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Symphony In X Major

(feat. dr. dre)
Time to snap out of it, welcome to the real world
My life like a hitchcock flick, stick to the script
If she cant stick to the script, stick to this dick
How she actin off of the fifth? ridiculous shit
We dont need conversation, just crowd participation
If you here on vacation we got, rules and regulations
Seperate myself from yall, segregation
Tryin to stop xzibit and dre? humiliation
Pure elevation, got me some inspiration
Two bitches in bubble baths, a beautiful invitation
Got a live occupation, live for the moment
Im faced with an altercation manhandlin my opponents
I got eyes in the back of my head
I never sleep so they bloodshot red
Yo we so far ahead of our time
If we can stop life and press rewind
You still wouldnt catch up til 2k and a dime, so turn it up

[chorus - female and male singers]
[f] turn it up!
[m] turn it up
[f] this is it!
[m] this is it
[f] we the shit
[m] we the shiiiiiiiiiit
[f] get with it!
[f] give a fuck
[m] give a fuck
[f] who you wit
[m] who you wit
[f] turn it up!
[m] turn it uppppppppppp
[f] get with it!

[dr. dre]
Truthfully speakin, its lonely up here all by myself
So I had to come down and pass around some help
From n.w.a to whatevers next
Make sure it says andre young in bold letters on big checks
Your shit aint sellin? fuck it, get dr. dre on it
You got a budget? Ill get down, give me half of it
One session, one song, Im gone
The first week, you hit the streets, a star is born
To add to my universe - let me show you
Who can invade who nigga, and who can do who the worst
Warning from the surgeon general
Watch out for fake hits and bullshit that sounds identical
Pick it up, read the credits, who you thought it was?
Twenty years in the game, with a constant buzz
Pick a year, any year, see how hot I was
Same shit today, and still dont give a fuck!


[chorus 2]
[m] stay.. in your place
[x] stay in your place nigga
[m] you cant face, what we bringin
[x] what we bring to the game, playa
[m] bounce like this
[x] bounce
[f] bounce like this
[m] blaze your shit
[f] blaze your shit
[m] and get high for meeeeeeee

Let me give yall niggaz somethin to hold
This product not to be sold
Know you cant cook it over a stove
You can flip it and come back with a mitt
Dont make me reach through your limo tint
I just want my twenty percent
This is dedicated to the people that spoke too soon
I think Ill stop shootin you niggaz and shoot for the moon
Motherfuckers turn respect on and off like a light switch
Ill never be seen, like farrakhan fuckin a white bitch
Jump I wont flinch, dump I dont miss
X holdin this, Im never losin faith or focus
So say what you gotta say, every day a holiday
We dont blow the roof, we blow the whole fuckin spot away [boom]
Organize permission like, organized crime
Organized minds, organize they nickels and dimes
Organized vocab be organizing my rhymes
Organizing my business and organizing my time, so turn it up



The Anthem

-rza intro from "airwaves"-

[king tech]
One two, one two
We dedicate this one to the hip-hop culture yall
Brought to you by the wooorrrlld famous wake up show

Bobby steels, staple tails, mcs get your lips stapled
Project killa hill is stamped on the map like the compass
Sacred sword play tongue twist piercin holes in you
You cant escape seventy-thousand kilowatts blast through yo box
Walk wit alarm clocks, cars drivin slow down the block
One stopped, parks, pops his trunk
Snare pops loud as glock shots
Bass like an m-80 in ya face, cops stop, give us citation
We pause for radio station identification
Wake up wake up wake up! (tech is on)

[tech n9ne]
When I woke up, I grabbed the mic and never choked up
Busted a verse and all the gs in cali loced up when I was summoned
Styles were mixed like the drummonds
Killer clown is comin lookin around your town is crumblin
This big tech from the midwest, leavin mcs litless
On the wake up show, make up no, stories about my shake-up flow
Put me off in a cypher? potna, you cant *fuck* wit the snyper
Your flows premature, clean your dirty diaper
Mic heister, psycho alpha-schizo
Hypno, chryo gat flow, guru and aint nobody tighter
Sway & tech heard me flow and its sealed
Now I got swedish women yellin "tech n9ne svelte!"

This place is my house, I might as well erase my face wit white out
Cuz yall cant see me like mases eyebrows (where you at? )
Climbed out of a nice house
Through the front window and heard this guy shout
"hey thats my couch! (bitch!)"
Pull a nine out during a rhyme bout
While Im rippin this shit, put a clip in it spit five rounds
And murder you hoes worse than a convertible flippin verticle
Nose-first wit the top off landin up-side down
Youre tied down and duct-taped, fuck rape
Id rather just hump a sluts leg wit my nuts shaved
And sway & tech, two disk jockeys
Breakin so many friggin needles I wonder if they inject

Lo and behold, better than platinum and gold
Yes God bless success, never forsake your soul
Xzibit take control, lock loaded and ready to roll
Play the upper hand, a man thats never gon fold
Cuz your tape sucks, find a new hobby that you can take up
Or listen to my niggas tech & sway so you can wake up
The x-man, catch me doin drills in the danger room
Big game huntin from high noon till the full moon

[pharoahe monch]
Wit synonyms, I get an adrenaline rush
From minimum thrusts, bust multiple assaults in small interims
As horrid as boris korloff was
When I cut ya neck, leave a little piece of skin so the head wont fall off
Hauled-off, sawed off shotgun blast
He asked, why did he have to die like cast metal?
O, huh, c now like omar credle
We pone pedal at a high resolution
On the wake up show wit sway, tech and dj revolution

*dj revolution scratches*

[kool g rap]
I sway the tec wit the tech and sway
Step away, wet and spray, rep the day
Who over debt to pay get swept away
Across the whole board like checker play
When I blaze your whole sect arrays
Wake up show for those who slept away
Niggas that met the trey, hit the deck and pray
Dj revolution, spinnin like lead from out the head decay
Tearin your neck away, flood up the street wit blood redecorate
Until the head of jake investigate

[jayo felony]
What, sway can give it to but whatcha gon do wit it
Tech can give it to you but whatcha gon do?
Rev can give it to you but whatcha gon do wit it
I can give it to you, wha wha wha what what!

[chino xl]
Yo yo, chino make the world go round
Fuckin up entire record companies like harrell did to motown
Vominous talk, poison pen, hominous walk
Which flow will I destroy you wit this time, the most commonest thought
The drama thats brought, caught us in the midst of a sibling rivalry
For instance, there is nothing born in existence that can survive wit me
Clone me like sheep, I clean house like tony randall
My style foul/file, for sexual harrassment like tisha campbell
You wack like will smith, your rhyme style is pansy
I fuckin murder your young style like jon benet ramsey
Now who the master to beg, your demo get passed on the reg
You shouldnt have been signed if you had a white cast on your leg
Im wake up show reppin, wit sway & tech
My tecs like tekken, the industry weapon
Im chino x, bring krs in

De de de da de de de da di day hey! krs-one comin wit the tech & sway
Yo, I rock up on the littlest set and up on the biggest set
As ill as it gets I still manage to wiggle your neck wit sweat
Never forget, the bigger the budget the bigger the debt
You gotta be, willin to rock in the middle of dry and in the middle of wet
But Im willin to bet, on a sway and a tech
They stay in effect, never been a pain in the neck, they gainin respect
Nevertheless I wreck you, now you know what sway and tech do
Ill be back but for now just sackle!!!
Ha ha ha, fresh for 1999 you suckas!!!


The Foundation

Verse 1

When I look you in your eyes I can see my own
Straight love manifested in flesh and bone
You's a breath of fresh air in this world of shit
You was born to be a soldier don't ever forget
Hit back when hit
Use force that's effective
All these bitches and women
Son, please be selective
This is California can't stick your dick in everything
We will survive necessarily by any means
Let no man ever hold you down or supress you
It's the 90's the police just arrest you,
disrespect you on occasion take life
By the time you come of age they'll probably blast on sight
It's a shame they protect them but try to serve us
When your neck is on the line stand ground then bust
In God we trust but just incase keep it loaded and locked
Ready to rock
Then shake the spot
The Foundation

Verse 2

You came from a long line of killers and drug dealers
Who forever smoke bud
So it's probably in your blood
Realize you can only run the streets so long
Then the streets run you into the ground then gone
It's kinda ruff trying to teach you what's right from wrong
Same shit different day
It's the same ol' song
If the time ever comes that I meet my match
Take control of my assets
Fuck startin' from scratch
Take care of your mother
Keep yourself on track
Just cause niggas get behind you don't mean they got your back
Beware of the serpent
Cause there's a time in life the mothafucker will strike
And try to make you loose sight
Don't be a fake mothafucker tryin' to keep shit real
Fill cassettes with idle threats with no guts to kill
Son if you ever pull heat
Then use it
If you got a chance to walk away
Then do it
Total domination takes full concentration in all situations
A solid foundation

Verse 3

You are the foundation
Begining of a new generation
I remember hospital hallway pacin'
I was anxious as fuck to see your face shine
Only to find that yours looked like mine
So it's like I'm livin' twice at the exact same time
In this life you can't press stop
Then press rewind
Gotta live to the fullest never follow behind no man
Have your own plan, expand your mind
Ain't no paper thin game to raise wannabe thugs
This is nothing but love
Via sattelite Muggs
Take heed when it's your turn to bring new life
Make sure it's the woman you gonna make your wife
Be prepared for the worst
But expect the best
No matter where life takes you
Come home to the West
Survival takes more than just gats and guns
That's words to live by
From a father to a son


The Gambler

(feat. anthony hamilton)
Yeah.. welcome.. yeah.. huh.. theres plenty of room for everybody man..
Yeah.. bangin.. come on.. yeah.. look..

Huh, stay in my lane like a hustla
Never hate a motherfucker,tolerate a motherfucker
To a certain extent
When its on, its over
Dont get no chance to get popping
Forgotten about you before your body cold in a coffin
Just another failed attempt, you fall through the cracks
Sure as God made man, the first man was black
The black man made pyramids and gangsta rap
Thats all I know, cuz poppa didnt raise no rats
Face the facts not the fiction
I build my empire from a pocket full of stones
And a fifth of ambition
Niggas wanna ball but they never wanna listen
So instead of coming up, they just, come up missin
My mission is to hit with precision, shake whole continents
Crush niggas confidence, expose my dominance
Without no conflict, youll never have progress
Im sending this one out to all the neighborhoods and projects, Im a

[chorus - a.h. singing (xzibit)]
One shot gambler (yeah) two shot gambler (come on)
Three-time felon with that itch for dough
These madd street (whuttup) got me puffin on dro
Im guilty (what) tryna make a living (work it)
Thirty-eight albums and still no dollars (come on)
And you wanna know why I hit the block for mo? (yeah)
These madd street (uh) got me puffin on dro (uh)
Im guilty .. for tryna make a living

Bitch I aint tryna holler at you (nah)
Im just wanna drink, smoke, fuck and toss a couple dollars at you
Im fightin dirty, Ill take thirty of you motherfuckers
Im throwing cheapshots, low-blows and suckerpunches
Im not for the games, Im not in the mood
Not to be confused with dudes that fumble and lose
Xzibit move when I hear oppurtunity knockin
But ima shoot straight through the door if you comin with problems
Its too crowded at the bottom, too lonely at the top
Aint no inbetween, trust me, like it or not
We gon be here forever like cops and roaches
Do not approach us, ferocious, we pop them toasters, nigga

[interlude - a.h. (x)]
Ima have to hit the block, then around to my hoes
I got a haze, two trays, and a change of clothes, cuz
Pimpin aint easy yall,its too sleazy
Too greasy, and I cant take it easy!


Everytime I try to get out
I get dragged right the fuck back in, its like Im never gon win
Nigga got the whole world on his back
Overeact, matter fact we act like when animals attack
I know, pussy sells faster than crack, ambassador rap
Twist back your salary cap, who fuckin with that?
Welcome to the x games, enjoy my pain
Inhale my smoke, its hard not to cough or choke
Motorola nigga up the old fashion way
This aint rap, this is shit that I was born to say
Though lately I been having dillemas, with insignificant niggas
And half-ass rappers that think they can get it
We the golden state, we keep the whole thing bouncing
Yall move units, we move mountains
Yall rap for bullshit, tryna be on t.v.
We seen you, now we dont like chandra levy, ima



The Game Dont Wait

[g child] (xzibit)
Thats some good dope
Aint nuttin like some good dope
Yeah, umm hmm
Thats some good shit, man
Woooo, spaceketeers
Hey, this is the g-child
We back big baby
Ooo, ahh (ahahh, ahahh)
I think I need a fix
I think I need a fix, man, uh

[warren g]
Warren g, gd up (uh)
Fuck that blaze the weed up
Got a problem? best to ease up
Aint no fightin, I raise the heat up
Gotcha bitch knees up
And by the end of the night, its beat up
You say you eat dicks, then bitch, well, eat it up
But bring a few friends thats x-tacyd up, what

[snoop dogg]
Now all I see is we, lbc, 213
Gs n fleezin, the reason, the season
The clicks off the heezy, mr. warren g-eezy
Gots to make it easy for snoop d-eezy
To come back and drop raps and make snaps so easy
The most haunted, and most wanted
With a pocket full of hundreds
You know how we run it

1- [nate dogg]
You can catch the bus if you runnin (if you runnin)
But, oh, no, the game dont wait
No, the game dont wait
All my homies that next to me hustlin (hustlin)
cause they (the game)
Know the game dont wait
No, the game dont wait (game dont wait)

It aint nothin like a one night stand, a night tan
And a big chest got me feelin like a brand new man
Roll some doe and nigga gimme somethin to smoke
Say she didnt love the status, she just love the stroke
Restless, beat the pussy til she fallin asleep
Athletes trippin off a couple a thousand a week
Just to do the same thang
I didnt even know this bitchs name
She was in my car givin me brain

[warren g]
X to the z pass the m-i-c
Anticipation 213 (ah)
We contimplate (ah ha)
And regulate (what)
Now we got the game tight
Its money ta make (money, money)
The game wont wait but you can wait for the game
Worldwide tour, with skirts screamin our name

[g-child] (nate dogg)
Ya know I can kinda dig that
Because the game dont wait on anybody
Ya know, I need a fix (game dont wait)

[nate dogg]
Shit dont stop because the game dont wait
I got no time for no damn lunch break
I got to go out and buy some brand new clothes
And change my socks fore they reveal my toes
Shit dont stop because the game dont wait
The hookers flock because the dick is straight
Let me teach you what I already know
The shit dont stop, so its time I go (game dont wait)

[snoop dogg]
Youngsta never bite the hand thats feeds you
Proceed to give back to your folks and loccs that need you
We do, we always keep it on the true
213, thats the name of the crew
Its true, that the dirt I did as a kid got me _caught up_
But I was brought up with the m-o if a d-o
So for your info, nigga
I been doin this before I hit the radizzo
Snoop d-eezy is off the heezey
So you can make mine, extra cheesy
The crews a twist cuz it consists of
Three riders, eastsidaz, one love

Repeat 1


The Mad in the Game

The Mad in the Game
(Madden 2001 Theme)

Hahhhh! Yeah!
Ladies and gentlemen, yeah! 2001!

Look I'm better than you and I can prove it
Set up your best defense I run through it
Check out the play by play with John Madden
Xzibit and EA Sports we come smashin'
Yeah! Its all in the game
Let me explain, bringing the fame
You can set it off in the rain, set it off in the snow
Forth down and one to go
Run your own franchise boilin' with team echo
I'm here for one thing to smash the other team
Breaking you down, everything you pass is out of bounds and incomplete
???? unlimited athletes making you stumble and fumble
Your offense in deep trouble


In that field, feel the power! (Yeah, yeah!)
Only thing you hittin' is the ground in the showers (Uhhh)
Playbook full of technique I'm playing for keeps (Yeah)
Mouthpiece, put on your pads and tighten your clets (Ahhhhhhhha!)
In that field, feel the power! (Yeah)
Only thing you hittin' is the ground in the showers (Uhhh)
Playbook full of technique I'm playing for keeps
Mouthpiece, put on your pads and tighten your clets (Yeah)

Check the stats the numbers don't lie
Your quaterback throw lame ducks that don't fly
22 players with a passion to play
Top of Madden football at home always
Brought to you live by EA Sports
Try to rush for the first down but still fell short (Yeah!)
You hear the support from thousands of fans (*crowd cheering*)
Up in the stands pushin' off Superbowl plans
You will contact EA Sports you realize the facts (Yeah)
You might have kicked it off or caught the ball and ran it back
Welcome to the dog house you getting blown out
After the game you see the Madden bus rollin' out
(*Bus driving by*) Yeah!


In that field, feel the power! (Yeah!)
Only thing you hittin' is the ground in the showers (cmon)
Playbook full of technique I'm playing for keeps
Mouthpiece, put on your pads and tighten your clets (Ahhhhhhhha!)
In that field, feel the power! (Uhhh)
Only thing you hittin' is the ground in the showers (Yeah)
Playbook full of technique I'm playing for keeps
Mouthpiece, put on your pads and tighten your clets



The Music of Business

(xzibit): yea. thats what Im talking about
(ras k.): yea
(xzibit): the homie john john up in this motherfucker
(ras k.): yea
(xzibit): mr. x to the z with a public service announcement
For all you faggot ass rappers
(ras k.): whats that?
(xzibit): they think just because a niggas rapping
With a label behind him, its all great
(ras k.): yep
(xzibit): its modern day pimps and hoes going on

Ask epmd, rap is still out of control
Cause hip-hop plus glocks = scott la rock, tupac and biggie smalls
I figure yall niggaz brawl for lack of protocol
Now Im gonna take matters into my own hands, like masturbation
Another 39 suicidal rap is at heavens gate waiting to battle with satan
Rassassination: taking heads like decapitation (ching!)
Trapped in infatuation (really)? back up off me
Kiss my ass. then wake up n smell the coffee
See, when youre broke and unknown, your babys mama clown you
Your family downs you. dont want your own kid around you
You aint shit. dont do shit
Aint gone never be shit. so its quits
Two videos later, shes on your dick (bitch)
When your albums selling, she "dont worry, be happy."
Bragging to her friends: "thats just my babies daddy!"
And sadly, niggaz start acting like they shit dont stink
But wait: you getting cut like the wedding cake
The music business is straight mafioso:
Jewish, italiano, and black
My bmi/ascap platinum placque rap track
Bootleg my shit to japan. at swap meets, sell my same shit back
Long sharks break legs. we break beats state to state
And record deals? that shit belong with a fucked up interest rate

(chorus 2x):
(parish smith sample): music please, music please
(color me bad sample): "why you treat me so bad? "
(parish smith sample): music please..music please
(other sample): "i dont know why baby!"
(xzibit): just handle your business

(verse 2)
Its sort of like the label is the devil:
R&b, pop, gospel to heavy metal
They make doe pimping the ghet-to
Label mates: different rats in the same rat race
The production company is the nigga that you learn to hate
Management is your crimy. your lawyer is your liar
And when your famous but po, you set your accountants office on fire
Its like this: they loan you $1
For you just to break even, they stack $10
When you finally make one dollar, your profit is andrew jack-son ($20)
You skinny. they got plenty. the benjamins? before you see any
They getting gs: big cheese.
No vaseline fucking dope m.c.s, "so freeze"
Call the police chief? it takes a thief
Heres everything you need to know about the record industry,
Like a chief.
cause labels is doing $300,000 deals;
Blowing coke smoke up my ass, but we both know crack kills.
Not very many, rappers ever see a penny
But double platinum is two million units. cds cost $20.
(too true) so heres a clue
Somebody just make $40,000,000 and it sho wasnt you

(chorus 2x):
(parish smith sample): music please, music please
(color me bad sample): "why you treat me so bad? "
(parish smith sample): music please..music please.
(other sample): "i dont know why baby!"
(xzibit): just handle your business.

Want to know the relationship between hip-hop and drugs?
cause professional athletes, black actors, rappers, and thugs
All sleep in the same bed together
Rich black niggaz only kick it with other black people with cheddar
Same lifestyle: legal or illegal
It be us, swinging a three fuck getting skeed up with peanuts
Which leads up to this: a high turnover ration
Groupies turn tricks and be quick to give fellatio.
Mcs get the pussy and fame.
Brothers essex floss with a corporate card
And charge it to the rappers name
But the label owners make all the real money
Just ask david geffrey, barry gordy, russel, or puffy (ching, ching!)
Business? you dont get what you deserve. you negotiate
And everything is renegotiable based on the sales you generate
But hip-hop fans dont buy albums, and, then again, tend to player hate
The rapper that went pop. but before this, I never knew
Skills dont pay the mother fucking bills. money do
Is you stupid? how nice I represent dont pay rent
The r&b ho who jock theo on the radio buy your cd doe.
Rap magazines be screaming they keep it real
But keep it fake on the cover
Pulling tennis shoe and clothing advertisements. no wonder
Like common "i used to love h.e.r."
Now I just fuck h.e.r. with two rubbers

(chorus: repeats until end):
(parish smith sample): music please, music please
(color me bad sample): "why you treat me so bad? "
(parish smith sample): music please..music please
(other sample): "i dont know why baby!"
(xzibit): just handle your business


Three Emcees

Xzibit intro:
Yes yes. ahh ahh. bring it live
Yo its the x to the z from the likwit squad

"one mc" "after" (x3)
"on the mic"- souls of mischief

All that get money take money sound funny
So I stick to my own I can feel it in my bones
These clones and clowns aint really down
Play the background westbound
Huntin down pussy like a bloodhound
Plus I feel that no style is darker than mine
You can stick that into places where the sun dont shine
All you one hit wonders only in it for the spotlight
Spend half a million dollars still dont sound tight
Bring truth to the light
I write rhymes for the under
Blunt smokin bottle crackin all day slumber
Who wouldnt give a fuck if the world fell down
As long as I can twist a fat one and pass it around
Mr. x to the z from the likwit crew
La to elviaire with my man eq
Coming live and direct with your neck like this
Come home and smoke a spliff in the benz with swift
I stay fucked up


Lyrically ingenious my flows are intravenous
Kids are squeamish
When they attempt to refless
Im the apex
Shows get rocked half the words ?
Hold your glock your whole goal is props
Youll never get em
My rhythm just fluctuates
You cant o.d. no matter how much you take
I rush your plates
Crack your lenses clean like benzene
Cool like menthol
My shits the end all
Majorly gain your speed slow your role
You lie and like pinochio your nose will grow
Lets go
Underground compress co
Bust these jewels these diamonds out
But still some of these niggas dont know what we rhymin bout
Mine in doubt
Traversing the earth like zombies
And rocks your dirty laundry
Presented to the world as comedy
Del rips it honestly thats why the girls are found of me
And dont be squandering your little flow
You aint got many
Youre fly spinning
We constitution
You seek contribution from del for usage
Over these acoustics
I take time out for use of
Harkus representing proof in you walkman
Lockin competition out of studios
Everyday I live is like a musical
Create my own score
More funkier than shaft on my musical path


They like "ooh. dont say that."
When its lay doe a dat competition where they at?
I diss em
Steady at the rhythm
Like a pilot I keep you silent
Through the turbulence words will get violent
Mega doses exposes is flagellant composes
All you get is roses on your grave you misbehave
Its the brave courageous lyrically contagious
Spiritually engage with the psychedelic waves of
An egyptian
We rips then
Cover the mic like the sun we eclipsin
Cause no light shine through a flow like mine
Casual might ignite the mic for pastime
With one style older than the sundial
My elaborate connection of words is fun how
I display, dismay this way gettin bissy
Crackers show off the top while Im hittin a j
My immaculate style attackin with nouns and verbs
For the wack it gets foul
Got a full metal jacket off rhymes to press
To manifest under pressure
Past style a lyrical treasure
Never the less I get fresher
Its involital my biological make up composes of flesh and blows
Will dispose of all
When they appear in my crystal ball
I know you wish I fall
"yes yall"



Thunder Lightning

"not havin it"
"my lightning my thunder"
It does not end
"not havin it" "my lightning my thunder"
"not hav--"

Xzibit (lightning) defari (come on) "not havin it"
"my lightning my thunder" "not havin it" "my lightning my thunder"

Look what the wind blew in, a wild west storm
In the form of thunder and lightning
Xzibit be the thunder, defari be the lightning
Crack a sharks teeth when he be bitin
These fakers cant stand it to sell they bandit
Wit silver-tipped lyrics I shoot across the holy planet
Your favorites janet, Im bangin hits thats hard like granite
Surprising these critics cuz thats the way I planned it
Your brain I scanned it, and analyzed your weakness
Youre not creative, niggas like you we call leeches (say what)
(that brother teaches, yep) dont make no big deal of it
I just knows I dont half-step
The after high noon moonshine saloon
Thats where you find a table reserved for x and herut
>from alaska to the mellanys
Dont give a fuck where you look, they feelin likwit emcees

Chorus [tash]
"not havin it"
Xzibits da thunder, defaris da lightning (4x)

Yall niggas speakin out of anger and ignorance
But xzibit got the diligence
Defari sparkin joints in the ligiments
Kill-afornia b-boys who search and destroy missions
Bring the heat to raise the temperature in hells kitchen
Dont get too relaxed and find yourself missin, listen
Shot caller from a whole new position, relieve the tension
Break bread wit my brothers
All the bitches we fuck be hangin out wit one another
And associate my good times wit hennesy straight
Can you relate, or is your heart filled wit hate?
We makin history, get your cameras and roll the tape
Document the moves yall niggas refuse to make
How many fools do it take for me to shut down
To realize likwit niggas aint fuckin around
Feel the shakin underground sound will never provoke
We automatically swing hard and aim for the throat, mothafuckers

Chorus 4x

The ice age couldnt stop me from writin a page
Of lyrical rage to be taken out on stage
Then my frustrations slice emcess wit vocal blades
No dough, no show, no doubt gots to get paid
You listen to the horses *horse sounds*
It make these wack emcees wanna quit and go take college courses
And get a higher sense of learning
Clappin off ? vermin? , bust his spine and be the iodine thats burnin

Put your gun down boy, you get beat like your father did
Debo style, snap your limbs like a crocodile
Nasty, wicked, and wild and ready for the confrontation
You tryin to deliver but runnin into complications
Of course, the work horse, the main source
Either come in quietly or be taken by force
40 dayz & 40 nightz brought the thunder & lightning
Lets both burn sudden and have a clash of the titans

Chorus 4x


Tough Guy

(feat. Busta Rhymes)

[Busta Rhymes]
Aiyyo it's the immaculate conception Busta Bus himself
And nuttin other than the godfather, spectacular X to the Zizzle
That's what the fuck it is, 'nuff said

I wanna see you motherfuckers put your hands up
Stretch bitch like you doin aerobics motherfucker

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]
Thought you was a tough guy? (BOOM!)
When I put one right in ya head, now tell me what you think you is now
(A top dollar biller, a Rottweiler, a killer)
(Slap the shit out a nigga tryin to copy my style)

[Busta Rhymes]
Check it
I got cars (many) switches (many) hoes and (many) bitches
(Many) huh, bodies that's buried in holes of many ditches
(Many, many) homes, plenty chrome up on my whip
(Plenty) stop for you make me run up on your block and cock the semi
Ready, any, nigga front I hold it steady
I (cock) back (pop) the ratchet and spill your spaghetti
HUH! Properties or blocks, we control 'em
(Many, many) glocks know how I kill all your soldiers Freddy
My machete (huh) will cut niggaz like I ain't really like 'em
(Ha!) Then carve a nigga meat deep like I'm killin a bison
HUH! Tyson, animal instinct the way I will beat you
Got (many) shots and (plenty) spots for them bullets to eat you
(Ha!) See through (huh) them holes them bullets'll leave in between you
(Ha!) It seems you, got left to die slow all up inside the venue


Yup! Yo
Orangutangin slangin, I'm hangin over the edge
I rock two 40 glocks, I call 'em Barney and Fred
I stay hungry like I'm only fed water and bread
The king of the castle get at you, screamin off witcha head
Brutal bustin, it's the X to the Z, we chart climbin
You see my name next to that diamond, it's all timin
Hit you in the stomach, with somethin your face and feet'll
be touchin to have your bones start crackin and bustin
To my women who be workin them jeans with fat asses
Rich Itala heels, Roberto Cavali glasses
Come to my hideout, let me pimp your ride out
Hit your backside, tear your spine out and slide out
(HUHHH!) Yeah, cause my grind don't quit
I'm a walkin franchise with them extra clips
I keep the bread roll thick, do lines so sick
that you can cut 'em with a razor blade, sniff the shit, c'mon


[Busta Rhymes]
Yeah, check it
I tell you (no lie) bitch nigga you (gon' die - kill or be killed!)
Or get bodied just because you (walked by - nigga be still!)
'Fore the trigger go off and a (shot fly) and the shit'll be ill
If the shot turn your stomach to a (pot pie) nigga we spill
A little liquor for the homey muh'fucka (WE STILL)
'll make a nigga leak blood, 'til he need a (REFILL)
You try to be a tough guy, and complicate what I build
Somebody don't beat the shit out this muh'fucka (WE WILL!)

Asthmatic, dramatic, fold you like a Kraftmatic
Heavy metal press hittin your chest like a train wreck
Command respect, throw it one time for your set on deck
Niggaz you never forget
I set up precedents, homey you never snitch, hide the evidence
Dummies dig ditches, they dyin for dead presidents
The big screen make 'em seem large like an elephant
But in real life they so soft and so delicate


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