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3 Card Molly

What, yeah, yeah
Black John McClane, Harold the Menace, and the Waterproof
With my nigga Bud'da, on the track
Golden State Warriors..
Eatin every rapper on the plate
Huh, feel me

I got three-oh-fo's in three-one-oh
On section eight, with multiple one-eighty-sevens
Sport a Marilyn Manson t-shirt when I die and go to heaven
Smoke a beady, scrape my lungs, smoke the resin
Remember the name Ras Kass-ciano
Get to clownin y'all punk bitches, cause I'm a Mac, like Ronald
I make Mac make money, and mack murder wack rappers
My Makaveli verse Bomb First, the Mac-11'll gat cha
When I get at cha, the situation tenses
Fatality before you ever reach your senses
Got so-called writers, crashing into brick fences
like my name was Al Fayed so you die, like that white princess
If you lookin for sympathy, you better look
between R and T, in the fucking dictionary
See the object of the game is to win, stack some ends, sippin Henn'
Whip a Benz and leave it to your next of kin

Chorus: repeat 2X

[RK] Pick a card any card, I bet you can't pull it
[GS] Golden State, number one with a bullet
[XZ] It's three card molly
[RK] Will they ever stop?
[XZ] Probably not
[SN] Pull your spine through your mouth and watch your body drop

[Saafir the Saucee Nomad]
The un-edited medic, on the cut, with a degree in metaphysics
A doctor, with a lot of patients/patience
And perseverance -- flows like an ocean liner
that sails/sales like a clearance, I'm bilingual
Fly like a flamingo, I'm a pitcha, everything I freak
I eat like Al Pacino, you don't like me baby
You ain't happy, you need some Ecstasy
Now you in my properties, but you have to pay my equity
For the lowest point in my character
I'll reach the highest place in the house when I rock
like the Qu'ran, fuse hot, fluid with flavor like buillion cube
Been this way since I was fourteen
And like this I been runnin shit without the use of Sportscreme
Rippin up tracks like immigrant Chinese, peep the game I lay
I'm grim, I brim over my brow when I rip
Never write rhymes with slim fingertips
Each syllable you choose to use is light as a flower
Keep tryin to go gold
but all you're gettin is a golden shower


Look, now if it wasn't for the West
These rap niggaz wouldn't need a vest around they chest
Keep bustin about where you rest, and what you own, and what you drive
So the day some niggaz come for you I'm really not surprised
Mr. Black Bruce Willis, please don't kill us
I show mercy like Kevorkian, like a scorpion
We sting you from behind and put it in you, so meet me at the venue
Put you on the spot to put you on the menu
Fricaseed emcee, we be the ones that keep the pussy hot
Xzibit livin life, like a bull inside a china shop
Strippin everything, see you ain't even got a dime to drop
Go ahead and call the cops, you ain't said nathin
Jerry Spring-you out the studio, then Suge Knight you
to the parkin lot, niggaz ain't ready for all this heat we got
Picture yourself crushin Xzibit with your tough talk
That's like Christopher Reeves doing the crip walk




Ahh.... E-Dub

It's that millenium ridiculous flow, I never let go
Niggaz gettin knocked out is part of my show
Let em know who they fuckn wit yo: a rhyme wrangler
Tri-angular, push off the hillside strangler
Dangle a, nigga by the ankle off the balcony
Now let his punk ass go, look out below (BELOWWWW)
It's a tale of two cities, come out when the sun go down
We officially not fuckin around
Stuck in the ground, fitted with a suit in a pine box
(hah!) with my fresh pressed khakis in a slingshot
So beatbox all day in a nigga face
And all you bitches see the dick that you shoulda ate

[Chorus: Xzibit]
Call it what you wanna call it
I'm a fuckin Alkaholik
Bring it if you really want it
Ain't gotta put no extras on it
Call it what you wanna call it
I'm a fuckin Alkaholik
Bring it if you realli want it
Ain't gonna put no extras on it

[Erick Sermon]
Yo, I'm in the zone, and lyrically gone
Got the spot blown, BOOM! Oklahoma
Watch the aroma, catch those who love me
My underground dirty cats on dune buggies
I be the type to take your watch and flaunt it
Kidnap T. Lewis and Jimmy Jam on it
Yo, I bang a nigga head til his neck pop
Do a KR's one to a black cop
X and E's, out for cream, get the money
While you stay broker than Al Bundy
Uhh, give it to yall, in Any Given Sunday
With J. Fox namin tha spot, make it hot
(I hate E so much right now!) Blow it down nigga, bounce
come off the ropes like J. Snooka
(Two fly motherfuckers) You can't fuck widdit
Backed by Open Bar, so y'all forget it


J McEnroe, cam smashin, party crashin
I eat MC's like a ration
I'm sockin niggaz in their goatees
I leave you stiffer than that fool on my basketball trophies
I'm in the room with 10 G's, countin ten G's
Cause we need a bag of weed (can you smell it?)
Now we need ten dimes, to blow on these like wind chimes
Time to close the blinds cause you all in mines
I bought a bottle for the session, and did not share it
Drink so much Captain Mo' all I need is a parrot
You took the Alkaholik challenge, and lost your balance
You underground, we under water drinkin liquid by tha gallons

Slurred words, double vision, brain bustin, head rushin
Since I'm too drunk to walk, I rock a party on crutches
and still rush the roughest MC who wanna get it
Forget it, it's liquid, don't mix it, Xzibit
Ca-Tash on the blast the final piece to the puzzle
I slap bitches on the ass, I slap pimps about the muzzle
I shuffle with the microphone, bang rhymes consistant
You wack and I'm Ca-Tash and that's the motherfuckin difference
For instance, 21 and over, set your clocks back
(Tick tock tick tock) Still standin where the rocks at
Two-thousand-one, we still young guns that's restless
(Thirty niggaz, sixty hoes) and that's the motherfuckin guestlist



Arch Angels

Xzibit intro:
Yo its the almight xzibit. in the law house huh.
With laylaw huh and d-mac huh (ras kass).
Ntroducing huh. the nigga ras kass ha.
We all know and love him ha.
Yo lets bring it through youknowhatimsayin
Bring that shit through nigga. whats up yo yo.

Ras kass:
Well its the r double ak triple s the letters of my name
For you and your bitch to unscramble on soul train
This arch angel got niggas hooked like crack babies
I think of bomb shit like my brain was made outta m-80s (caviar)
I flow 16 pablo escobar perverse perversion so fat my dick got a double chin
My mcin produce more seaman then wet dreamin
Of hostin bet with rachel in the caribbean
C-arson home of niggas with gold visas and heaters
Sendin jesus subpoenas
(got you singin duets with selena nigga)
So sister act
Cause black nun (none) get love
And Im a have juice till mark ferman plants the bloody glove
I drive european cars and smoke cuban cigars
Bring it phat to your ears like warren gs keyloyds
From b-boys to d-boyz its like shippin keys from overseas
Please I move mcs like o.z.s

See niggas from outta town dont even fuck around

Ras kass:
But there aint no angel that you can strangle los angels

See handguns and girls thats the way of the underworld

Ras kass:
There aint no angel that you can strangle arch angels (say what? )

Ras kass:
See left coast niggas is the craziest
I dodge shotgun pellets in the felonious los skandalous
Golden state
Home of dysfunctional gang truces
5.8 quakes where glass houses pancake (westsiiiiiide)
But I be in the hood like a rebuilt engine
Fuck what Im benchin I weave through tracks like extensions (nigga)
Im ridin for chips like on time on motorcycles
And for looters to get trifle
Im like a chink on a slason swap meet roof with two automatic rifles
Puberty got me vicious
And these generation x bitches is too big for they britches
15 goin on 30
"i wanna fuck" written all over their faces with mack compact blowin kisses
Promoted like seven oasis gettin niggas twisted in statutory rape cases
But I write rhymes in enough white lines askin melle mel my punchlines
Hit from the baseline like six by nines
Crack addicts and reggie miller
Thats fo reala
I x more hollywood squares than phillis dilla


Yeah niggas from outta town dont even fuck around

Ras kass:
But there aint no angel that you can strangle los angels (yeah)

Welcome to the place where niggas make moves

Ras kass:
Nigga there aint no angel that you can strangle arch angels

Handguns and girls thats the way of the underworld

Ras kass:
But there aint no angle that you can strangle los angels (ha)

Home of the scandalous big bad los angeles

Ras kass:
But there aint no angel that you can strangle arch angels

Ras kass:
You know man all I have in this world is two things man
Thats my word and my balls
Or maybe thats three things
So on microphones I let my nuts hang like john homes
And took so many niggas out I should change my name to chaperone
D-mac and laylaw know that on mic cables
I got one thousand two hundred techniques similar to the turntable
So if its crem de la creme since Im smarter I oughta
Float like dead bodies in water
Manana tell your girl this here mayatti got one extra backstage pass
If she put em on the glass
Cause she be jockin rappers that be seen with whos who
The single charters so she blows me for a hit like cluckheads do
No mc parallels they behind bars like ricks jail cell
To rock well I need a beat like...
Child abuse victims (ha ha)
Everything I say turn to yay
This shit was blowin kids away before timothy mcveigh


Xzibit outro:
Yeah yeah straight from motherfuckin xzibt ha ha and the lawhouse
Youknowhatimsayin with that nigga ras kass (hes guilty).
Yeah yeah. break it down. it wont stop. west coast hip hop (yo yo).
Its the almighty xzibit (booyaka).


At The Speed Of Life


Listen you fuckers, you screwheads
Here's a man who won't take it anymore
A man who stood up against
The skunk, the kunts, the dogs, the fill, the shit
Here is some one who stood up
Here is...

Yeah! this is it for anybody usin bodies
presents, Xzibit movin at the speed of life
Yeah! check it

Verse One:

It took a long time comin but we waited
Xzibit went from underated
To now most antcipaded
never would of thought that I would rock your set
And get love and respect without no special effects
Only the rugged ruff shit that the hard rock need
Lyrics must contain more then just clothes bitches and weed
thinkin' how you like to see the next man bleed
Tryin to glority greed
Livin life at ridiculuos speed-indeed!
The main goal to achieve, is to succeed
Have it laid out for your seed
But the world gets colder every day by day
Physically, mentally gettin drained by L.A.
Trying to find piece of mind
is like trying to find a gold mine
it just wont happen
no time for relaxin
Real soldiers of fortune
the front line of the action
So never show a nigga what you packin'
"You know what i'm sayin'?"
It's too much weight to be juggling
who do you picture when you think about struggling
Kids in the bed, no food stomach bubbilin
Niggas in the E-class heavy drug smugglin


yes movin...
At the speed of life

Verse Two:

And plus I feel that no style is darker than mine
There was a time it was all about beats and rhymes
But nowadays the blind just follow the blind
and when I die!
Niggas still recite these lines
to rock the heads, waterbeds citys and towns
Bringin strength to the masses that be holdin it down
the underground! to upper echelon and beyond
Xzibit rock and roll the streets like a vagabond
Nigga wanna trip you gettin dissed like a blond bitch
mackin to Farrakhan, I run game like a marathon
It's here today then tomorrow it's gone
It's the law of the land
a straight modern day babylon!


Movin...yeah! yeah! like this
Like this...at the speed of life
Ah! Bring it live, yeah!

Verse Three:

Xzibit lookin at the earth thru wide angles
I found a stairway to heaven in a city of lost angels
Where small situations turn to altercation
with a heavy ass price
'cause niggas don't fight no more!
before hip hop was all about drama
anything for a dollar before Kane fucked Madona
Xzibit maintain and stayed bent like a comma
Just me and my bottle
we shall lead not follow
Emcees be full of shit
but they style be hollow
it seems you've bitin off more
than you can possibly swallow
just a day in the life of a man named X
only blunt and latex for the oppisite sex
you see niggas comin thru to smoke and pay respect
ever since fifteen, I been ready for anything
whatever they bring in any shape, form or fashion
I live to the fullest and rip rhyme with a passion
but in the mean while if worse comes to worst
bust a round or bust a verse whatever comes first
Yeah! we got it locked down tight
Xzibit bring truth to the light
shit is movin at the speed of life


At the speed of life


Back 2 The Way It Was

Yeah.. yo.. c'mon
Ride wit me, lemme take you somewhere

My father was a soldier, my mother was a rider
I was born wit my fists balled up, I'ma fighter
Inspired, a real rhyme writer
Get past the past the future looks brighter
But, I wanna get it back to the way it was
Exchange blows, elbows and it was still love
A better time, better place in space
Cause nothin can erase, shame tat' like my nigga Chase
Cause Bigga B will never be replaced, right
And I'ma scream it to the whole fuckin human race
Get a bar, get a taste
Enforce the muscle to ya hustle and ya did it with grace
Cause real niggaz don't save face, they make movements
Back to the time when hip-hop was music
When N.W.A. got booed at the Apollo
Broke "Straight Outta Compton" and the whole world followed
Cause right now hip-hop is hollow
With no substance, X-Man with the roughness
Cause success can suck sometime
And many of us the way we act, we even lost our minds

You can hold your breath, 'til your blue in the face
But you can never ever take my place
I stay strong whether right or I'm wrong
Through the struggle I will live on (now sing the song wit me)
You can speculate, on every breath I take
But you can never ever take my place
I stay strong whether right or I'm wrong
Through the struggle I will live on

Back to the day when +Cooley+ was +High+
Hustle big like Butch in the Y-B-I
We did it 'n died, the gang still multiplied
Sock yo windpipe, cut yo air supply
Hypnotized, not by the glitz 'n glamour
So fuck them cameras, all I need is clips and hammers
The X-Man said that the first rhyme out
Were my fans worth my time? The first line out, so
Here we are eight years strong and still movin
Groovin with a reputation ya can't ruin
I wanna take it back how it used to be
Five thousand fucked up, rockin outta unity


Was it the alcohol in you, the money the power the fame
that made you actually attempt to try to disgrace my name?
Played those games nigga when I was younger in life
'Til I seen another man's life cut short with a knife
Lose teeth, cause beef, no peace with us
Ya can't hang, and ya sho' can't eat with us
When times get tough, the tough get rough and drastic
Never been blasted, never been an arrogant bastard
But I coulda been a lawyer, I shoulda been a doctor
I never been a actor, I'm nothin but a monster
I move in silence, speak with violence
Think with science, live free and walk with lions
Cats around me with gats like Yasser Arafat
It takes a nation of millions to hold me back
Pounds of cush to push what I'm talkin about
It's hard to talk the talk with a gauge in yo mouth
It's hard to walk the walk with ya back blew out
Don't let the things that you can't change stress you out
Cause X take the money and run, and raise a man from a son
And change the world with the power of one c'mon



Best Of Things

I was voted most likely to have a psychiatric evaluation
Let's start the process of elimination
This dedication is for niggaz with the green buddha
The bandula, six-shooter to your suit coolers
Now how this feel? Cold black steel up in your grill
This hollow point lead gon' be your last meal
Say your prayers, say your graces
Pieces of your face is found in a hundred different places
Huh, so what we lookin like? We tryin to see some hoes to fuck tonight
and you just tryin to see the afterlife
Make a decision before we have a head-on collision
makin me spend the rest of my life in prison
See I can only play the cards I was given
Multiplication division whatever you got to break mines off
like the U.S. government did to Microsoft
Like Xzibit in some pussy with the lights turned off
It's like

I'm just livin to fulfill my dreams
I'm just tryin to have the best of things
None of y'all can't take shit from me
Life's a bitch she ain't fuckin for free
So I'ma ride til the wheels fall off
while all the rest get weak and go soft
Your petite style, can get you beat down
My heat's loud, have you huggin on the street now

Niggaz keep askin me how does it feel
How does WHAT feel? Not havin to scrape for a meal?
Not bein locked down to a fucked up deal?
The biggest man in Los Angeles is not Shaquille
We had to reinvent the wheel, draft new blueprints
Made a whole album, spent HALF what you spent
then sent the rest to my people to invest wit it
Custom fitted, if you want it nigga, come and get it
and I suggest you bring a million niggaz runnin wit it
Split it, feel it, hit it it's hot, look
I ain't gon' stop til everybody's shot
Muammar Khadaf's the dot, X mark the spot
with an infrared to your head, left for dead
Fuck the feds, flee the country then grow some dreads (ya mon)
I suggest you keep your distance, for instance, the same distance
it takes to get to the next solar system, motherfucker


Strike one, when a nigga talkin shit with his hands
Strike two, gettin caught in the wrong place with your pants down
Strike three, tryin to fuck with the D-O-double-G
D-R-E, or any of my Alkaholik family
Huh, Xzibit turn your vital signs to a straight line
Never seen a dog bite and bark at the same time
Restless, rugged, never relaxed
Permanently owe you motherfuckers backs like tax
Baseball bats and breaks upside of your head
Homey STILL gettin swoll off water and bread
I got this, retaliation, for any situation I'm facin
and leave the stage with a standin ovation, it's like



Beware Of Us

Yeah, Stong Arm Steady
One gang, four guns, how the West was won, let's go

[Chorus: Xzibit]
Jump if you really want it (jump)
You'll catch one in yo' stomach (yeah!)
When you see the Steady comin {*blam*}
Y'all better bewaaaaaaare of us
Loudmouths is always talkin (talkin)
When we come they keep on walkin (walkin)
But my dogs ain't only barkin (woof!)
Y'all better bewaaaaaaare of us


[Strong Arm Steady - 1]
I'm eatin chicken wings, mm, it's like chicken feed
Mm, I'm at the feedhouse smokin all this chicken's weed
Huh, you're hardly hard, this sucker's soft as volleyball
Cold Chillin' like my name was +Big Daddy+ +Marley Marl+
You're not a star at all, no, you're just a sidekick, yeh
Runnin the outside lickin shit and ridin dicks
Real niggaz start cliques, start shit we spark clips
The mac'll make your door lift and leave me with a sore wrist
You should be impressed, yeh, it's like my first impression
I pull representer, exposition in a session
I'm in the Expedition, expose a dark dimension
Your girl used to suck dick du-ring detention
You got dumped, she came up by spittin
out nuts of every homey comin home from prison
Yeah the fake chicks get dick the Ferragamo fake fits
I keep they drawers drenched, no drawers, fake tits


[Strong Arm Steady - 2]
This the last call, total recall, my pimpin flowin like Niagara Falls
So you can Phil Da Agony y'all
Yeah you get beat to the punch, rap monsters eat you for lunch
And feed you to the beat that you want
Fear keep knockin fake fans sent to no one
Fuck them niggaz run from me I don't owe 'em
Why do things for free, you don't know 'em
These niggaz'll load up the heat, they don't throw 'em
Hooks stay floatin in my mind, I design 'em like
architects workin online, I'm on the incline
Lamp like the heavyweight champ, it took 3 months of trainin
While it's rainin take your brain through boot camp
Fair facts, Nike Air Max, I'm back blunted
Yeah that them niggaz hear that and don't want it
Triple trick niggaz get sick to they stomach
Strong Arm Steady ready act like you want it - BITCH!


Every day above ground is a good day
My wordplay only contain what the hood say
Clack the black off a nigga make him see the light
My overhand right'll violate your civil rights
We get bars, big cars, cigars
12 gauge salute to your face to face God
Icon, marathon mack, where the bitches at?
Raise it back, steady game, came with a gang of gats
I hit your pressure points, we jack the motherlode
Expose your motives like a CSI episode
Output maximum level, dig deep down in the dirt
with diligence and dance with the devil, yeah
Cause you don't know me homey, I keep the banger on me
It wasn't my aim, it came with the territory
Feet planted firm in the turf, plant you six feet deep in the earth
Gettin slumped while the ammo dump, fucker



Bewaaaaaaare of us {*BLAM*}

Big Bang Theory

Intro: xzibit
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, what
Snoop double, d o g, what, mr. x to the z, yeah, and kurupt
The kingpin, dogghouse records takin over the shit in the 99
What, yeah, uh huh, yeah, bangin on you, huh
Its the big bang theory, yeah, check it out, bring it, yo

Hook: xzibit
I got a big bang theory my hardcore comittee
Gon rock and roll the streets and shake the whole city
Chronic low ridin bitches with silicon tities
(we gon bounce and ball until the wheels fall off)
I got a big bang theory my hardcore committee
Gon rock and roll the streets and shake the whole city
Affiliated with thousands sent out medallions
(we gon bounce and floss until the wheels fall off

Chest plates hit with gauges, sawed off, hauled off
Blast wit somethin and I breaks all the walls off
Fuck it, tie my flag around my mouth
Blue rag on my face, blue rag in my left pocket
Pistols screamin, unleashin pure fury
Smash, snatch the pockets and all the jewelry
Glass shattering, blastin, niggas scatterin
Scat, takin three to four to the back
Im back motherfucker, live broadcast
Show my face, with my rag on, let me throw my hood in the air
Let me put bout two in the air
Let me show these motherfuckers that I dont care
Its a symphony composed of killers and armed forces
Livin for whatever it costs, crimb bosses

Its goin down by the year 2 g
Im goin be flyin through the hood, duckin, dodgin the heat
My niggas watch the street, be it rain, snow, or sleet
Us niggas gon eat, makin troops we creep
Losin the jeep, runnin on feet, survivin off the land money and
Gun in hand, operation quicksand
Aint tryin ta put the mark of the beast on my hand
I had to bless the head of a military man
Jumped into the back of the 4 door sedan
All up in the trunk was the hidden contraband
Fuck a middleman, my pistols aim directly from iran
Looking from a third eye, I spot the hidden cam
I know what you look like, I know how you think
Im the type of bitch to pop a pill up in your drink


Bitch, fuck that, you bring fat rag, heres cheese
You work your fuckin employees
You know you get all excited like that
Stack it through them hoodlum back, cuz I like it like that, bitch
I kill drama, shit get action packed
When I jump out the black stealth bomber
Cuz its bout, you know, I want the fuckin mansion pad
To heal that bitch sittin on
So dont waste the fuckin cheese that you earn
Rotate the fuckin weed that you burn
Dont fuck with bossy off the glam,
Rollin crack , blow blocks in half

[tray deee]
We rides on visitors and takes no prisoners
Handles all business and pay off the comissioner
Big time crime figure niggas gettin riches
20 inches whippin all we givin hittin switches
Twistin flippin chickens stickin victims if they slippin
Trippin, on the mission and my trigga finga itchin
Positioned at your dome, one twitch and its on
No remorse or second thoughts once the clip and the chrome
This is the zone, weak niggas covers get blown
Stoned killers and gorillas want whatever you want
Shake spots with bank nots, keep the thang cocked
And leave motherfuckers stripped to tank tops
We the gang, its our thang to mash and maintain
Gangbang slang came and aint gon change
All out till we fall out, fuck the world
Dogghouse style with the chucks and curls



Big Business

Mi casa es su casa
Mi raza es su raza


Kid frost

This is big business, understand me?
Yeah, you cant take no for a answer

Welcome to the world of big business, lives get broken and made
Youre walkin barefoot in a room full of razorblades
Were playin catch with a hand grenade
Cause what you faggot niggas caught
Spread you all over the asphalt
Walk the walk, talk to nobody
Spark the chrome shotie
Whenever they run up on your home, gotti
Gangsta, gangsta, read all about it
Xzibit get your whole shit crowded
And packed to capacity
You actually had the audacity
To want some problems with the x man
Lift you off your feet with the back of my left hand
Learn one of lifes hard lessons
You cant negotiate with a weapon
When its fully loaded and cocked
Hollow points shot
Next to the firing pin, with the hammer ready to drop
I took you off, so accept the loss
Crack open some olde english thats covered with frost
And its like that

[ chorus ]
Can you feel it, nothing can save ya
For this is the season for stackin the papers

Chasin my chips till my last days
Hit a million dollar lick and split it three ways

Im in pursuit of them hundred dollar big faces
Wrapped in rubber bands in em bulletproof briefcases
Please understand automatically
One squeeze of the trigger cause tragedy
Casually fucked around and got your whole family mad at me
My strategy: subtract enemies mathematically
Frost will kick your head off slow, you aint as bad as me
50/50 - half gangster, half hustler
One sides about my business, and the other sides a muthafucka
So when I creep, I crawl, Im like swiss-made
Fuck are you, bitch-made, I slice you with my switchblade
Razor, got the h-k with the laser
Slid the enterpriser, rent a 99 black blazer
I shot straight at merino
Thousand dollar suite, layin low at the peppermint casino
I been a player before I had riches
And now Im eatin steak and crab and fuckin bad bitches

[ chorus ]

{jayo felony
I dont give a fuck about not one of yall
Disrespect this here, nigga, its real clear Im gunnin yall
When night falls, nah fuck, night flies a kite
I take flight like delta, nigga, helter skelter
Who the fuck could you call to help ya
Nigga, good health couldnt help ya
Put the s in spit, bust your tightest shit, never felt ya
Could you picture yourself in the same room when I let these off
Two rivals, suicidal, take the strap and squeeze off
But before you do it, I take the heater and shoot both your knees off
Let him suffer, cant get enough of, Im rougher
Go get my ammunitions and paper, nigga, cause its a habit
Let off on ya in a 600, or lets call em rabbit
Is it tragic how the automatic made you breathe like a asthmatic
Static, whats that? that shit that get up in my fabric
Im into bitches and beamers and my chips
And Im keepin four eyes on em schemers when I dip, bitch

[ chorus ]


Birds Eye View

When it comes to shit like this
I always get it right the first time
playa haters and snakes
waitin' for mistakes
But that's the breaks the highs and lows
Of the industry
D.I.T.C. and X to the Z
Bringin' it live
Get it crackin' to the third degree
Xzibit breakin' niggas down like H.I.V.
We gring rap to your city like B.E.T.
But still feel California
Is the place to be, Catashtrophy...

The Alkaholiks is back to fry you
Xtra crispy
With the skills that make the plots
to dis me Xtra risky
Cause the time it takes to infiltrate
And stop my forward motion
California will have broken off
And fell into the ocean
Cause I rocked around the world
With my ill type skill
Step for real or I'll leave your grill scarred like Seal
Cause I regulate the sectin where the drinks
Is gettin blended
Certifed bartender
So catch the 40
When I send it your way

Niggas that hustle
Till the day light break
Go to county 20 times
Still can't go straight
Don't nothin in the mothafuckin'
World come free
I'll never see a nine to five
Cause it just ain't me
(It's like this)
Xzibit shall hustle, lift build muscle
And think like Russell
Survive and bring it live and direct
To any crowd through out the world
Like this come home
And smoke a spliff in the benz
With Swift

Chorus(2 Times)

I'm fucked up J-Ro

Yo i'm fucked up to
Lookin' at these bitches
From a birds eye view
My name is J-Ro from tthe Likwit Crew

Hurricane G:
So what nigga is it you wanna do

My flow is metap

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