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We Love Deez Hoez

[Hook: repeat 2X]
From the weave to the fake eyes
To the fake nails, down to the toes
Ha ha ha ha! We luv deez hoez
Ha ha ha ha! We luv deez hoez

[Big Boi]
Don't lie you love them, if you don't you like them hoez a whole lot
Just like your mama Sunday cookin' turkey necks in the pot
You ready to drop your load like prop planes be droppin' that cocaine
You ready to turn your fro, from natural straight to a cold wave
Dat hoe name Betty Big Shoez, she wore them Herman monster heels
Popped a pill, now she's in your Coupe De Ville, passenger seat
I made her eat my meat while I was rubbin' her coochie
Injection in her top and bottom lip straight from her booty
So Do Re, blow me, Fa So La Ti Da Ha I'm tellin' the truth
You suckin' your tooth you treatin' her like a star boy
From a Figueroa to a herringbone
From droppin' her off to takin' her home
She tried to pull my rubber off with her pussy muscles that was wrong
The bitch is no good like lesbians with no tongues
You fucked around and knocked her up and now you say she the one
Nigga you dumb, you should have pulled it out and squirted on her eyelash
And let her face be holdin' the baby, now she after yo ass!
Yeah, I told y'all niggaz
About god damn takin' them hoez to the Teacake Factory
Lettin' them hoez order strawberry lemonade and popcorn shrimps
They ain't goin' do nuthin'
But try to take all your motherfuckin' cheese! (Yeah!)

[Hook] 2x

Ay, ay, what's up lil' girl I see you workin' them Valente
She walk wit a fly Sashay
Look here say, I'm just a Fat Face I come through swervin' (ay, ay)
You love the way the leather grippin' your butt
Conversation kill 'em, drippin' em up
Relax Shawty, oh lordy, I quote the facts
Whippin' convertible with Daddy Fat Sax
I stay G sharp as a note of music
Call me fresh baked bread, make 'em brawd lose it
I'm just sayin' they just can't stand to see me execute game plan
I slow it down, she like it - speed it up
She polked it out, beat it up like that
Hit 'em from the back, bully quote the vocabulary

[Hook] 2x

[Big Gipp]
Yeah, yeah, Gipp keep it double loco
Met up in Caf Intermezzo for some late night pasty
Conversation hasty cuz I was ready to dip
Sweatsuit velour so I ordered Kahlua
Fell in, hit her with the gun hose
Left her with the pokahose, got up and didn't say goodbye
Her face wrinkle up and froze
Why you leavin' so soon, supposed too
And ain't no question about that
They call me Big Gipp on the southside
Mr. Get Down in the vains so what's the word
Don't fall in love with good pussy
Off the top better leave for two moths
Come back and pop "study the shit"

[Hook] 2x


Welcome To Atlanta

Welcome to atlanta where the players play and we ride on them thangs like
Big beats hit streets see gangsta's rolling..
And parties don' stop
Till 8 in the mornin'


West Savannah

[Big Boi]
February 1st 1975 it happened
Was born in West Savannah way before I started rappin
My mamma had a nigga at the age of fifteen
My daddy was sellin that sack now he's gots responsibilities
Stayed at me granny's while me mammy was at work
And she couldn't watch my every move so shit I started servin
Around Frazier Home down in the West Side projects
Changin over foodstamps and hittin a lick was next see
I'm just a playa like that, my jeans was sharply creased
I got a fresh white t-shirt and my cap is slightly pointed East
So flyin, or floatin, a Brougham is what I'm sportin
Sade is in my tape deck, I'm movin in slow motion boi
So meet me deep in the streets that's where I learned the capers
Us lickin blunts, lickin leaves, rollin reefer papers
I'm slightly slouched, in the seats off in my bucket
But the niggaz around the Ave. and the hoes, they love me
They wanna be me and my family too
Because the money that I make be puttin cable off in every room
So follow the beans, follow my lead through the nooks and crannies
It's everyday life off in my hood so come and holla at me
But go 'head on, with that foolishness bitch
Let me get lovely with my swerve because I'm true to this shit
And if you comin with eight dollars, you shit out of luck
Because the West Side ain't takin no shorts on the dime
So fire it up
Now now now nine in my hand, ounce in my crotch
Diggin the scene with a gangsta slouch, mmmmhmmmm!
(like that now, like this, and it don't quit, and it don't stop)
Nine in my hand, oune in my crotch
Diggin the scene with a gangsta slouch, mmmmhmmmm!
(and it don't stop, and it don't quit, it's like that and ah)
See, niggaz in the South wear gold teeth and gold chains
Been doin it for years, so these niggaz ain't gone change
They comin around the ghetto so you might call em soul
Been wearin furry Kangol's, so that shit is old
You might slang a rock or two just to pay the rent
Five dollars for a table dance so now your money's spent
You listen to that booty shake music in your trunk
As long as there's that "tic tic" followed by that bump
I'm down to stick a hoe if she got a G-strang
Cause the niggaz in the Pointe ain't changed, main
You might call us country, but we's only Southern
And I don't give a fuck, P-Funk spot to spark another
Chorus w/ variations (repeat to end)


What About Your Friends (Extended Remix)

What about your friends
What about
What about your friends
What about what about

Every now and then I get a little crazy
That's not the way it's supposed to be
Sometimes my vision is a little hazy
I can't tell who I should trust or just who I let trust me (yeah)

People try to say I act a little funny
But that's just a figure of speech to me
They tell me I changed because I got money
But if you were there before then you're still down with me

What about your friends will they stand their ground
Will they let you down again
What about your friends are they gonna be low down
Will they ever be around or will they turn their backs on you

Well is it me or can it be I'm a little too
Friendly so to speak hypothetically
Say I supply creativity to what others
Must take as a form of self-hate
Only to make an enemy
Which results in unfortunate destiny
They dog me out then be next to me
Just cause I am what some choose to envy

Every now and then I get a little easy
I let a lot of people depend on me
I never though they would ever deceive me
Don't you know when times got rough I was standing on my own
I'll never let another get that close to me
You see I've grown a lot smarter now
Sometimes you have to choose and then you'll see
If your friend is true they'll be there with you
Through the thick and thin


Let you down again....
Be low down...
Forget giggly boogly
I'm attack it like a seizure
I got rhymes at my leisure
Time when I need ta
With T to the L to the C
What I be sayin'
Gettin' loose on this track
But underground is where I'm stayin'
So hip hip hooray organizers comin' in
On a friend like the OJ
But what about your friends to the end
Will they run on out like a jeeble
Or you'll find 'em stickin' close to your side
Like a big bunch of fiends
Six now the groupies drinkin' water
I get real funny so you'd better hide your daughter
Oh buddy oh pal oh chump friend of mine
Stayin' close like ketchup
A virgin that's right you call me Bruce Lee right
For the styles that me kick
And give me enough respect for this funky remix
One one thousand two one thousand three one thousand blitz
Now the rabbit felt blue so I gave the nigga Trix
Cuz I was his friend wasn't down for the beggin'
You called me a friend we're seven about to takin'
Take a tickin' keep on lickin' why you dippin' for the border
You said you'd be down for richer for poorer but
O-U-T-K-A-S-T ain't no change so TLC go head and sang baby

Yo is it me
L to the E-F-T-E-Y-E (a ha ha)
Or can it be I am a little too
Friendly so to speak hypothetically
Say I supply creativity to what others
Must take as a form of self-hate
Only to make an enemy
Which results in unfortunate destiny
They dog me out then be next to me
Just cause I am what some choose to envy

Brrrrr.....ba ba ba
Back up
This ya wicked remix
Come down wicked sing
Rewind with em aya



People say I act a little funny
I wouldn't change not for no money
I'll be a friend as long as you're a friend to me (yeah, yeah)
Even though I might seem easy
It don't give you no cause to deceive me...


Wheelz of Steel

Intro: Big Boi

As I sit in my b boy stance
With flip flops and socks and sweatpants
We finna enhance your brain check it out

Big Boi Andre

Once upon a time not long ago
When the playa from the Pointe didn't have no flow
A nigga hit me for my tennis shoes walkin to the sto'
Caught a nigga slippin but now I lay it to the flo'
Just like carbon 'cause I got the heat in my rhythm
Momma nay not, never braggin just to stay knot
Even when I was a younger lad I learned my lesson
Never talked to strangers in the trap and answered questions

The Pope and his folks got us under a scope
But for unknown reasons 'cause we don't sell dope
That you distribute, we don't contribute, to your clandestine
Activity, my soliloquoy, may be hard for some to swallow
But so is cod liver oil
You went behind my back like Bluto when he cut up Olive Oyl
Two things I hate lies and thieves they make my blood boil
Boa constricted, on my soul that they call

Chorus: Andre

Touched by the wheelz of steel...
Now show me how you feel...
Touched by the wheelz of steel...
Now show me how you feel...


When I Look In Your Eyes

Hey...Uh Huh...Well
Y'all Doing? Yes Mam
You're Mighty Fine

I've been around the world, seen so many pretty girls
But I still get over whelmed when I look in your eyes
Been from main to Spain but everything seems the same
I only feel the change when I look in your eyes
I know your upper class; I know you got those abs
Every man wants to kiss you, and I do too
Sometimes I'm just a clown, and everybody puts me down
I guess I'll come around when I look in your eyes
Tell me what's a man to do, to get close to you
I'm just a lonely fool, when I look in your eyes
Don't tell me no this time, if you do it will blow my mind
Have you ever seen a grown man cry? It's an awful thang

[Instruments playin']



Hello lord, it's me again, I just wanna make to love the whole globe
And all her girlfriends now don't that make ya mind move
Like smoke patterns, me on my way to Saturn wit a bomb
Numb be it view, or Saudi Shawty
I figure before the first gun blast, they know who gone win
Now won't that make us all fools
Like class clowns praying Private Ryan comes round
Sound travels at one thousand, one thirty, feet per second
Niggaz in the street they want it hurry
When niggaz start biting that's when 3000 starts to worry
A little knowledge from the college of wizard Ray Murray
Answer quick do you know what desire is? "Huh?"
Apparently not that's why you get what you got
Now answer this do you know what fire is? "Yeah"
The body of hot, the motivator of pots
Snot, spit, shit are characteristics of release
Ask your niece or nephew, you think we left you
What the future holds in it's sweaty palms
Thank I'm finna vom? Ya move like ya mean it she'll cum
Prom night might excite a down right fight like
White blood cell to the common cold rebel
Night gets jealous of day play is no longer
The feelin gets stronger than Ammonia sticks inhale


We just can't be amazed
Even if you pull the pin from your hand grenade (repeat 3X)
And we some home-made bombs
Finna blow right up in your face

Look at the way you look at me I see it on your face
All your hate emanates but you still hesitate
Cause you want inside of my head but don't know how
To brainwash me to be a commercial clown
Fuck that I see the way you were, see the way you smirk I'm catching you
Where you work
God only knows all the trouble that grows
Deep beneath my soul dealing with you assholes
Can I blast those who point the finger at me
Who criticize and talk shit so freely
Fuck XXL you're a size too small
I should hire Eminem so we can kill you all
Whether you live to talk shit about the Real
Then kiss my ass in person how much you love the Hill
I'm the outcast comin to blaze the grass
Outlaw due to my life that's come to pass
Dre, pass me the glass of wine
So I can pour it over my homies grave and mine
For all those who fallen and answered when God was calling
Jump into my ragtop and get all in
I'm the bomb, planted in your car why you frozen
Pop the tape in ignite the xplosion
The world is mine, the world is yours, the world is ours
The world is lost, the world is tossed

We just can't be amazed
Even if you pull the pin from your hand grenade (repeat 3X)
And we some home-made bombs
Finna blow right up in your face

[Big Boi]
With a one-two punch, B-Real and Andre dropped they verses
Your homeboy Daddy Fat Sax playin clean-up so it worsens
People and persons on the opposite teams oh, yes it's curtains
No bullets burpin' oh just lyrically twerking
Making a statement, when you freestyle and your mind is in a free state
Is kinda hard to execute when you ain't feeling it that day
Jumpin the gun and rushing your flow
Babbling on the mikie like auctioneer, got the public's ears
Fucked up can't hear, Atlanta, Georgia where y'all at?
OutKast this Dirty South to death the Dungeon Family Camp
Got this thang lit like stamps and nine-volt battery end caps
Making that music that make your neck hurt
And the beats that bother your back in my Cadillac
Six woofers and four amps, lo pro vogues on swole
With the carriage lamps diamond tucked velour pistol in my lap
Come in peace but then xplode like booty traps


Y'all Scared

[T Mo]
Piece by piece this puzzle comes together
Sever your ties with the bad guys let the lies go
If you wanna be a hoe go 'head and don't be scared
Many a bitch represents and is led
Whichever way no I'm not gay
And really don't give a fuck bout what you doin
Long as I pave the way
For my SouthWest GA warriors
To come in packs to feed takin what we need
To succeed you know what we gon' do, on this road
We gon' explode, now are you ready for this territory
Makin our life one big story to tell
Reality amongst the youth, long as, breath is in my body
I got proof, I'm not scared
If you scared, say you scared
Who's scared?
In this world I'm Gipp, in second the mutant
The third the Geechee, how many ways can you reach me?
Now most be scully, went from clean to muddy
Polished to shine, the season to rhyme
Been down like brown, like dirt to the ground
Been lookin for love, now I bubble like suds
Others flew sky high, while others were duds
Live high up on the hills, to escape the floods
Situation they change, like faces and names
Went from cool to plain, from lame to flame
Man down or not, man plans or plots
Give a FUCK what you think, we ain't movin out this spot
And I'm out
If you scared, say you scared
[Andre Benjamin]
Yo, paragraph indent, I make intense sense
Niggaz on that Gil Scott dope (hint hint)
At age fifteen they start smokin Billy Clint'
Now he's twenty-one and wants to know where the time went
Hey hey hey what's the haps? Well see your time elapsed
Have you ever thought of the meaning of the word trapped
Baboon on your back, but what's sad is that crack
Was introduced to hispanic communities and blacks
But then it spread to white and got everyone's undivided attention
Cause your daughter is on it and you can't hide it
Maybe your son tried it, rehab too crowded
You scared, she scared, they scared, I said
They scared they scared to talk about it
Bout it bout it bout it bout it bout it * repeats and fades *
If you scared, say you scared

February 1st, 1975's my birthdate
The player the B-O-I, was brought onto this Earth on Thursday
I think see, my cap I twist it back from all the dank
But if you see me on the Ave, you betta believe I tote that shank
So what y'all though bruh?
I gotta protect my name and what we fought for
Southernplayalistic ATLiens in your sock drawer
No lockjaw, we got that raw shit and all the trimmings
Even though we got two albums, this one feel like the beginning
The intro, the Goodie we kinfolk, nigga it's fin to jump off
But now it's time I lay low
Cause I believe the track gon' cut off
Psych, the track is bumpin like pussies on some dykes
So if you scared say you scared cause everybody can die tonight
Cause my heart don't pump no Slushee
You touch my niggaz you touch me
I blow up the micraphone like Marilyn Manson, you can't hush me
Heat'll make anything move
Even Tyson, can get laid down, with this tool
Just cause the name say Goodie, you take us for fools
Out they rabbit ass mind, don't give me mine, I go off like mines
Blowin suckers to smithereens, we was never folks
If we fell out over this lil' cream
Or let some soft legs come in between our dreams
We live like Kings, and die like fuckin men
I don't care how rough you roll, we can't be shut down
Ain't no openin up shop, we already established
You lap doggin, we boss hoggin
Grown men, don't beg for attention
Keep wishin, high heels clickin
Paper champions, leavin with they feet behind
Zap em for the pumpkin, at twelve
On the bottom bunk, holla at me
Six to the left, last one, can't turn over with dirt on ya
Slain dead, devils, don't have enough to purchase my essence
In da head, missin ounces, zip code, eight miles
Suckas, think I got they package
But they still eatin moo-moo, oink-oink
And fowl-fowl-fowl-fowl.. *repeats*
The truth hurts, but you can't be scared of it
So remember that, OutKast, Goodie Mo.B.
Still standin for somethin while y'all fallin for nothin
Stop dyin over this lil concrete and lil paper
We get this shit together our power's enormous
You can deny the lie but you can't deny the truth
You scared, you scared, say you scared!


You're Beautiful (Interlude)

(Alicia Keys)
So, how would I look laid out on a table, huh? Come on, tell me.

(Andre 3000)
I don't know...well, you wouldn't take much.

(Alicia Keys)
(Andre 3000)
You're beautiful.

(Alicia Keys)
You really think so?

(Andre 3000)
'Bout the most beautiful thing I've seen in Idlewild. But then, you're not from Idlewild.

(Both laugh)


You May Die

Navem nu, cuando sol
Tutu nu, vondo nos nu
Vita em, no continous non
Nos nu ekta nos sepe ta, amen

You can be sure
Some will owe to get high
You may hurt till you cry
You may die... (you may die)
Keep on trying (keep on trying)
Till it's summer, in the city
Till it's summer, in the city


Zora (Interlude)

Shh! (Laughs)

(Church girls)
You trying to leave here without us?
Come on this way, both of ya'll, come on this way...come on this way
Let me get a sample first


Keep your ass away from my husband

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