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Smokie: A Winters Tale

Smokie: A Winters Tale .


The nights are colder now
Maybe I should close the door.
Anyway the snow is covered all your foot steps
And I can follow you no more.
The fire still burns at night
My memories are warm and clear.
But everybody knows
It's hard to be alone at this time of year.
It was only a winters tale
Just another winters tale.
Why should the world ignortize
Of one more love thats fail.
It's the love that could never be
Though it meant to love to you and me
On the world wide scale
With just another winters tale.
While I stand alone
The bell is ringing far away.
I wonder if you hear.
I wonder if you're listening.
I wonder where you are today.
Good luck I wish you well
For all that wishes made be worth
I hope that love and strength with you
For the length of your time of love



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