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Its a strange day
No colours or shapes
No sounds in my head
I forget who i am... when im with you
Theres no reason
Theres no sense
Im not supposed to feel.
I forget who i am, i forget.....

Fascist baby, utopia, utopia.

My dog need new ears
Make his eyes see forever
Make him live like me
Again and again

Fascist baby, utopia, utopia

Im wired to the world
Thats how i know everything
Im super brain!
Thats how they made me.

Fascist baby, utopia, utopia


Utopia Theme

City in my head
Heaven in my body
Its time for me
For me to go.

City in my head
Heaven in my body
Into the sky
It rises now



Hey, hey cowboy, hey cowboy
Aint I seen you hanging around the nashville?
Didnt you used to be a packy back in the west end?
Is that right, is that right?
Well I see you been through so many changes
Heavy changes
I cant say Im hip to where youre coming from
I cant say I hip to where youre going

Well I see somethings growing in the back of your mind
I give you the willies
You dont like my kind
But I can sing like a jingle
Sting as bad as any

Hey, that you? is that still you?
Youre looking mighty new wave
I hardly recognize you with that shish kabob through your face
But thats all right, yeah, thats all right
I guess youre trying to make a statement
You been out on the street
Looking for somebody to carve on
Well you can ramble,
Just dont go carving on me

cause I dont mind the fashion
Ive lived with your mind
I dig on the passions
The rest is just crap
I can sing like a jingle
And sting as bad as any

Hey, dont I know you?
Aint I seen you before?
Yeah, youre the one doing a pyramid party
Down in marina del ray
With their spoon and friends
Still going through them changes
You got your pants full of money
And your nose in the air
Youre a record producer
I dont really care
cause I can sing like a jingle
Sting as bad as any


Welcome To My Revolution

Theres too much music, too much light
These endless broadcasts into the night
Petty seizures of money and drugs
By some official or unauthorized thugs
Now its gone, the whole worlds gone
Theres the army at the front door, guerrillas in back

Why do I always have to take up sides
I had no plans to be conscripted today
I am no use to them anyway
So what the hells going on
When they took my bed for the good of the state
I had to rest my head and took to levitation
Welcome to my revolution

Every morning they confer with the press
Just to point a few fingers
Fix the blame for this mess
The spokesmen waffle and the jerk-offs complain
In a stream of rhetoric
Piss themselves down the drain
Then its time to go home
Time to go home
What will they say when its gone
The whole worlds gone
So they call a cease fire to bury the dead
And just delay it for an hour or so
Loose talk of cowards and leaders that lied
What does it matter once were vaporized
Say what the hells going on
Then it got so bad I couldnt breathe the air
So I became my own church and begged for sanctuary
Welcome to my revolution

This is the dream that I have every night
I wake up screaming to the left and the right
Is this my vision of the end of the world
The faces looked smoldered, the edges are curled
Tell me what is the reason we cant look at ourselves
And realize everybody creates his own hell
And if we put it together to make them all real
And then forget how to think, forget how to feel
Until its gone, the whole worlds gone
Are we damned if we do and damned if we dont
Could we be suckered into thinking that
Or get too greedy, afraid of the loss
And wind up fighting for a worthless cause
What if we died and had to come back
How may times would we have to go round
What if tomorrow was the end of the line
Dont want to feel like I wasted my time
So what the hells going on
When the noise gets so dense
You cant hear yourself think
We got the spirit world on a telephone link
So welcome to my revolution


Western Girls

First of all you have to make enough money
Get your look right, feel right
Get yourself into the perfect style
Wear your heels high
And your skirts tight
Out on the weekend in the city lights
Showing your friends you can
Party all night
But tinsel town at the crack of dawn
Leaves you cold and wondering
Where you could belong

Now youre standing
At the fork in the road
All alone
And wondering which way to go
Any minute somethings going to explode

Break out you western girls
One day soon youre going to
Change the world
Break out you western girls
Hold your head up high

Though you think
That life will pass you by
You are fine thing, never say die
Get your face out of that magazine
It wont keep you warm,
Another paper dream
Another evening in a cafe for two
Another memory to haunt you
Soon hes going to want to take you home
Darlin are you better off alone

The clock is ticking
But you still cant decide
To turn around or go along for the ride
Make up your mind because there is
Nowhere to hide

Wheres theres life,
Theres changes
Destiny arranges something for you
To hold on to


Where Does the World Go To Hide

Said the world to the sun, "i must turn away,
cause my face is so ugly, I feel so ashamed"
Tell me where does the world go to hide?

All the people down here, they fight everywhere
They destroy and they poison
They dont even care
So where does the world go to hide?

Nobody cares what will happen to me
And nobody cares if I cry
There must be a reason to carry on
But the pain is so bad I could die

Said the sun to the people, "now who is to blame? "
But like scared little children they all ran away
But where can the world go to hide?

Tell me where can the world go to hide?



Mommy told me she has everything I want
Mommy told me that I should not worry bout nothing else
Mommy told me that I cant do what I want
Mommy told me
But shes only thinking about herself
Cant think about nothing else
Im thinking about myself
Time to leave and its just as well
cause I cant help thinking theres something else


So I told he that I must have something more than she offered
And she should not worry about my health

Im a big boy, not her little boy no more
Im a big boy and I must learn how to protect myself
Hold my own when they give me hell
She can worry about herself

Tiny eagles must leave their nest
Wild horses withstand the test
Old lovers become estranged
Little boys who cant help but change
Could be nothing but who can tell?



You took that last corner too fast
Careened up against the side wall
For a moment everything went black
Woke up inside somebody elses hideaway in a distant place
Dont know your name or know this face
And what you dont know hurts you so
It can only be that way
Feel yourself becoming someone else
We may yet see that light at the end of the tunnel
If we can find a way to keep things under control
The web of life connects each of us to the other
So its no use pretending that you alone run the show
Just like a moth too close to the fire explodes
Though the myth is exposed
Youre still looking for windows in the sky
Supernatural paradise is the place you are looking for
All you need is a miracle divine
All thats left is you alone
Loneliness is all you own
Feel yourself becoming someone else


Winston Smith Takes It On The Jaw

We got no razor blades, we got no victory gin
I got no tiny alcove to hide myself in
To say things werent good would not be an untruth
But I just met a girl from the anti-sex youth
We get up in the morning for physical jerks
We might pass in the hall as were going to work

I have found us a place where theres no telescreen
And theres no hidden mikes and its not too unclean
While the high remain high
And the middle change places
The low dont want to know they tell all with their faces
She might sit afront of me for the two minutes hate
I might see her again if its not already too late
So they will take the book away from me
So let them catch me talking in my sleep
I guess I never really understood the law
So winston smith takes it on the jaw

So lets do what we want, it makes no difference now
When the thought police find us, were dead anyhow
Kick us out of the party and bust us to parole
Then theyll stuff us both into a memory hole
So let them haul me off to 101
Public confessions of everything weve done
Of everything I heard and everything I saw
When winston smith takes it on the jaw


You Make Me Crazy

I waited all night
I smoked a hundred cigarettes
I chewed my lip til it bled
But the phone made not a sound

Sometimes I wonder
If you ever wonder whats become of little old me
But I aint no baby
I aint gonna cry but baby
You dont know whats going on inside me

Yknow you make me crazy
What you do to me
Its a chemical reaction or an allergy
Yknow you make me crazy
Youre aware of that
Why dont you come and put me away

It was a long night
I could barely keep my head
I heard a knock on the door
It was only harry jones

I used to wonder
What it is that makes me feel like I cant be free
cause you dont give me nothing
You never give me nothing
But you dont know whats going on inside me

Yknow you make me crazy
Im in misery
Are you interested enough to see whats left of me

You scared me
The way you move in the night
Your face is something frightening
Youre not so nice

Im gonna wonder
Who you spend your time with
Everywhere you go and what you see
I know Im not your daddy
I dont want to be your daddy
But you know whats going on inside me


Zen Machine

You're always finding out
About the things that people never talk about
I didn't ask to know
But now I'm compensating as I go
I know the script I'm in
I'm only thoughts of heaven trapped in flesh and skin
And from the world of men
I try to tighten up the code again

And the code is a play
A play is a song
A song is a film
A film is a dance

Boot me up on the Zen Machine
Log me onto the Zen Machine
Load me down
Everybody get ready
Hook me into the Zen Machine
Sharing time on the Zen Machine
Load me up
Everybody get ready

Sometimes it's clear to me
Then for a moment I'm in timeless ecstasy
There are no reasons why
And everyone's a passer-by
But when they've gone to bed
A fire's burning on the screen and in my head
And on a windy day
You can smell it from a mile away

And the smell is a note
A note is a taste
A taste is a hue
A hue is a touch

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