tight
When it really get down to the nitty grit
Who gone fight pipe down
'Cause ain't no better time
To crank it up than right now
We gots to see rump crum down here
And I don't hear nobody disagreein'
Orga-no-i-z-e-Mr. D.J. and me and Big Boi


So don't spend yo whole life
Livin' it for the white
You got a 9 to 5 and now
You choose to live it right
You takin' yo ass to the Army
'Cause you scared of Revolution
I'm writing everyday to stop that brain pollution
I got a baby on the way that stress is in my chest
I'm 18 years of age and black so I can picture less
I'm smokin' and drinkin' e'ryday
So play your fuckin' job
Educated and black I will resort to rob


Pink And Blue

Pretty pink baby blue
Why dont(why dontcha) teach me sumthin new
We're all(we're all) just babies in my veiw
So crawl baby crawl baby

You're so sophisticated
Just me and miss lady
Got me talkin like a baby
You got me talkin like a baby that baby talk
(keep repeating until fade)


Pj & Rooster

"Percy Junior, Percy Junior...what's that...what's that you playin'?"
"Workin' on something new."
"Sounds like some bullshit. Man, you really think the audience is gonna -- "
"Well, Rooster said I could play what I wanted."
"No, never mind anything that Rooster tell you. We'll play stuff that I like, kay?"

Ain't nobody like my style, yeah
I light my fire, yeah (I light ba-ba, I light ba-ba)
They blow it out, yeah (They blew it out, they blew it out)
And don't nobody wanna feel like that, no
Monkeys on my back crawl
And watch them all fall
Go fall, look out

Nobody wanted to dance
When I had a lot of time on my hands
Now I got a lot of hands on my time
And everybody wanna be a friend of mine
Whoa whoa, I wouldn't mind a friend
The fellas back home all tryin' to win
Moon keeps shinin' on bootleg bottles
Cops in the street keep ya feet on the throttle
Selling what ya got in a Ford A-model
Yellin' "Go, PJ go!"

Ain't n'ing idle, everything is wild, yeah
You can be hit now, yeah (soon as you turn around)
He in the ground, yeah (boy died, six feet underground)
And ain't no Bible, at this here Church, no
You won't find God no, might meet Him first, aw
Oh God, look out
Nobody wanted to leave
House so packed that we couldn't even breathe
And ain't no better place to fall in love
Angel sent from Heaven above
Swing down and come change your life
You might make a baby, might meet your wife
But one sure thing that you're gonna say
"Deep down South there's a 'lil old place
Them Idlewild cats, man, they don't play
Don't make me send a telegram to Rooster, he'll shoot ya."

"You better come harder than that, sweetie...this ain't no mortuary!"

And you don't want to take it to the gat so soon
(Still stick it to the) Jenkins waitin' in the upper room
'Till ya make her say her prayers
You some players but you made us mashed potato
That potato, blast you hater, blast the gator
So you might just wanna kick back and drink goose
Take that to ya woman, relax, break loose
Cuff her soon, if she choose, she gon' walk away from you
Straight to the Rooster, 'cause he's cock-a-doodle-cool, what they do fool
Moonshine run, the small town, crap shootin' all time
Phat you and that's gotta matchin' suit and hat
(All casper suing kinda robbers out da wild)
Time to break it on, break it on down, now
Percival, take it on out

Say whoa Nelly, whoa Nelly
Say whoa Pappy, whoa Pappy
Say whoa Mammy, whoa Mammy
Say whoa Pappy, whoa, everybody get up

No, no, no, no get down
Everybody get up
No, no, no, no get down
Everybody get up
No, no, no, no get down


Player's Ball


Scene was so thick, low rides, seventy-seven Sevilles
El Dawgs, nuttin but them 'llacs
All the players, all the hustlers, i'm talking about
Black man heaven, yah know what i'm saying? Peace

It's beginnin to look a lot like what?
Follow my every step take notes
On how I crept I's bout ta go in depth
This is the way I creep my season
Here's my ghetto rep I kept to say
The least no no it can't cease so I
Begin to piece my two and two together
Gots no snowy weather have to
Find something to do better bet!
I sets up traps so shut up that nonsense about some silent night I got say crock if it ain't real it
Ain't right i'm like no matter what the season
Forever chill with smith I sip my fifth I chill with wess and got my reasons so tell me what did you expect?
You thought i'd break my neck to help y'all deck the halls oh
Naw I got nuther means of celebratin i'm gettin pussy, that ho's yo I gots the hoochie waitin I made it through
Another year cain't ask fo nothing much mo it's Outkast
For the boots I thought you knew so now you know
Let's go


All the players came from far and wide
Wearing afros and braids kicken' them gangstar ride
Now i'm here to tell yah there's a better day
When the player ball is happenin on christmas day


Poppin' Tags

[Intro/Chorus: repeat 2X]
And we gon' stay hustlin on that block until we caught
And we gon' stay showin off that jewelry that we bought
And we gon' stay leavin out the stores with heavy bags
Cause we poppin tags, pimpin we be poppin tags!

We arose, let's go
"So Fresh So Clean" like 'Kast
Jay-Z be poppin tags
Leavin the mall with heavy bags
You know the boy got a love for the cash
Aw fuck, there he go again
Talkin bout hoes and dough again
Yup! -- Can't hold it in
I'm surprised I got so much dough to spend
But, back when I was poorer then
You wasn't focusin, about the dough I spend
But I was holdin in, I was a roller then
I was a baller back then, all of that man
Fall back, I fought that
What would you do if you was in my shoes?
Leave dudes in the rearview
V-12 engine, corners spinnin
Twinkies shinin, pinky ring
Armadale, nigga stinky stink
Top, down, my cash is up
Gold chain, I don't give a fuck
Gold brain'll get you in the truck ma
That's right, you in luck ma
You see me cruisin down, better step inside
Ain't enough room to fit you all in the ride
First come, first served basis
You know Hov' be goin to nice places
That's right, and I'm droppin cash
Leave the mall with garbage bags
Gucci this, Prada that
Roll witcha boy you'll be poppin tags



Pre-Nump (Interlude)

[Man] Hey baby.
[Woman] Yeah?
[Man] I know we've been together for a long time, right?
[Woman] Yeah.
[Man] Well, I got one question to ask you.
[Woman] Yes?
[Man] Will you marry me?
[Woman] Yes!
[Man] Good, but I got one mo' question.
[Woman] Yeah?
[Man] Will you sign a pre-numptual agreement?
[Woman] What?!



I hope that you are the one
If not you are the prototype
We'll tip toe to the sun
And do thangs I know you like
(hook) I think I am in love again (repeat)

Today must be a luck day
Baby, you are the prototype
Do sumn' outta the ordinary
Like catch a matinee
Baby you are the prototype
I think i'm..............
If we happen to apart
Lord knows I don't want that
But hey, we can't be mad at god
We met today for a reason
I htink im on the right track now

The scene
Come here

Girl right now I wanna say I wanna say
I wanna say stank you very much
For picking me up
And bringing me back to this world
I can't afford to not record
I thank I wanna say
I thank I wanna say stank you stank you
Smelly much
For picking me up and bringing me back to this world
Hey hey john
Are we recording our adlibs
Really were we recording just then
Let me hear that
That first one


Red Velvet

(Big Boi - talking)
One more time for y'all, y-y-yeah, huh
If you didn't know you know now, OutKast, Stankonia
We shittin on ery'body talkin that bullshit

(Big Boi)
Now Peter Piper picked a pepper, that was his downfall
I'm down with 'Dre 3000 'cause he got my back y'all
Ball if you want to, but do it with some class G
Ask me, do OutKast got some flows so you can blast me
Nasty, niggaz on the point they see you shinin
Engi-neers in the studio see me rhymin
Don't get me wrong, got four albums; stay consistant
You got a bodyguard, I let my nigga tote the biscuit
Twist ya cap back, you got blood off on ya fur hat
Cap, cap, ya link snap, you slumped off in ya Cadillac
For what though, some diamonds and a Bentley what you dyin for
Aight hoe, I'ma bake my cheese and let my mic flow
Prioritize to live through
Tell these other niggas how you bought yo' kid some tennis shoes
Let these brothers know that your momma she got her house too
Let these niggas know that your sister wouldn't of..
Finished.. college.. without you
I doubt you, do that though, so do this here
And keep that bullshit out of our ear
You too near me to not hear me, too open to conceal me
The love for the music keepin Big Boi spittin real G

Cause they know where you live and they've seen what ya drive
And they say they gonna put one in your hel-met
Cause you brag 'bout that watch, and all them things that you got
Them dirty boys turn your poundcake to red velvet

How can you measure a nigga by multiple figures he may got, got, got
Had he not purchased the newest Mercedes
That lose it's value soon as you drive that bitch off the lot, lot, lot
Would he still be the latest, most wanted, doggonit you want it
He got it-type nigga 'round the town, town, town
Had he not played it so flat
He ask you when half of these niggas hurtin and workin
Would be he be found, found, found
In a ho (ho) tel (tel) room (room) shot up (shot up)
With his dick shoved in some B got a lot up
Bill Gates don't dangle diamonds in the face
Of peasants when he Microsoft'n in the place
You gettin on my nerves, well I'm gettin on your case
Consider your surroundings or you leave without a trace


(Big Boi)
I know you got the biggest bank roll and you ballin
Follow the heater because the leader he is haulin
Ass like Juan Valdez, I think he scared
Cause my nigga Khujo Goodie got that toolie to his head

Little did he know that, waitin in the closet
No matter what you call that, playboy sure got done

Don was the one who came in contact
With those with slow goals who prone to sell crack
On this megaphone, hey look world I'm on
You off, he floss hard cause he celebrate the fact

Little did he know that, waitin in the closet
No matter what you call that, playboy sure got done

(Hook) 2x



(feat. Khujo Goodie, Cee-Lo)

[Big Boi]
Nah nah nah
That's part of the
That's, yeah

I got ya good that time, shawty
[Debra Killings]
Start over again
Everything happens for a reason
Good doesn't come without pain
Start over again
Everything happens for a reason

[Big Boi]
Ain't it funny how you're born and then your life begins
Just like a baby all alone, that's if you wasn't a twin
You must begin to fend for self when the umbilical's cut
The doctor put you under the heating lamp, your spirit is touched
You know what, I take that back, why? You was alive
Date of conception, interception cause the sperm did collide
From T 'n A to DNA, feelings turn to children
The morning after pill didn't put a halt to our very existance
We livin, breathin, soon we'll be teethin
An adolescent mind is so impressionable in those stages
Our granny got a gold and now we want one for that reason
But parents got to parent their kids to keep them out of cages
Cell therapists beware of this lugie that I spit
Incarceration without rehabilitation really don't mean shit
Little Ricky's home, he gotta serve probation for six months
But Uncle Donnel and Ol' Dirty Bastard still in the joint

Start over again
[Debra Killings]
Everything happens for a reason
Start over again
Good doesn't come without pain
Everything happens for a reason
Start over again
Everything happens for a reason
Good doesn't come without pain
Start over again
Everything happens for a reason

Good does not come without pain
Meaning, before it gets better, it's goin get worse
I mean us, left in the dust
Like my homies on the sick side still dyin over turf
That don't belong ot urse
Try to catch up with massah
I used to wanna wrap my hands around the esophagus of them crackers
But Ephesians 6:12 said it wasn't flesh and blood that we wrestle against
Principalities, powers of this world
Rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness
In high places, so throw that whole armor of righteousness
I spark this thang, but my name ain't Bubba
And brothers that wax fat an dforget all about the struggle
I got a problem with racist cab drivers, like Glover
Yeah, come on, come on
Guess what, guess what
Time to reset this thang

Everything happens for a reason
Start over again
[Debra Killings]
Good doesn't come without pain
Start over again
Everything happens for a reason

Listen to me
I awaken to sunlight that's beyond bright
This day will be done right
There is a war, just waiting on the other side of the door
But I'll be bringing God to the gunfight
Can't live forever, so have some fun, right
Life's a bowl of candy, you can have one, right
You'll get used to singin if only for one night
You can handle if tomorrow never comes, right
But I intend to raise two daughters and a son right
And I couldn't have wrote this if I was hopeless
And see I focus to provoke this
Stop playin Go Fish, but not below this
Recognize and realize before any regretting
So open wide for my opinionated opus
Before I go, I thought that you all should know this
Before you relapse, perhaps you'll consider resetting

[Debra Killings]
Start over again
Everything happens for a reason
Good doesn't come without pain
Start over again
Everything happens for a reason

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