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Smokie: The Girl Can't Help It

Smokie: The Girl Can't Help It .


Little Jenny came out of school,
Givin' boys the eye,
But the smile she gave to me,
Was for some other guy - other guy.

Took her to a movie show,
A dollar-fifty treat,
Went out to the car and came right back,
Some guy was in my seat - ain't she sweet.

I can't help feeling this way,
Thinking it over it's crazy to stay,
Well I know that it's got to be,
The girl can't help it, she's in love with me.

Jenny, Jenny, wonder why,
Kiss the boys and see me cry,
Don't you know there'll come a day,
All the boys will walk away - walk away.


When I'm close to you at night,
I just can't tell wrong from right,
Jenny, oh I love you so,
I will never let you go - let you go.

Chorus repeat



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