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Sole Sunday

Yeah.. yeah.. yo
Gipp keep it slow poke, hang out the side with no rope
Sit in the tub, flick the remote and soak
Pull up, jump out, and then I strut for em
And if anybody got problems, i'ma cut for em
In this atmosphere now you can disappear smoke thick
Shells bail like tailbacks lookin for hoes
Drag my ass down the air like I care
Scar that ass, leave your shirt open like an arab
Makin money off these breakdown slabs
We got this zone, get your own
Better move on before your folk get split, you won't forget
The df put it down, now get down, or sit down

Sunday mornin, makes me feel
So godly, pardon me, if I shake your soul..

I tackle my problems, never run from my foes
Stiff-arm facemask, hit the juke but it didn't leave a sucka froze
Like he just tried to stuff a whole ki up in his nose
On all fo's
You hit em high I hit em low, for this dough
Yo heart gon' bust out here, cause we comin full speed
We deep and take you lift you up off of your feet
At the lift, of the glass, sippin victory
Clean cut but I stay dirty
Uhh, you play fair, I teach
I spot this pig in yo' face like you never stopped eatin pork
Or beast, ? ? ? ?
Tenacious on his grill, uhh, all-pro hall of famer
With no fears, blood sweat and tears, uhhh, uhh, ohh shit

Sunday mornin, makes me feel
So godly, pardon me, if I shake your soul..

The rich boy got it bad cause he is rich
The po' boy got it bad cause he is po'
The bad boy got it bad cause he won't grow
The good gul got it good cause she got game
It runs in no undeveloped fellas considered lame
Same like mechanics do it, baby who need her buick
Repaired don't have no knowledge of what a brake shoe is
Make woo it, turns a nigga, sperm it tickle
We wiggle, ? ? emotions like dill pickle
In autumn, fall, into the bottom of black, holes
Make a left on nothingness cause that's where I'm at
Cold as summer, I got yo' number, you got my number
Let's add em, see what we come with maybe we can slumber
Like uhh, babies in homes and uhh, retarded ones, uhh
Dolphins and whales, uhh, the smartest ones, so
Nothing you can do can be new up under the sun
Depending what sun you live under you can be the one on

Sunday mornin, makes me feel
So godly, pardon me, if I shake your soul..

Sunday mornin, makes me feel
So godly, pardon me, if I shake your soul..

Sunday mornin, makes me feel
So godly, pardon me, if I shake your soul..



(Big Boi)

Well it's the m I crooked letter coming around the south
Rollin straight hammers and vogues in that old southern slouch
Please ain't nothin but inscence in my atmosphere
I'm bendin corners in my lac boi cause that's how we be rollin here
Deep the slang is in effect because it's Georgia
Kickin they khakis and ... packin yo pieces cause you sposed to cousin
Catfish and grits is how my flow flow
Rollin steady in that caddy but them 50 bottles got to go
See Juice and gin used to be my friend, from the begin
And now i'm just a player sippin sauce, every now and then
To catch a buzz like a bumble bee
Niggaz who tried to fuck with me
Get sprayed like raid cause it ain't nothin see


My heat is in the trunk along with that quad knock
No my heart don't pump no koolaid
... and you'll get you spray
Hooray yo block the one and only Outkast
Many a nigga fallin fast and
How you think you last-in
Quickly, they ain't gone get me
Got somethin fo'em
The devil up in yo grill and you still don't even know'em
Show'em, who's the ok
Like collard greens and whole eggs
I got soul, that's somethin that you ain't got
That's why yo style is ro-ten,
Stop in the land of ATL
Where nothin but pimps, fully equiped
Quick to make a sale, swell
Rolling got my pocket fitness boomin light
Rocket smoke tried to stop me but they know that it's that...


Its that southerplayalisticcaddilac funky music
Now Players if you choose it
You better make sure you don't abuse it
We gonna get cha hiiiighh, hiiiighhh

Time to drop these bows, like dusty rhodes
Then I yell ho
We knockin em off they feet like a southern hustler supposed
To do , I's in the house, house like
A joint is lit fo my kin folks
And all the niggas that was down, since we been broke
Takin'em deeper than a submarine
So scream when you hear the team of two
My groove be thick as two fat hoes sittin off in a room
I'm packin my tag backwards if you want to be actin wrong
Word is bond like super glue
Its funky like poopa scoop
And every word I say you can true.

(Big Boi)

Well okey dokey kastout
I swear to God I got the highest boomin cadillac
The expialalistic coupe de ville
Can you handle that you rat
I take my time cruisin round the city malls
And under my seat for you suckers it's your final curtain call
The one two to the guage p-u-m-p.
You want to do a jack I heat the barrel till this hippi get me
See I get friendly gettin in where I fit
Organized is on the track with the southernplayalistic shit
So copy my slang and bite my shit
But don't try heckelin me
Cause sleepin you'll get served with some southern hospitality


(Big Boi)

Well southernplayalisticadillac music has been layed
I may wait for all the ... be rolling like that today hoes
So back up off get up on it if you want it cha'll
Looking for hoes and snitches was my thing on player's ball yup
So now I step, rather walk with the pimp
Lit by, my niggaz are at east point
With that college park hemp smoke style
Is how I wanna end it on this track so I pass it to my partner
And step back up in my cadillac


Step into my shoes, you crews sittin on truths
And those for the hoes only when we rollin through
Atlanta skies be blue
The sun is beamin it seemin
That I glisten, rather gleaming
20/20 got me leaning to the side
Feel the pride, now ain't that somethin
I'm dippin into your hood
This ain't braile, but i'm bumpin
Thumpin out the roaches
Dungeon if ya'll missed it
Big Gimp, Goodie MOb, PA, Outkast

(Chorus 3X)


Spaghetti Junction

Yeah Yeah
Yes Spaghetti Junction
Yes yes
Elope ski slopes
(coughs) ahh
Check this out

(Andre 3000)
Niggas elope wit ski slopes and fall like avalanches
Tootin like it's cool being fooled and i can't just
Sit around and watch those snow membranes flame
My ends is loose and you can't stop that rain
When it starts to fall

(Big Boi)
Lookin like Ms. Pacman ???? and cat man
I'm speaking about these pros cause you know nothing bout that man
The nigga the B-I-G is high in flight like value jet
You thinking about the B team cause my end is never met

(Andre 3000)
Black man white man Jew man ain't no joke
Remember when me and my cousin used to sit up on the porch
And talk about when we get older now we up against the ropes
Yeah they kickin niggas door down cause it ain't no dope
On the streets

(Big Boi)
And a quarter of time to feed me
That's all a nigga like me need
Talking about that Southern sess now you all up in that mess
But never shall you test and never shall you quit
Running up on me with that fuck shit will get you nothing but hell

Be careful where you roam cause you might not make it home
*Whispers* junction junction
Don't you dare ever get lost cause you get caught up in that sauce
*Whispers* junction junction
To all ya playas play ya tims and ya hustlas wit ya rims
Macks and Pimps live on the outside of the corners that you've been
Y'all Yes yes yes Uh
*Whispers* Junction Junction
(Big Boi)
Well I'm dranking up on yak while I'm dippin off in that 'lac ('lac)
The junkies around my way are always smokin up on that crack (crack)
Lay them college park hoes flat on they back
Living the life of pimps steadily making this paper stack
Niggas don't understand the master plan coming to earn man
Till they start kickin the door in then we ready to blast
Them out (out) like planes (planes) that's bout to crash
So mayday Maytrain knock em up off they ass

(Andre 3000)
We struggle like fat hoes just to get things that ??
People got we forgot they always gonna keep a plot
Right up they sleeve you won't believe they decieve
Like weak theives can't break in your crib and leave and they built like two
So ???? and then i'm straight
And they drove ???? see my folks can't cover three I's
We wise to the fact so we attack wit what we know
Heaven is the only good life so what you strivin fo


(Big Boi)
Uh check this shit out though uh well
Well I flip flops and football socks
A nigga be rockin the mic like birthdays
Lil Jon and Sirsce so why you worth-ay
I'm callin yo ass a flaw pimp yappin about this crew you run wit
Bankhead bouncing to that dumb shit so what mo can you come wit

(Andre 3000)
Yeah they can bite but cannot be us
They can come and pick up little slang but cannot see us
You ought to be ashamed trying to fit in my adidas
So Run like DMC like you don't know you got no heater

(Big Boi)
Well we zippin around the corner in that golden stankin lincoln
Got my heat up under my seat in case the junkies tryin to take it
Pullin the pistol on another black man was never the plot
But sometimes a brother will shoot for wealth and try to take my spot

(Andre 3000)
Well they come like black stallions in the night
You see around four or five that's when they figure the time is right
That's when you good and sleep
I couldn't sleep until I seen em wit my own eyes
Till they come over the hill suprised




Heyy-yo, heyy-yo, we speedballin..

[andre 3000]
Livin by the grace of god
At the pace of the devil life is hard, we speedballin
With no time to waste
The trouble tends to weeble wobble over the base, we speedballin
Nose wanna blow out steam
So make some fuckin noise if you know what I mean, we speedballin ha
But if you don't you won't
You'll end up in your trouble while the fury of funk, we speedballin

Uhh, uhh, yeah sucka we're speedballin ballin ballin ballin
Yeah, uhh, we speedballin ballin ballin
Uhh, yeah we speedballin ballin ballin
Uhh, uhh uhh, yeah we speedballin
Ballin ballin ballin ballin ballin ballin
Ballin ballin uhh, we speedballin
Yeah, wooo! yeah, uhh

Mama think I'm on that blow
Cause anything over marijuana fa sho, we speedballin, huh
If I could just come down
But when I do come down I don't like how it sound, we speedballin, hoo
The pitcher all on the mound
Thowin fastballs with a curve, the nerve of speedballin, ha
Some niggaz serve to live
Some niggaz live to serve not a fuck who they give, we speeballin, ha

Ha, yeah, woo we speedballin ballin
Yeah, can y'all feel that? uhh we speedballin ballin ballin
Ha, c'mon! yeah we speedballin what?
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

My god, my heart, my start, my saviour, my soul
My end, my friend, my sin now when can I go?
If you can hear me now then make me move
Stank-ya, I like it like that, I'm in yo' groove

Yeah! yeah! entire world, uhh!
Yeah! yeah! yeah! de-caaaaaaaaa-turrrrr, woo we speedballin
Uhh, yeah, yeah, a.t.lllllllllllllllll!
Uhh, yeah, new york we speedballin ballin ballin
Woo, yeah, uh uhh we speedballin
L.aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!woo, woo we speedballin
Woo, woo woo, woo, woo woo, uh uh uh uh we speedballin
Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
Yeah yeah woo woo we speedballin
What? ha, what? woo woo, we speedballin


Hoo-ver, can't rock and roll no more
Hoo-ver, can't rock and roll no more
Hoo-ver, can't rock and roll no more
Hoo-ver, can't rock and roll no more

[big boi]
Nigga wanna think these boys don't blow
Hoe you see them snortin them coke
Chaos still don't give you a hoe
Maybe you think the music is low
Maybe you say, the niggaz is wack
If he asks, want some crack
If you do that, you never come back
Back to life, reality black
Pump pump pump pump pump the brakes
Analyze shit got down to stakes
Take a shortcut tryin to win the race
Whatchu gonna do when you step in the place?
At a player's place, nigga takin my time
What he gon' say when I freak the rhyme?
How you gon' deal when's it heat tonight?
Buck buck buck nigga on the run
Niggafied cause we still on the grind in the trap for the dope boys
Speedballin freefallin in my own moon and my own zone
Boy life is short gonna suck it up
Arsty-fartsy nigga fuck it up
Down in the trenches, press your luck
Assed out like you ain't no butt, nigga what?

My soul is burnin, about to catch fire!
I'm overheated, about to catch fire-hah!
I can't help myself, I'm on fire!
Ha ha ha ha
My soul is burnin, about to catch fire!
I'm overheated, about to catch fire-hah!
I can't help myself, I'm on fire! I'm on fire!
Ahh good god!
My soul is burnin, about to catch fire!
I'm overheated, about to catch fire-hah!
I can't help myself, I'm on fire!
..ah good lord, my soul is burnin, about to catch fire!
I'm overheated, about to catch fire-hah!
I can't help myself, I'm on fire!
I'm on fire! {*music fades out*}



Damn damn damn James

[Pat Brown]
Dickie shorts & Lincoln's clean
Leanin' checking out the scene
Gangsta boys Bigga's lit ridin' out talkin' shit
Nigga where you wanna go?
You know the club don't close 'til four
Let's party 'til we can't no more
Watch out here come the folks

As the plot thickens it gives me the dickens
Reminiscent of Charles a li'l disco-tech
Nestled in the ghettoes of Niggaville, USA
Via Atlanta, Georgia a li'l spot where
Young men & young women go to experience
They first li'l taste of the nightlife
Me? Well I've never been there, well perhaps once
But I was so engulfed in the Old "E"
I never made it to the door you speak of hard core
While the DJ sweatin' out all the problems
And the troubles of the day
While this fine bow-legged girl fine as all outdoors
Lulls lukewarm lullabies in your left ear
Competing with "Set it Off," in the right
But it all blends perfectly let the liquor tell it
"Hey hey look baby they playin' our song"
And the crowd goes wild as if
Holyfield has just won the fight
But in actuality it's only about 3 A.M.
And three niggas just don' got hauled
Off in the ambulance [sliced up]
Two niggas don' start bustin' [wham wham]
And one nigga don' took his shirt off talkin' 'bout
"Now who else wanna fuck with Hollywood Court?"
It's just my interpretation of the situation


[Big Boi]
When I first met my Spottieottiedopaliscious Angel
I can remember that damn thing like yesterday
The way she moved reminded me of a Brown Stallion
Horse with skates on smooth like a hot comb
On nappy ass hair
I walked up on her & was almost paralyzed
Her neck was smelling sweeter
Than a plate of yams with extra syrup
Eyes beaming like four karats apiece just blindin' a nigga
Felt like I chiefed a whole O of that Presidential
My heart was beating so damn fast
Never knowing this moment would bring another
Life into this world
Funny how shit come together sometimes [ya dig]
One moment you frequent the booty clubs &
The next four years you & somebody's daughter
Raisin' y'all own young'n now that's a beautiful thang
That's if you're on top of your game
And man enough to handle real life situations [that is]
Can't gamble feeding baby on that dope money
Might not always be sufficient but the
United Parcel Service & the people at the Post Office
Didn't call you back because you had cloudy piss
So now you back in the trap just that, trapped
Go on and marinate on that for a minute



[Chorus 1]
I don't want to move too fast, but
Can't resist your sexy ass
Just spread, spread for me
(I can't, I can't wait to get you home)
Don't want to come on too strong, but
I'll play in you all day long
Just spread, spread for me
(I can't, I can't wait to get you home)

I... I can't read minds, but I can read yours
I think she says that she wants to pour your..
Your... yourself all over me
What you think? I could be wrong, but pupils don't lie
And if they do, by God, they must fry! (fry?!)
You know, like electric chair
The way you stare (yeah I'm there)
You committed a crime and I'm the victim
I've got an eye out for shit that cries out passionately
We'll do things backwardly, forwardly, horizontally
I'm too young to be settling down
Quick to change my mind tomorrow
So now can I borrow your timid torso
More so than your soul, honest me gotta be how I roll
Fuck the rhythm, tuck the rhythm under your bosom
You're the prism, Shirley Chislom
Was the first, let's rehearse making a baby
Put in your order, I want a baby daughter
Dance on the tip of my tongue
Shake the clouds until there's no more wetness in them
Tell your homegirls that you will send them
A postcard from 3000... HARD!

[Hook 2]
Don't want to make you feel strange, but
Don't let these words be in vain, so
Spread, spread for me
(I can't, I can't wait to get you home)
Nature knows that I want you, but
Not unless you want me too, so
Spread, spread for me
(I can't, I can't wait to get you home)


"Stankonia (Stanklove)"

What does love look like?
Love looks like you
What does love love feel like?
Love feels like this
What does love smell like?
Love smells like us

[Andre 3000]
You make me understand
What it means to be in l-o-v-e once again
Why, must we fly so low?
Are we 'fraid of heights, do kites get lost in the tow

Stank love, stank love, stank love, stank love

[Sleepy Brown]
Let me show your mind a new freaky side of love
Open up you flower please let me taste your love
Honeysuckle sweet, can't stop till I get ever drip drop on my tongue
Hitting every spot of you, what you gonna do
Your body is the rhythm of the boom in the room
Up and down it seems to go
Oh my god I think I'm bout to explode


[Big Rube]
My fingertips scan flesh so supple
No longer a couple like two in one skin
Where do you end and where do I begin
Both brains become one mind sensually
Every nerve becoming it's own individual entity
With its own lusts, it's own needs to serve
Longing for the love of all the other nevers
As they writhe and twist in satisfaction
In the burning chill of please we bathe
Engulfing, encompassing like a cataclysmic shockwave
Of an impact so deep, but not one of destruction
But of creation, elation in the re-making
No taking in the relation, no taking in the relation
Just giving of ther persona making lover after making love
Till ain't nothing but Stankonia



Street Talkin'

Chorus: Slick Rick

Don't try to claim things I haven't earned honest, man
Slick Rick and OutKast is on this jam
What kid? Diamond on the 2-2 grand
Trying to help raise all youth to man
Slick the Ruler Rick his space to slam
Help clean up this land
The reputation of this man
Withhold and withstand

Slick Rick

OutKast and Slick, the answer is in it
Hon you need to get your ass on the dancefloor this minute
We bruise stuff, knock you out shoes, socks
Show your ass, move your fuck out, we're mad smoove snots
La-Di-Da-Di, mmmmm we like to party
Don't make me get money and platinumize my body
With bright stuff, known to earn a dyke's love
Blind folks be like, "Somebody turned the lights off"
Immense rep, poppin out a muffin
Make famous artists that's dead hop out a coffin
At the real estate, behavin type choosy
Want a palace with the shit beige and light blue please
Got the kid like "watch your melon"
Since I came out of jail, it's like the planet gone bananas
Lack of strength a badder fella had
Lady lookin at me all stink, I had to tell her that



Sumthin Wicked This Way Comes

Remember back in the time
When the only sign we had was pickets?
But now in '94, it be this way, somethin' come wicked
Gangs killin' others fo' colors
Thangs that we wear fo' fashion
Other brothers take it fo' what reason? To be blastin'
What da kcuf is goin' on?
Not soft like buttercups but
Had enough of singin' that same song
See, I stayed across the street from the projects
Took out yo' momma trash and groceries to her trunk
To keep my pockets fat, like cellulite
Only been to jail one week fo' some shull-bit
And I pray to God I won't repeat
I shoulda pulled it when I had the chance to
No, I shouldn't a did that, cuz if I did that?
Y'all would not hear that phat shit
That keeps you on yo' tippy-toes
Like that fella, not callin' no names
But really, "who's bad?"
I go through obstacles like a whole box of condoms
You can't forget what you come from

Take a good look in the mirror
And tell me, do you like what you see
Masters of deception, corruption and evil
But you're always quick to point the finger at me
Won't somebody tell me
1 - I just don't understand
The ways of the world today
Sometimes I feel
Like there's nothing to live for
So I'm longing for the days of yesterday

What gave you the right to misjudge me
And write me off on the wall
Acting as if you understand me
In reality, you just don't know me at all

Sometimes I can't help but wonder
If this was how it's meant to be
But if you search deep enough in your soul
You'll always find a slight reminder of me
Won't somebody tell me

Repeat 1

[Left Eye]
A-yo, if we could all agree
To lettin' our souls become free
Of that sweet bitterness
Then who's chest would have the most seeds?
I keep misfocusin' my needs
And distress on my back with them cats
They be blastin' into my knapsack
Ain't no accidental deathtraps
My mishap is the fact that I'm destined to snap
It's when I feel as though my body's able to go
My mind is ready to flow, didn't you know?
First you catch and then I throw
It's my own sense of time
If I'm late, it's 'cuz I'm endin' my day
Just when the sun shines
And still gently advising the arisin' of the moon
As it rolls around into my soundproof dimension

Repeat 1



Intro: andre benjamin and george clinton *singing*

Everybody's got opinions
On the way you're living
But see they can't fill your shoes
Life is made of half illusion (illusion)
Forty percent confusion (confusion)
Whatever's left I'm using to keep myself from losing, yea
You don't know what I've been through (oooh)
Hell I might go through you (ghetto boy that, won't eat, tonight)
Uh-oh, oh no-oahohh (that little boy just wanna eat tonight)
Hey hey (he scuffles with her booty and her face) hey hey
And mm-mmmmmm (mom I'm seekin that sir tea and some soup yea)
All in all it's all in my head

Big boi

You know it's that high guy, from east p.i.
Spittin the realness of reality, you mad at me
Boi how you gonna handle me?
You want me to lolligag and talk that bullshit?
I refuse to play so I'm gon' speak that southern good shit
That harder than yo' hood shit, lil' shit
That make y'all niggaz think about the trigger
Before you pull it, on liquor stores and banks
Them folks got more than enough bullets to put that ass
Off in the slang, don't claim no gang, we the niggaz
That did that "ain't no thang but a chicken wang"
But still though, how you gonna play a nigga like dildo
We outkast til it's over, barbeque and never mildo
For real bro

"In tonight's news, 20th century technology:
Has the computer age, scientists, and doctors gone too far?
Einstein or frankenstein?
Dr. scholl's, or dr. jekyll and mr. hyde?
Are we digging into new ground,
Or digging our own graves? story at 11"

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