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Bitch Ass Niggaz

Lemme explain to ye why niggaz act like bitches

See, cuz a bitch won't what?
I ain't talking about a woman
I ain't talking about a lady
Or you motherfuckas listening to the album, like,
"Why you always gotta say 'bitch'?"

Cuz you females can see it yourself
There are bitches out there
Like there's punk ass nigga
There's bitch ass niggaz
And there's men

There's ladies
There's hoes
There's women
And there's bitches

Niggaz act like bitch ass niggaz
Cuz they want to jock the nigga that got it going on
Just like a stanky bitch!

A bitch ass nigga is a male ho!
That nigga's backstage
Knocking at the door,
"Can I get in for free?"
No, bitch! You ain't got no pussy!

Bitch ass nigga, what you serving in this equation?
One plus one equal two
That will never happen with me and you.
Bitch ass nigga

Bitch ass niggaz will come to your door
And knock and say,
"Remember me?"
No, nigga, I don't remebmer you
Cuz when I was creating me you told me I would never be me
Not if I am

Here your motherfucking bitch ass is
Saying, "Can I take a free ride"
Fuck you, and your momma for fucking your daddy and having your ignorant bitch

That's a bitch ass nigga


Bitch Please

Yeah.. time to bring yo ass to the table yall
Its x to the z xzibit, yeah (where you at? )
Snoop double-d, uh, o.g. (west coast, los angeles)
What, bringin it live, with dr. dre, what?
{*xzibit makes the "ghetto bird" sound*
Throwin up a big-ass w, coverin up the world right?
Yeahhh! hah, listen look

You aint tryin to hot box with me, I swing hard liquor
Goin down by the second round, all hail the underground
How dat sound? xzibit backin down from a conflict
Fuck the nonsense, terrorist, hidden bomb shit
Glass and metal in every direction
Innocent bystanders taught a very hard lesson
Im the reason theres no time to reach for that weapon
And reason why niggaz with problems keep on steppin
Xzibit ready to scrap, like mike tyson with his license back
Nine to five, minimum wage, what type of life is that
For me? its blasphemy, you fuckin around
With the sundance kid and butch cassidy
You had the audacity to wanna tangle with the x
Strangle your neck, slap you like the opposite sex
Drunk drivin tryin to stack my loot
While other rappers gettin "treated like a prostitute"
So check the soundscan

Chorus one: snoop dogg

All I wanna be was a g, ha
My whole life, nigga please, ha
Breakin off these motherfuckin keys, ha
Lets get these motherfuckin gs, ha
Nigga you dont wanna fuck with this..

[snoop dogg]
Hmm.. aww nah, big snoop dogg
Back up in the heezee bay-bay
You jockin my style, "you so cra-zy"
Dre say, aint +no limit+ to this
As long as we drop gangsta shit
Look here bitch, you fine and I dig your style
Come fuck with a nigga, do it +doggystyle+
Ill be gentle, sentimental
Shit, we fucked in the rental
Lincoln, continental
Hmm, coast to coast, l.a. to chicago
(yeah nigga you know whats happenin man)
I get this pussy everywhere that I go
(these bitches know what time it is)
Ask the bitches in your hood cause they know
(hell yeah, hoes know about a nigga like me man)
I get the pussy everywhere that I go
(I pimp these hoes, nigga, ha ha)
Ask the bitches in your hood cause they know

Chorus two: xzibit

Bitch please, get down on your God damn knees
For this money chronic clothes and weed (look)
You fuckin with some real o.gs
Bitch please
Bitch please, get down on your motherfuckin knees
We came to get the motherfuckin gs
Yeah, you fuckin with some real o.gs
You dick-tease!

[snoop dogg]
Bitch, please! now what you need to do is
Hem my coat, and roll me some dough (freal)
Different strokes (uh-huh) for different folks
Oh, you like settin niggaz up and gettin them locs
A cute lil bitch with a whole lotta heart
Shit gets thick when the light gets dark
She say she gots a lick for me (well hook it up)
Worth about, two hundred gs and thirty keys
Now check this out dre, now if I dont move
Then a nigga like me, shit I dont lose
But you know me, dogg Im movin
Aint nuttin to it, but to get to groovin
You been, waitin on a nigga like me (whas happenin)
To take that chance and rob yo man and beat up the pussy
A victim of the circumstance (yeah right)
Thats the devil, they always wanna dance
See we go out with a bang (bang bang!)
Im tryin to work this cold thang, and take this whole thang
I get the money everywhere that I go (I go)
I bust a bitch and take her money fo sho (fo sho)
I get the money everywhere that I go (I go)
I bust a bitch and take her money fo sho (fo sho)

Outro: nate dogg (repeat 4x to fade)

Aiyyo.. aiyyo aiyyo; you dont wanna step to me
Still claimin d.p.g. - til the day I d-i-e


BK to La

(feat. m.o.p.)
Yeah! aowww, aowww!
Cmon! yeah, yeahhh (yeah) yeahhh, yeahhh
M.o.p.! uhh (x to the z)
Yeah baby, thats right, you know how we do it
One time, x, where you at my nigga?

I spread the hate, like taliban records and tapes
Shoot five times to the sky, gimme some space
I got yall, runnin in place, cut to the heart of the subject
(mash out niggaz!) straight from the gutter you love it
Aint nothin above it, we stomp yall religiously
Watchin paper thugs tryin to hide behind the industry
From here to infinity, love thy enemy
Niggaz got the knowledge but dont know the chemistry
All inside your baseball hat and kneecaps
With baseball bats (til fame hit you with the mini-mac)
Full body black fatigues, lungs black from weed
In black limo tinted suvs with bill

[billy danze]
Still (still) world (world) famous
The underdogs of rap, back to claim this, the fact remain were
Heartless and painless, its dangerous to strangers
That try to change us, knowin were anxious to flame em

[chorus 2x: xzibit + m.o.p.]
[x] huh, you want problems ima bring em to you
[b] we cockin them thangs
[x] yeah, I got a song let me sing it to you
[b] we ready to bang
[x] yeah, you talk impressive, you dont mean it do you?
[b] watch where you aim
[f] get lost in the game, get tossed in the flames, nigga

[billy danze]
You must wanna throw the towel in holmes, its your man b.d.
From n.y.c., the n.y.g. (its)
M.o.p., and x to the z
Is a friend of our family (yeah my nigga)
For you, counterfeit, wannabe hardcore players
I rub you under your face with single-edged razors
Cold street intelligence, o.g.s and rebel men
Grip quick, cock squeeze and level men to settle it
(from l.a. to) b.k., from b.k. to (l.a.)
Persistant and insistant on doin it our way
Do you really wanna fuck with danze? (cmon)
When he comin with them thugs in the van
Double clutch in his hands, my nigga

[lil fame]
Make the world flame! face the fame-ster, part, fame-ster
Yall niggaz akin to God and gangsters
(you see it!) its the m dot, to the o dot, to the p
With x to the z hot, whats happenin?


[interlude 2x: xzibit]
Hunt down, hurt, hang and hate the hater
Watch how you rise, fall and thank me later
Look in my eyes, I should not have to say it
Look alive, these streets is complicated

[lil fame]
You got problems with us? start poppin
I get in yo chest like anthrax, vaccine couldnt stop it
Lets move on em (aoww) must move on em
Rush in, gun-bustin, black seven plus tools on em
Never snooze on em, Im short, havent got room for em
I send you to God with no shoes
Clueless! real gs run this, we rule this
If you wanna get into some gangsta shit, lets do this
(yes sir!) no question, no half-steppin
Streets is my profession, heat in my posession
Hollow-tips is the answer; look around you see the signs
Say "no smokin" but our guns got cancer!

Yeah cause Im not (Im not) what you thought I was
Like my career was gon fade like a fuckin buzz
Raise the stakes high, I solidify
The grip that I keep on shit, get off my dick!


[random ad libs to fade]


Break Yourself

Last but not least we off the leash
The art of war reach for your masterpiece
Feel the release from the phantom bangs you
Snatched off put you in a frame and hang you
Comin at you niggas from a different angle
Arch angel choke hold and strangled
Kay slay the game turn the tables
Get cables, Im kane you abel
Start bullshit, conflicts, labels
Man handled, murder, mangled
Life support cut short we hold court
In the street make a nigga sleep six feet deep
Fuck piece bare back doggystyle
Cement ya feet and hold ya down
Throw you off the bridge and watch you drown
Last one to laugh its over now

Well trade ya six and pancake ya loan
Break ya bitch and take ya doe
Shake ya crys and take it whoa
Layin down the whole dance floor
(break yourself right now)
Open bar free drinks this way
Walkin the west, possin the south
Coke can put these in ya mouth
Hands up jack the whole crowd
(break yourself right now)

Break crash from ya ass so dont rush to bust
Bitches die, cry, and lust for us
Damn it feel good to be platinum plus
Dont fuck wit us cuzz we dangerous
Hold fans like fiends on angel dust
Clean get aways I get out the cuffs
Coast like a sailor you fuckin fucks
I done hand it hard to keep in touch
Dont pop the crys I pop the clutch
Pop one to ya mouth cuzz you talk too much
Way in over ya head you get played
Left holdin the bag like john forte
Built for this all work no play here to stay
The rest get blown away
Built for this all work no play here to stay
The rest get blown away


Neva seen heard felt befo
Wanna rumble wit us just start the show
Fill up the chamber let me go
Out of town before the shells hit the floor
Duck tape ski mask professional
Fuck yall, yall homosexual
Hangin on my dick like testicle
Pop you disappear, "where did he go? "
Pop up some where in mexico
Rotate relate respect the flow
Hospital bed you vegetable
Cant walk cant talk lettin you know
We hit the hardest ask ya ho, at my show
Seen her in the front row
To the back stage in there she blow
There she blew
Then send her back to you (hello)

[hook - 3x]


Carry The Weight

Intro: Xzibit, [J-Ro]

I really wish I could you know at twenty-one
youknowhatI'msayin',he he, yo yo
[I'ma tell you exactly why I do the things
I do, youknowhatI'm sayin']
Gotta carry the weight youknowhatI'msayin'
Go ahead
Yeah! I break it down like this

Verse One:

You see I don't like to remenisce about the past
The lower class, no clout livin' hand to mouth
Each and every wrong move the police keep count
make it real fuckin' easy to get streched out
I was at the funeral when it all began
You know the painful transition from a boy to men
I lost sight of my mother at the age of nine
didn't understand death nearly lost my mind
But see life moves on and broke niggas can't change it
Age ten, new step family arrangement
at thirteen, I started gettin' hair on my dick
And noticed me and my sister were gettin' treated like shit
I would forever be hit with anything in reach
Then my father would proceed to go to church and preach
about forgiveness, patience all the shit that he lacked
Gettin' jump when he said and the head gat cracked
physical contact was in form of a slap
at the age of fifteen Xzibit now hit back
courtesy of my stepbrother, who taught me to scrap
Left the bitch on the ground with her eyes on black
Ran away from the house of Teresa and Nate
Into juvenile detention where I built up hate
I don't remember the date of the judical debate
but legally I was now in custody of the state


And niggas wonder why I sit up in the club and drink
Say what's up to Xzibit and I still don't speak
I'm trying to contemplate the next move to make
Gotta find some way to release this hate

And niggas wonder why I sit up in the club and drink
Say what's up to Xzibit and I still don't speak
I'm trying to contemplate the next move to make
Gotta find some way Xzibit carry the weight

Interlude: Xzibit, [J-Ro]

[Yeah it's fucked up though man]
[The fuck you doin' in jail]
Insane man, I don't know man, he he he
[Yeah wats goin' on down there, gotta get out dude]
Yeah I be out in couple of weeks man
[It's popin' man]
It's cool yo fuck that
[It's popin' out here]
They can go on and on for that
[I'm tellin' you it's popin' man come home]

Verse Two:

And that was worse then the treatment I was gettin' at home
but only now I was fucked up plus all alone
My father talkin' all crazy to me over the phone
Turned age sixteen now on my own
Started running with cats who carried gats cause they had too
with no hesitation lock load then blast you
Without a hastle we in a town of hicks
fuckin' all these chicks
Sellin' rock by the bricks
so we feelin' like we mothafuckin' Nino Brown
At the house when the mothafuckin' man touched down
Screamin' demands "Let me see your goddamn hands (now)"
A.T.F. cause of handguns and contraban
we never kept it in the house
So of course we clounded
Only found one pistol took us all down town
We be out by the end of the afternoon
gettin' drunk on the strip let the system BOOM!
Who would assume Mr. QK would chill with a wife
Ty and Matt caught bodies
Now they spend there life behind bars
catchin' scars that will not heal
niggas don't know the half about keepin' it real

Chorus 1 1/2


Like this
Like this, like that
Yeah! gotta carry the weight
Like this euh!
Bringin live
Yeah! yeah! like this
It's Xzibit
Gotta carry the weight
Like that yo!
Like that yo!


Chamber Music

Verse One:

The official representative, LAC
This is phrophecy manifested by X to the Z
Victory, strike a B-Boy stance in khaki pants
Never get along like red and black ants, advance
When your staring and this concrete that move like liquid
Like a nigga withouth legs, I ain't tryin to kick it
To much to finish, a menace, without enought time
My mind only give punchline, you probably thinkin of the wrong kind
Cause if it jokes, nigga know
The kind that drop on your eyes, your ears, your nose, and your throat
I promote self-defense not dollars and sense
Kick it with scholars and pimps, you just the last part over the fence
Assed out in the open, while you was hopin that Xzibit was second rate
But I refuse to make; just another record in the crate
I think not, got bee-bops
I bring it to your house like pizza

"Today we are on the streets of South Central Los Angelos, a fight for

"We have people that are conditioned not to expect to live past age thirty.
They no longer. Once they no longer care they're extremely dangerous."

Verse Two:

Stand at attention, make sure you keep your piece clean
When I release steam, police crime scenes to guillotines
Hit and decapatate the bird case, featherweight
Critical thinking, while you at water that concentrate
Xzibit crash the gate, heavyweight, box em in
Seal off the exits, then cut off your Oxygen
Xzibit run with a regiment of veterans
I only like to come out Late Night, like Dave Letterman
Time for some medicine, cause niggas bout to get sick
Callin me a hater cause I don't ride dicks
Read my lips, we got problems like Bloods and Crips
Love the sound of clips when I know my shit
Chamber Music, this is for the ones with stone-face
That catch you at the right time in the wrong place
We unsafe, One-fifty-one with no chase and no ice
Take away your life like three strikes

Yeah, come on, Chamber Music

Verse Three:

So now Xzibit got a little money, I think its funny
How motherfuckers think I'm supposed to Cher/share like Sonny
Clarify, you don't work you don't eat, I repeat
You don't eat you get weak, catch a fragile physique
Accomplish more in one day, than you can do in a week
The X-Man, Wolverine, one swing to make the cut clean
And the wrong things manifested in flesh
Fuck the game, I take the test, graduate, pass to the S-Class
Catch a roadrash, all you smell is hash
Chronic mix, bumpin the Liks
And dick you like a Hebron fix
Bear-arm from here to a hundred-tweny meters
Get black-walled, modern day Lee Harvey Oswald
The assassin, brother who came blastin
Take it without askin, rappers is all fashion
Xzibit keep mashing through
Got any lost words? I got two
Drive up, on you like that!

Once again Chamber Music, what what, yeah, what the deal? It's Xzibit.

Get on the ground, get on the ground! Hands on the back of your head, Don'
Move Don't Move! Get on the ground! * beat to fade *


Choke Me, Spank Me

[chorus: girl - repeat 4x]
Choke me, spank me, pull my hair

Cinnamon, with a taste of honey, it aint funny
When she walk in the room, I cant help actin a fool
I know what she like, she act right
She act like she aint gon survive the night
Without my dick all up in her ass, so quick, so fast
I see her twin towers and Im ready to crash
Walk around naked witcha beautiful ass
Who the fuck taught ya how to move that fast?
It took time to perfect the stroke, by any note
Maybe we really dont need to drink and smoke
And just try a new position, perfect your dick kissin
Bang on your g-spot til your (voice is missin)

[interlude: xzibit - repeat 2x]
I dont want to love, you
I just want to fuck, you
You should bring your friends, through
Ill fuck you and them, too


I work hard when Im breakin your back, my lil nyphomaniac
Suck it, swallow it, down the hatch
It aint a game when she givin me brain, she doin her thang
Im up all night but I never complain
I dont, waste no time with makeup lines
I just, look in her eyes and read the signs
A lot of dudes wanna pull on her arm
Cause her ass and titties light up a room like a major city
Just look how she fit in them jeans, it aint fair
She get off too quick, when I pull on her hair
Im the only nigga that can take you there
I aint the only one fuckin and I dont care!
She come through with a couple of friends, a couple bottles of gin
And then, thats where the party begins
And Im the only nigga thats around for blocks
Baby get on top, and dont you stop!


I know you love the way Im diggin it out
I know its hard to talk with all this dick in your mouth
Menage-a-trois, for moi, lets figure this out
I drink your hennesey fifth, lets work the shit out
She dont gotta cheat cause its a waste of her time
Shell never find another dick thats bigger than mine
Hands and knees side by side, I hit from behind
Flip it up, givin a fuck, we fuck all night
Bottom line, when I straighten your spine
Im gon find spots that aint been hit and blow your mind
Get in line, bitches stay on the grind, cause Im on mines
Redecorate your hips and lips and thighs
Aint surprised you can be so pretty and be so nasty
Ass in the air like a pass to grassi
Its a, thin line between hoes and women
And close my dick with a hat and change the linen


[chorus - repeat 2x]


Cold World

[Verse 1: Xzibit]
Justine, 19, just got clean
Fresh outta rehab with self-esteem
She ain't felt this good in a while
A new leash on life, a vibrant thang, a beautiful smile
Used to run with a circle of friends, who was skeleton thin
Sniff white lines off powerful men
But see, all that's a thang of the past, she got class
And be damned if she'd let herself burn and crash
She ain't from money so she startin from scratch
It's hard working for scraps
It take everything she got not to relaspe
Locked down in 9 to 5, but at the 9 to 5
She get sexually harrased and chastised
Boss is a married man, she won't touch him
Frustrated angry man, she won't fuck him
She's out of her job, at Basket Cakes
Least it came wit an 8, 2 lines to the face
God Damn!

It's a cold, cold, world, and you know it
Niggaz will lay you down and take your bread, yeah and you know it
Only two choices, you can give it up or you can just die with it!
Only two choices, you can give it up or you can just die with it, yeah

[Verse 2: Xzibit]
He was on his own, at a very young age
When he learned from the streets, made everything change
See he came up with hustlers, lost his religion
It's funny how money can make a nigga think he livin
I ain't talkin paper like Jigga or Dre
It's more like 7500, 9 ounces of lle'
That's what he say he can get for the flip, they thought the deal was legit
But he stuck him and split, in deep shit
Now his mother work for minimum pay
Live a positive way, she the first one at church every Sunday
Blind to the needs of her son, he's a gatling gun
In the streets, jackin niggaz for fun
It's a non-stop search through the hood, but can't catch him
They found out where mom stayed and went steppin
The evil that men do, but still we continue
With death and dishonor, for the all mighty dollar, it's so cold


[Verse 3: Xzibit]
He was 13, brought up in Baghdad
Ate with his right and made money with his left hand
Prayed to the East, 5 times daily
His mother and father just had a new born baby
Now his father was an Imam who carried the weight
And built his family on 5 pillars of faith
Never trippin off Western ways, it meant nada
Pilgramige to Mecca to circle around Kabba
300 miles away, British troops hit Basra
His cousin waged jihad and died with honor
He heard about the buildings on 9-11
And a man named Bush on a search for weapons
Now here come the U.S., to crush Saddam
Wit 88 thousand tons of missle and bombs
But his family's too broke to move or find shelter
If they all had to die, they would die together and that's cold... damn




[shabaam sahdeeq]
Uh-huh, yeah, yeah, yeah...
As the world turn, cash to earn, falonious burn
We takin ova, its our turn, where the moss burnin?
Clear the path, we get more ass than saddle seats
Steal this wall like the alamo, standoff cowboy style
I draw first, yall sweet like starburst
Bit more than you can chew, handle it, streets scandalous
Dynasty met, no need to pretend, mix liquor, top shelf nigga
With the marvelous blend
Oh you think you the chief now? you know how we get down
You claim to spit rounds but are you hittin shit clown?
Your aim is all off, I make your crew hit ground
Jump in your six nigga, its time to skirt off now
You in the wrong part of town trying to lay law down
Play hard now? my niggaz gonna shut it all down
You cheap like first down got beef like ground round
We move the crowd like a pound of the sweetest indo in town
Sahdeeq and x to the z, yall dead in the sea
We make ya face crack, like them reebok runnin cats
Niggaz be like yo run it back, bitches be like yo thats phat!
Put it down with my fam from across the map

Chorus: shabaam sahdeeq *2x*
Rhyme for rhyme believe me we raw with it
Cash gotta get it, bag a girl when we spit it
Our team win it, drop gems for peops listenin
Put your ears to the concrete, feel the buzz on the street

Yo, yo, this is dedicated to the niggaz that be hatin me
But never can face me, because they scared for their own safety
Replace me? mr. x to the z
Its b.y.o.b. cause all the pussy is free (pussys free)
And everything else is me and my niggaz spreadin the wealth
Cross me Ill introduce you to the devil himself
See Im the motherfuckin man layin over japan
Computer hack through your laptop
Then leave your whole soundscanned (what the fuck? !? )
And watch you panick like the bitch you are
Im the mechanic with a pipe bomb that fits your car
Ka-boom, now I assume your homies wanna retalliate
Set em straight with a thirty-eight, the wrong cat to violate
So watch xzibit and shabaam start to dilate
Anihilate competition, some niggaz got hard heads
And just dont listen, they the ones you find missin
Better get on the right team and play your position
See Im lost, scandalous, finest
Blew your back out because your spineless
Im never makin music for the mindless
Cause Im hard to the core, and Ill never go soft
Just consider us the hitmen thats knockin you off

Chorus *1x*

Yeah, yeah, see Im ready to raise a ruckus
Try to elevate you motherfuckers to the places where the law cant touch us
Walk off on your own or with the aid of crutches
Anyway you want it to happen Im ready for action
You get shot up under my soles, call it fatal attraction
Beat you niggaz till you get it right, like joe jackson
Listen, we here to give the hardcore what they lookin for
At the same time pimp the game like a fucking whore

[shabaam sahdeeq]
In this game here, we got swift handles
Dismantle your chalkboard strategy, check the replay
Here you gets no shine we dimmin your light
Make your heart pump *echoes* when my squads in sight
Shorty got assets and a man that ask bets
Lost it all fuckin round with the dice, you aint nice
You a sacrifice, guinea pig, you dig?
Roast you, get a jokey smurf through the postal

Chorus *2x*



[dj hurricane]
East, west, check this out
Check it, ye-yeah, ye-yeah
East east, west west, south south..

[chorus: dj hurricane]
I got that east coast connect, west coast connect
Dirty south connect, so show some respect
When my niggaz comin through you see we comin correct
Who are you, what you do, who you tryin to threat?

Im the wrong cat to call out; we fall out
The police gon have some dead bodies to haul out
All out in the open for the world to see
Avire-x to the z-i, b-i-t
V.i.p., youre small time, three on three
Cause you cant ball accurately, tackle the beast
Stomp it down, slap it with heat, bitch behave
Shit, we blaze to make a nigga act his age
Im tryin to write the phrase that pays
You kick it with gays, dykes, and all type of wackness
Preach what you practice
Here we seperate the real niggaz from the actors
A&rs, mc searchin, suck my cactus!
Blackness surround your sight and sound
As xzibit hit you and you hit the ground
My chips aint never gon be down, watch me smoke
And flatline the first nigga to cross this line


Its the gipp goodie, we kick the soul slang
To yo block, or they streets, we all gon hang
We like to shine and ride, bump corners in our bumper cars
Top down, with the candy paint job
Import export up and down the highway
Old ladies transportin straight through the skyways
In the corner in the five(? ) I got purple haze
Fat knot short sess with the tree ton(? )
These streets we run, rapper refund
You ridin up but we want yo flows old like girbauds
We hold, everything it takes to create the odes
To north to the west to the south again
If its war that you want just pull the pin
Rules we dont break em, we refuse to bend
If you dont build right you better take yo ass home
Cause some catch stray bullets all alone


[pharoahe monch]
I got the chevy impala shit, street scholar with
Collarless, japanese aikido with, rottweiler mixed
Top dollar dick now, swallow my whole nut rap
Gun in my mouth, pop shit, still sayin, "fuck that"
You have to listen, brew, trapped in a tragic addiction
Styles, multiply like japanese mathematicians
Cut cause chaos - my kicks kill criminals
Im the subliminal adolf
Im the bomb thats attached to the time of a ticker
Figure or swastika
Quicker to pick a form of execution, pull it
Bullet, to the head instead of eletrocution
The rambunctious, bump in yo trunk shit
Totally insane, hurricane with pharoahe monch, gipp
Xzibit the west coast (? ? ) (? ? ) we got
New york wearin slippers and the south wearin hoodies

[chorus 3x]

[dj hurricane]
Ye-yeah, uh-huh, ye-yeah
Give it up, uh-huh (dirty south) ye-yeah, ye-yeah
Give it up, uh-huh, give it up, shake it
Uh-huh, kick it (dirty south) uh-huh
Shake it.. uh-huh, shake it
Cmon, give it up (dirty south)

{*fades out*

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