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Smokie: Run To Me

Smokie: Run To Me .


Lonely night
lonely lonely night
You wonder were your dreams are gone.
And if you find there's nothing in your mind
To help you carry on.

Write and read your only company
When you can't find a friend.
I'll kept holding on forever
'cause I'm living for the day
When you come back again
So darling.

Run to me and I'll pretend
A love like ours should never end -
And you should know I'll never let you down.
Whenever you're in trouble

You can run to me
Forget your prive

My broken heart I'll try to hide.
So if you need my love and sympathy -
You run to me.

Should it be you lose your destiny

It's no one there to comfort you.
And in the end find you need a friend
To tell your troubles to.

Is it right to sit here every night

Think how it used to be.
Live some days you should remember
And you wish you could come back -
Come running home to me
Oh darling.

Run to me and I'll pretend

You run to me
Run to me



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