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Smokie: Shy Guy

Smokie: Shy Guy .


When you look my way
Girl I'd like to say
That I've found somebody to love
But how can I tell you that I do
You know it's true
Nearly all the time
Girl you're on my mine
And I can't stop thinking of you
I wish there was something I could do
What can I do

You're breaking me up
You're bringing me down
Sometimes I see no sense in hanging around

Though it should be easy,
Just to talk to you
And I know there's nothin' to lose
But you're somethin' special in my eyes
In my eyes

You're breaking me up...

Like I said before, you know I love you more
Every time I see your face
Better take my chance, before it's too late
It's too late

You're breaking me up...



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