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Decatur Psalm

I call da crib they say "Breeze you ain't know?"
I say "What?" "Big Time got popped in his Benzo!"
I said "Damn man, I'm riding in his Lexusfie
I'm bout to dump this nigga's shit in New Dimensions
Get to the crib so I can call Big Slate up
And tell em da money man done slipped and got his throat cut
And everything that we took from the warehouse
I heard somebody talkin 'bout it at the White House
Man I thought you said that this job was for me and you
I ain't know that Bill Clampett wanted some too
You tell his folks that I'm sorry bout that Lexus
I'm 'bout to dip and see my sister up in... naaah!
Can't even tell you where I put my extra playa card
Cause them Red Dog police know we homeboys
Just tell everybody who us a dime
It's the Great Hoe Round Up Yo' Money time
I got to HAVE MINE, then I'm OUTTA HERE
Take a loss, come back up just like Coco Grier
Ain't got to worry bout yo' potnah gettin caught like a lame
It won't be over til that big girl from Decatur sang"

(It won't be over till that big girl from Decatur sang!
East Pointe police don't know a damn thang...)


Dracula's Wedding

I've never ran from no one, but i'm terrified of you
See my heartbeat is a slow one, but i'm terrified of you
I've been around for ages, but i'm terrified of you
Put my fang across the stage, but yet i'm terrified of you


(You know im terrified) x3

3000 (X4)
Give me a chance to dance romance
Don't run, I'm not the sun
So much at stake...... oh! bad choice of words
But i'm not the gun SHOT, with silver bullets
And I can count (1 2 3), plus I make great peanut butter
And jelly sandwiches van Helsing

For richer or poorer, through sickness and in health,
Till death do us part, till death do us part
You only live once, well not in our case, cause we will live forever


Drinkin' Again (Interlude)

Man, my woman done left me
I got laid off
They say a compruter can do my job better then I can damn do it
Man pour me another drink
I feel ya


Dyin' to Live

My suit is dark, my clouds are grey
And all things around me pass away
Well what if I leave, yea that's what I'll do I'll leave
Cause 88 keys is all I got to loose
That ain't much; you can have them shoes
I'm dyin to love, I'm dyin to play
I'm dyin to get out of here
I'm dyin to live.

[background choir]
Percival, says goodbye
An angel dies.



Chorus: repeat 2X

D.E.E.P. you want to go D.E.E.P., I'll take ya D.E.E.P.
You know you fucked up when you let my mind creep
Deeper than the page of a book let me look
You let me hit the stage, that's when I got my folks hooked like...

Deeper than deep dish, hammers and vogues
Deeper fish in the O(cean)
I got my gun on standby, like Coast Guard
You boast hard, you'll get your salty ass crumbled like erb, word (hey man)
You heard it here first with your master plan in reverse
I ain't the one with the curse, so disperse, yes, catchin plagues
Niggaz catchin AIDS, niggaz gettin sprayed, niggaz on they way
To a dead end, you won't catch me spreadin no white thighs
I only see afro bitches up in my eyes
I don't eat no beef and surely not no pork
I used to drink that 8, but now I shove it down your throat
Quote, 'If they kill they own folks, what you think they gonna do to you?'
I'm Outkasted and claimin true
Aimin two at your muthafuckin spine
No, I make that three cuz I don't wanna hear you whine
Swine, got my folks blind, like Stevie
Me be, wonderin when I'm gonna see the end
Andre 'gain slammin backs like King acts
Over Organized tracks full of facts
So you know that it's D.E.E.P.

chorus: (2X)

[Big Boi]
Well, you want me to get D.E.E.P., well then, I will
What? What will happen if you shoot that nigga and don't kill
He will come back and return like Lalah Hathaway
Aimin for your skull, yeah I'm flexin on you that a way
So if you pullin a tool, nigga you better use it
Cuz if you're threatenin my life, better believe I'll be a fool with it
I don't take no shit from nobody, I gots the Goodie Mo crew right beside of me
Damn, no pain, no gain, some I'mma hurt you
Breakin knees and elbows like I used to break my curfew
My mama used to tell me if a nigga ever hit me
Just to pick up the closest thing and knock the living shit out of he
So if you run up, you get done up, I'mma end it
Throw the gun up out the window, see the corner that I bent it
It's just so simple when we get so D.E.E.P.
Learn a lesson, pick up the album when it hits the streets like...

chorus: (2X)

No, I ain't never been pimped by the system
That's because I ain't no slave
Don't be tryin to sunbathe, never lived off in no cave
Bloody old chap and in this head of mine is full of naps
And the only thing I know is how to fuck and how to rap
Y'all think I'm stupid cuz I shoots 'em up like cupid
And if you gave me a basketball, I'll show you how to shoot it
My head's polluted cause I'm zooted, bobbin to the bottom
If a pair of Jordan's came out, y'all figure that I got 'em
But no I don't because I don't be havin funds
The gold that I am wearin is really made out of bronze
It weighs a ton and makin my neck turn green
And I got a criminal record that will never come clean
Oh, and it seems that I make babies like a rabbit
And then never taking care of them has just become a habit
I grab my tablet and get busy with the pen
Y'all could not be just like me if y'all was my twin
So you get mad and try to make me inferior
You pissin me off, I'm in that ass like interior
Oh, step in my Cadillac, let's ride through the hood
Eh, why don't you roll that window down so you can see it real good
And take a look at all the pimps and all the pushers and the players
That's livin on a whim, thin ice and a prayer
Oh and mayor, can I get a little backup
Please don't let them pussy muthafuckas put that flag up
But let me shut up cause they say we need dough
Whenever the fuck out record comes out in 1994
Yeah, yes sir, it's like that
Gonna take y'all deep, so go back

Chorus: (2X)

[Big Boi]
I'm gettin deeper than that prostiutes vagina
And pimpin way mo' hoes than there's peoples out in China
I roll that black Lac with the crust velvet interior
Niggaz try to bite that shit, but their shit is inferior
We rollin thick like the Pillsbury Doughboy
And I don't give a damn, muthafucka cuz you know why
The Caucus Mountains and the mutant gene
You try to wipe a nigga like me slam up off the scene
You hairy bastard, work a little bit faster
Because of the shit that I done been through, I shall never call you master
You D-E-V-I-L, the cave is where you dwell
So stay up out the rain, it's beginning to smell like dog, yeah
I wonder how you would be acting if youse in my shoes
You'd probably shit your tight ass draws cause I got a short ass fuse
So what do you really wanna do when I get militant
Thought I was a pimp, flip the script if you can' get with this
They call me Big Boi, I be cappin with a big gun
Run up on it if you want it, then you bite the big one, yeah
Uh huh, can you deal with it, D-E-V-I-L

Chorus: (2X)


D.F. (Interlude)

[Andre 3000]
Andre 3000
A.k.a. Possum Aloisious Jenkins
A.k.a. Dookie Blossum Gain the 3rd
Funk Crusader, Love Pusher
Dungeon Family 1st Generation
Here to drop the turd
[Big Boi]
Antoine Andre Patton Sr.
Better known as Big Boi
A.k.a. Daddy Fat Sacks
A.k.a. Lucious Leftfoot
A.k.a. Billy Oldshoe
A.k.a. Francius the Savannah Chitlin Pimp
Dungeon Family 1st Generation
Here to put the "D" in D-Boi
And still cooler than a polar bear's toenails



E-Mac (Interlude)

From Texas to G A niggaz bleeding your speakerboxx
Playas staying bold ho putting down is offin" your socks
We're killas dropping mean and dropping screens
North Dallas ain't a criminal fool
It's all the same team
It's all the same team
It's all the same team
It's all the same team


Elevators (DNP 86 mix)

One for the money yes uhh two for the show
A couple of years ago on Headland and Delowe
Was the start of somethin good
Where me and my nigga rodes the MARTA, through the hood
Just tryin ta find that hookup
Now everyday we look up at the ceiling
Watchin ceiling fans go around tryin ta catch that feelin
Off instrumental, had my pencil, and plus my paper
We caught the 86 Lithonia headed to Decatur
Writing rhymes tryin ta find our spot off in that light
Light off in that spot, known that we could rock
Doin the hole in the wall clubs, this shit here must stop
Like freeze, we makin the crowd move but we not makin no G's
And that's a nono



Now sittin' in the bathtub listening to the Isley
Brothers and others outside my door want to despise me
Reminds me that everyone ain't cool the world is jealous
Never could understand when my momma use to tell us
"Don't take your food outside around your friends
Unless you got enough to feed the neighborhood"
The play has just began, follow me now
Act 1 scene 2 the date 1/1/96 the time I don't know
Mood disturbed, Ray goes on to say they trying to get over
Like them niggas with the blinker on, I got my thinker on
So I'm like word, How every you want to act is fine
That is real as fishing raw I might be kissing God
But I'm still in the bathtub so if you got cattle you best be fasting
For 7 days and 7 nights we everlasting
? on a quest to get my class ring just from them fhite wolks
I will if it's the last thing
I do


Yeah, slick knowhatI'msayin'? I'm gonna tell you like this. Just cause I
Live the apartment don't mean you can keep puttin' notes under my
Windshield I tell you shortie gonna bust your ass about that shit.

Big Boi:
Hey y'all hey y'all hey y'all hoes
Back up in this bitch rippin' tracks like I'm suppose
Tommy and Ralph Lauren don't like niggas to wear they clothes
Where your proof at? Who's that? Talking shit like those
Keepin' the rumors up, I wish I lived in a fuckin' cage
I ride the streets in Lexus all these hoes wanna be saved
Go to college get a job because all you want to do is shake
I use to hit club niggas but I gave taht shit a break
Just like Maaco, Waco, burn it to the ground
I bet you eatin' pork when your partners ain't around
Backdraft things are Shaft slapping these hoes
Just like he's suppose to, quote you
"Big Boi is the pimp ass nigga that formed you"
Like pottery, sloppily playin' hoes the lotteries
OutKast did the dirt and now you swear your shit is poppin' see You bit
Beats, we makin' hits so give me your flag back
I'm living in the SWATS so you may call me Daddy Fatsack
Yeah you know what I'm sayin'? Like this. Everlasting


Big Boi:
One in a million men passing the J off in the culture
Don't y'all smoke a couple of pounds and get tore up y'all
And tear the devil headquarter down to the grizzound
Is how we hti house and puff a couple of good pounds
Of good weed, PeeWee, my nigga Little Beewee
We need a 50 box of Phillies and some bouncin' titties
From the magic the flame niggas too is sharin' sequals
Never payin' for no pussy
You can shake it you can keep it to your self hoe

You left your morals at the door, when you steeped in crept in
Nigga this baby is at the beach so now you wondering
Why your nigga done bust you in the fore, head
Ain't no respect there so you just assed out like breech
Delivery slivery got you swung on these types of things
Go on from here to Bornhome to London
England, Wall Street to y'all street
Sometime I get bewildered and it throws a nigga like me off beat
But I'm back on it
Because we last forever sound good don't it?
Rattling in your trunks like Fambu and the component
Said that's it, man fuck that shit
On and on and on and I'm out




Big Boi:

Peep what I say
Everyday--the sun sets just like clockwork
Put the glock to work
And puttin the body to standstlls
Man it kills me
Taking that life is like taking a shit
Hit or miss--niggas are playing God
Trying to rob and steal
That's why ya gotta guard ya grill
Like a barbecue--cause them harming you
Are just like honeybees swarming you
Vocally arming you was my responsibility
It's killing me--thinking that all these niggas
See they fly shit--thinking they steven segall an
Balling--falling to the wayside when ya try to call
I've fallen--when we was little nappy headed niggas in the projects
But now they carjacks, wait on income tax and unsafe sex
They get the tecs to flex--like solo for tha lo-lo
Smoke same thing no-no--not this time
Niggas around my way can rhyme
So fuck that country shit--we done a bunch of shit
And yes ya heard of this--out of this world like E.T.
Coming across ya T.V.
Extraterrestrial--straight from ATL.

(Know what I'm saying--Like that--Yeah)


Out of this world
Are you alien?
(repeat 3x)

Out of this world.......


Right now I'm smiling
Taking advantage of this moment
Cause there might not be another soon
Holding on to memories like roller coaster handle bars
Tightly cause I'm slightly off my rocker--But to you
I may appear to be your average joe
But little do you know
That even joe got problems that he gots to joust with
Floating in this game of life
Despite how out of place you may feel
In this race oh you just can't quit
Ain't that a bitch--that being heat
I'm on the beat like cops
Only cultivate the stable dirt when I skeet my drops
No concentrating knocking other niggas out the box
Why?--Cause in a sense
See we all be kind of fly
Just can't be scared to spread your wings
Head to better things
Maybe the mockingbird and nightengale
They want to sing--keeping this thing alive
To the table's what we bring
We like hailstorms and blizzards in the middle of the spring

(Out of this world--Things like that--Yo)


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