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Panic! At the Disco: Behind the Sea

Panic! At the Disco: Behind the Sea .


Our daydream spills
From my corked head
Breaks free of my wooden neck
Left to nod over sleeping waves
Like bobbing bait for bathing cod
Floating flocks of candle swans
Slowly drift across wax ponds

The men all played along to marching drums
And boy did they have fun behind the sea
They sang, "so our matching legs are marching clocks
And we're all too small to talk to god
Yes, we're all too smart to talk to god"

Toast the fine folks casting silver crumbs
To us from the dock,
Jinxed things ringing as they leak
Through tiny cracks in the boardwalk,
Scarecrow now it's time to hatch
Sprouting suns and ageless daughters

Don't you know
Don't you know
Those watermelon smiles
Just can't ripen underwater
Just can't ripen underwater


Legs of wood waves, waves of wooden legs
Waves of wooden legs



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