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Crazy Ho

[Chorus: Butch Cassidy]
I'd leave the girl alone, but the bitch keeps callin me
All day and all night long, she just keeps callin me
She says she'll kill herself if I try to let her go
Somebody pray for me, cause I'm stuck with a crazy ho

[Suga Free]
Comin from a cat, that uhh
believe that if wasn't nobody else in the world to pimp
he'll probably pimp hisself, that's me, Suga Free
Dig that, yeah, again? Uhh X, man, y'know
If I don't slop her man she feel like I don't love her, youknowhatI'mtalkinabout?
This thing takes all kinds of turns and switches and changes, y'know
It's called the P - Steady!


[Strong Arm Steady - 1]
Woman out the wilderness - bitch!
The homies say you got a wildabeast piece
But she a dimepiece, her mind lost, thrown off course
She been divorced twice, overwhelmed by - bad advice
from a past life, she crazy though
Call my telephone a hundred times in a row
I don't know how to let her go
I'm stuck with this ho - pardon me
But she ain't nuttin but the worst part of me
She even threatened to slice her artery
I gotta watch my God Degree
She tried to voodoo the peas and throw her eyelashes in the recipe
Please, it's more than she's spittin in my lemonade
and R. Kelly ain't got the right to sing the hook, like Butch
Yeah, c'mon, spit it


[Strong Arm Steady - 2]
Now since chickens of a feather be cluckin together
And I met her through Aiesha, I shoulda known better
She a pro-fessional charger Laker chaser
The kind that'll lie and say one of 'em raped her (trick)
But she in love with a gangsta
And it's been all trivial since the day that I janked her
Swore she wasn't ghetto but I met her at Fairmont
Shoulda knew she was a gangsta when she said that it wasn't her man's car
- but now she crazy over me
Tryin to OD, cause she can't be with me
She'll, fuck with different sets just to bring you beef
Fake a pregnancy just to get you fo' a G, crazy

[Butch Cassidy]
How much can one man take?
Worried if I leave it's her life she'll take
So I'm stuck here livin life in fear
Situation so severe
I need to change my ways
Pay more attention to her ho-pefully
Thinkin with my dick every night and day
The bitch won't go away

[Strong Arm Steady - 3]
Girl stop screamin
All in front of my house, tellin everybody you not leavin
And just beat it - you're insane
Crazy and deranged and I don't need you
Look, don't make me repeat it
I'ma say it one time, kick rocks or I'ma call the one-time
I shoulda hollered at your sister (aiy)
We went to the same high school, and plus she finer than you
Hey - baby this one's on you
You know it ain't no fun if the homies can't have none too
You dug my man out, your hand's out, askin for help
Hey - go 'head trick, kill yourself, {?}


[Suga Free]
That means you ain't doin it for free
And that's what I'm talkin 'bout, Suga Free
Up in here with Xzibit y'knamhsayin, West coast big style
We really doin this out here f'real homey
Y'knahmsayin, y'all get to know, y'knahmsayin
You'll get to know yo' folks a little bit better too
if you just uhh, recognize this P, y'knahmean?
Y'knahmsayin we respect the hip-hop, we respect the whole 9
Y'knahmtalkinabout pimpin, the bud is greener and the grass is greener
Y'knahmtalkinabout, the pimpin is cleaner and mackin is meaner
Y'knamsayin, DIG THAT
You can be a stand-up ho or a fall-down bitch
And we mean this out here on the West


Criminal Set

[helicopter flying overhead]
"Outside the South Central area, few cared about the violence
because - it didn't affect them." - Tom Brokaw

"Break 'em off somethin" - [Ice Cube]

"Back to the criminal set... but they can't catch me yet" - Ice Cube
Don't trip you might break your neck {"break 'em off somethin"}
And get wet from the reign of the tec, I {"break 'em off somethin"}
"Back to the criminal set... but they can't catch me yet" - Ice Cube
Your gum bumpin gon' lead to gun bumpin {"break 'em off somethin"}
I'm the one when the party is jumpin to {"break 'em off somethin"}

I heard the O.G.'s they don't hit
And I'm the only one left from the West that you can't fuck with
But lately I've been feelin like Will Smith
Why bother with rap when I can get 20 mill' on a flick?
Y'all niggaz just started some shit, the underdog
Makin songs for them hogs, and them Bloods and Crips
For the shah by the mall with a Muslim scent
After all, who do you call to rock your shit? {"break 'em off somethin"}
Bust the ghetto bird, circle above, reminisce
of the dust kicked up, the dirt swept under the rug
Duct tape, ski-mask, tape recorders
Cue Kaze, ready to blaze and bakin soda
First learned how to cook in a coffee pot
Made the block get hot like lava rock
Got love for the block cause I came from that
But I ain't afraid to go right back {"break 'em off somethin"}


It's a, suicide it's a suicide
If you ever get the heart to try fuckin with mines
No change, I'm poppin the nine, you ridin the pine {"break 'em off somethin"}
The heavy metal knock you out of your mind {"break 'em off somethin"}
Now how many really gon' ride, when the war start?
Eaten alive by these hollow-tip darts
My 12 gauge'll tear you apart, don't get caught at the light
the house party or the neighborhood park
Mr. X marks the spot then pops the mark
Turn your whole neighborhood to a parkin lot
I paid the cost to be the boss
and will do my time standin up 'til I get an appeal
These weapons too real to conceal, so why bother
Semper fidelis, I learned from my father
I always stay faithful to myself and grow
But when I catch that ass after the show - {"break 'em off somethin"}


I'm slick and slippery
On a high-speed chase all the way to the victory
Y'all niggaz is stone cold mysteries
Too weak, can't stand in the ring with me
Put a pussy back in his place, straightlaced
With a Strong Arm Steady gang up in your face
I run a race with the West to my back
While you're the reason why they say niggaz in the West can't rap
Ever since the white Concourse 'Llac, I've been unmatched
A avalanche in the hood on attack
Just hardcore actual facts, never wait
Just react when them killers come at you with gats
Had to dig the knife out of my back, now I'm back on track
Hittin laps, 'bout to widen the gap yo
It ain't the long fall from the top that got 'em
It was the sharp sudden stop at the bottom, haha {"break 'em off somethin"}



D. N. A

[x] drugs-n-alkahol baby! ahhh!
[s] uhh.. mm thats funky.. ohh!

Huh, Im mr. what-the-fuck-you-lookin-at
Im mr. quick-to-run-and-get-the-gat
Treat you like the hoosd like a diplomat
Xzibit used to push a llac, now Im range rovin
Takin over never sober, bear witness like jehovah
Enemies fall like october
Restless standin tall like a soldier
We thick like the first motorola brick cellular phones
Cut to the bone, celebratin "dre day"
Love it or leave it alone (ha hah)
Just consider me the heir to the throne
The lifestyle of the savage and well known protectin my owns
Rolling stone bringin it home, time for transition
Dont talk too loud, you might find yourself missin
Look into my eyes, all you see is will to survive
By any means, retreatin to the phillipines
To meditate, liftin train like a heavyweight
Hit you and run with a california license plate

[chorus: xzibit + snoop]
[x] when yall niggaz stop actin like bitches
[x] bitches stop actin like niggaz we can all clock figures
[s] hoes on my dick, niggaz on my dick
[s] they all on my dick, fuck that shit!
[x] when yall bitches stop actin like niggaz
[x] niggaz stop actin like bitches we can all get riches
[s] hoes on my dick, niggaz on my dick
[s] fuck that shit! we can all get rich!

[snoop dogg]
Doggy dogg is bout to blow up
All.. these snoop dogg haters need to slow up, sho nuff
Know what? x, the game is gettin sewn up
But Im speedin em up and leavin em
Im buckin em til they bleedin bruh
Hold up, fuck that, you tryin to get swoll up
By the mic controller, clip reloader
Frozen exposure, condos of a composer
Sick like a bowl-of, a bowl of deez nuts
Fuck him up, cross him out, then toss him out
With the stamp on his head, nigga dogghouse
Nigga Im universal crackin down south (ya heard? )
Poppin my collar with my dick in your girls mouth, ha ha
You act like you a dude you get smashed on
Full out my bitches with your fucked up attitude
Nappy-head hoes, worse than bitch niggaz
I treat em all the same, bitch check yo game!


With the flick of a wrist, send you deep into the abyss
I dont pop cryst, but will pop a nigga with this
Made my way to the top of the list, raised your fifth
Anything to keep it movin make it harder to hit
We survive when you thought we was finished and done
Lookin over my cold shoulder is attila the hun
The gatling gun, guillotine, don kings american dream
Since sixteen, shoulda been a marine
Makin the whole scene collapse, millenium raps
Why fight for scraps, relax and take the whole plate witcha
The penny pitcher with a whole lot of come and get ya
You gettin my picture or do I have to let em hit ya? huahh!
Feel the adrenaline rush whenever I bust
Got eyes in back of my head
The people the I trust is just like me
Full of spite with very large appetites
Im too complex to break down in black and white


[snoop dogg]
(ah-ahhh!) niggaz, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, ahhh
Yes.. x to the z, d-o-double-to-the-motherfuckin-g, oooh-wee!
Ahh.. this shit funky right here my nigga
Yeah, +open bar+ nigga, we gettin fucked up
Three four in the morning, aint no time limits
Huh huh, you aint tryin to hotbox with us nigga
Roll some x, yknow!
Ahh.. niggaz, bitches, niggaz, bitches
Niggaz, bitches, niggaz, bitches
Niggaz, bitches, niggaz, bitches
Niggaz, bitches, niggaz, bitches
Niggaz, bitches, niggaz, bitches
Niggaz, bitches, niggaz, its all the same though


Don't Approach Me

[X] Pssh, man I need a lighter man
[E] Right here
[X] Yeahhh.. whassup Slim?
[E] What's crackin?
[X] Hit this shit
[E] Ssshhit I almost hit this motherfucker today
[X] Psh, is that right?
[E] What is it with motherfuckers thinkin that..
[E] {*SIGH*} because we're in the spotlight or whatever that..
[E] they can do or say whatever they want to us
[E] and that we won't retaliate
[X] Protect my motherfuckin self, by ANY
[E] Right?

[Chorus 2X: Eminem]
Cause you don't know me, I don't know you
So don't approach me, I won't approach you
And don't insult me, I won't insult you
Cause you don't know what I will or I won't do

Make no mistake, I'm the Golden State heavyweight
Bein underrated gave me time to create it
Can you relate? I renovate, straight out the gate
Carried my weight, but seem to receive nothin but hate
Millionaires snatchin crumbs off my little son plate
Kidnapped, locked in a trunk, get shot in the face
No hoes, no clothes, no one showin up for my shows
You know how it goes; I might as well kick it at home
But my baby momma hate my guts and can't stand me (yeah)
Packed up, moved out, started a new family
So all this strugglin for what, so I can blow up
marry a slut but can't watch my seed grow up?
FUCK THAT, this the fuckin thanks I get
for tryin to edutain assholes and feed my bitch
Yo I feel like my whole life is upside down (upside down)
cause you seein more support than I'm seein my child
It's like..

.. everyday I wake up, another drama
It's a wonder I'm alive, survivin this karma
If I can hold on to my private life for five minutes longer
I migh


Don't Let The Money Make You

Intro: [an interview with xzibit]
[i] I want to ask you, what is more important to you guys?
All the money that you guys are talkin about?
Or the artform? or, what is more important? the lyrics?
Or the leather sized stuff?
[x] I think, what we tryin to do is device a way that the
Artform and the money is like on a equal level.
You know what I mean, that, that like he said, is a fine
Line where gotta pleas the crowd or pleas the artists
That are listenin to you. and pleas the real hip-hop
Underground people that, that, that is looking for that
You know, that real shit. its only a certain way that
That you can go up and doin it

Verse 1: [xzibit]
Xzibit keep it on deck
Live, vinyl, cd or cassette
Whatever you select
I keep you bouncin like a bad cheque
See I should have a trigger tattooed on my neck
To represent the heat that I repeat
Now you can take the highs out of the beat
But never take the rucked out of the rhyme
Or tribalize, look into the eyes of the emotional
Your whole style is promotional
A dead giveaway to me is just another business day
Xzibit here to stay
My life, a tribute to the a.k,
You wanna play
A situation only one man can walk away from
The same way he came
When I spit flame, it spits flames like your middlename
So why do I say fuck the fame
Because it come and go
The industrys a pet without refused to be that gigolo
I put the dope in, got fos and tatoos
Niggas make ya money
But let the money make you

Hook: [king t] x2
We make, make money, money
Takes money to survive
The meanin of life with statted chips is stay alive
Cause its all about the c-notes
Gonna be fuckin when youre rollin this too
Dont let the money mak


Double Time

Watch me watch me, bonafide hard copy
Hip-hop nazi dispose of the Liberace's
Extra extra, enjoy the lecture
from Hannibal Lector, now rewind selector
Bounce it bounce it, smoke by the ounces
Tan leather couches, niggaz that own houses (yeah)
Testing testing, treat you like a nigga
locked down for child molesting, I'll fuck you up punk (yeah)
Listen listen, never ass-kissin
Too much ambition, I'm hotter than Hell's kitchen (sssss)
Enter enter, the rhyme inventor
Front and center, bypass that ass like a sprinter
Get it get it, custom fitted
Dedicated to (?) one of the best that did it, huh
Terror terror, trial and error
Makin my name reign supreme and live forever

Keep it movin movin, keep it goin goin
Keep it movin movin, keep it goin goin
Keep it movin movin, keep it goin goin
Keep it movin movin, keep it goin goin
{*repeat Chorus again while Xzibit raps*
If y'all ain't givin a fuck
like Xzibit ain't givin a fuck then just throw your hands up
Double time, two times for me
Bring it live from the L.A.C., Mr. X to the Z

Liar liar, pants on fire
I won't stop rockin 'til I retire
Golden golden, State dominate this
Destroy the Matrix, that forever in the crate shit
Light it light it, please don't fight it
You're all invited, when we kick off the next riot (Welcome!)
Bust it bust it, get your crops dusted
Everybody off of the bus that ain't fuckin - NOW!
Spin it spin it, all up in it
For sale, one female, slightly dented (ha hah!)
Niggaz niggaz, political figures
Problem givers, fuck all those that ain't wit us (heh)
Rebel rebel, shoutin at the devil
Me and you faggot got some shit to settle, then
Kill 'em kill 'em, let slugs fill 'em
Smash through the club in Meoshe denim, yeah!


Deadly deadly, bump this deadly medley
in whatever you rollin, even if it's stolen
Takin takin, your spot is the X man (YEAH!)
The heavy hand give a fuck about the next man
Digital digital, high tech respect
while the rest regress, burn out like a cigarette
Break it break it, stripped down naked
Tied up in a trunk on the way to Las Vegas (yeah)
Chokin chokin, you need to stop smokin
Motherfuck on that! Blaze a sack!
Rollin rollin, foldin bank
My first show was in the motherfuckin holdin tank, c'mon



Down for The Count

[rah digga]
Yeh, check it out now (uhh uhh uhh)
Rah digga yall, dirty harriet (uhh!)
Kweli, xzibit, new millenium! (cmon, check it)

[all] one, two, three, four
[rah] grimy bitch stomp the bogey outside your front door (yeah)
Puffin on goodie, eatin tuna and rye
Blow the spot with some old school shit from junior high (heyyy!)
[all] one, two, three, four
[rah] jerseys finest in the house, punchlines and metaphors
Make your foul ice grill, thug grimy on the real
Puttin heads to bed like hennessey and nyquil

[rah digga]
Convertible style, still had the heat knockin
Bumpin shit from way back with my man beatboxin
Shootin the breeze - see Im nice with these
Youll be suckin it down like fast food high-cs
Type of rap bitch that love underground classics
Gettin more green than that nigga st. patrick
Makin wack rappers go and merc the set {*dial-up sounds*
Better off behind a desk tryin to surf the net
Cause I be adamant, kill em when my joints get added in
Worse than boric acid in your project cabinet
Dirty harriet, increase the fanbases
Leavin non-writin cats stuck on the plantations
Mini-skirts with tights, eatin lunch with whites
Leave the party over here like they israelites
Got cali brooks critics, ta kwe(? ? ) xzibit
Gonna rock shit down like he cant get no visits

[all] one, two, three, four
[t.k] rock the whole world like the rolling stone tour (ah-ahhh!)
Raw your wack set is faker than a bomb threat
By a nervous terrorist whos so scared that his palms wet
[all] one, two, three, four
[t.k] the stuff legends are made of, urban folklore
Like jim morrison we break on through
Before I care about your take on me, we take on you

[talib kweli]
Yo, yo, yo
We bring it straight to your face from the start, yo
Rage against the machine, break it apart
Might be over your head, but its straight from the heart
I show my love in the light while yall hate in the dark
Straight to apocalypse is where Im takin the art
Givin niggaz battle scars, always makin my mark
You fakin the part of gangster, til niggaz break in your spot
You straight bitch whether I say it or not
Shit is hot, spittin flames on the track
Put our towns names on the map
From now until we fadin to black
Where we at? thug rebels love metal clubs ghetto
When the slugs let go like frankie beverly
Forever we stack notes like the treasury, flow heavenly
Get you high on speech laced with obscenity
Niggaz be gassed like cipher sounds, and need rescue remedy
Then fall the fuck off like limbs affected with leprosy

[all] one, two, three, four
[x2z] why the fuck cant mcs mc no more?
Hardcore til somebody put me under the ground
With a dick in your ear, still couldnt fuck with my sound
[all] one, two, three, four
[x2z] takin me straight to the weed spot, then to the liquor sto
"gimme some mo" like busta bus, who do you trust?
Swingin through, your favorite neighborhood lush

Im i-rate, usin your body for live bait
Xzibit rockin them heavy gems you cant take
Dilate, cock back the weight, spread hate
Heavy metal we settle and set shit straight
Hit gates in my younger days, from the policeman
Me and my clan used to dance thicker than quicksand
Supply and demand the hand is quicker than the eye
Find some chickens to fry, while you find it hard to stick to your lie
I see through the tricks, destroy the facade
Your little lungs is too weak to hotbox with god
Rah digga, first lady of the flipmode squad
Gotta be hard like a young nigga walkin the yard
For the first time, we aint the niggaz you let shine
Expect mines to blow lines like coke everytime
Im an alkaholik nigga so I finish the fifth
You at the front door bitchin because you aint on the list

Its like
[all] one, two, three, four..

Yeah (ohhhhhhh) hehehe (aight yall, aight yall..)
Yeah (here we go)
[all] one, two, three, four..


E Lucean Le Stelle

Trunk shit

Burnin motherfuckers to the third degree
Burnin all the way to four when its time for an encore
Hardcore, unexplanable like the trinity
Taking out the enemy with double shots of hennessey
And aint no such thing as a survivor
Seal the blunt with saliva set it on fire
While I dominate brainstorm like mcgyver
I make fakes deteriorate like richard pryor
Now whos the liar, whos the man with the answers
Am I the xzibit or breakin down like branches
Tryin to survive in this high price of livin
Thats only most niggaz is dead or in prison
And a whole new style of livin

We are at an all time low like jacques cousteau
We got the minors and the majors and I just went pro
Im like shadrac meshack abendago
Its way too hot niggas gotta shake the spot
We put you all up in knots but yo its all for a reason
As long as Im sweatin and breathin its open season
On any emcee that flash his brights in my gunsights
In the shade, paid, from the bitch-made
Took the test made the grade now we in the cut
You cant handle the static you dont wanna turn it up
Your eyes my shine, teeth may grit, and all of that shit
But you still wont step so come next
To a whole new style of livin

Burnin motherfuckers to the third degree
Burnin all the way to four when its time for an encore
Hardcore, unexplanable like the trinity
Taking out the enemy with double shots of hennessey
And aint no such thing as a survivor
Seal the blunt with saliva set it on fire
While I dominate brainstorm like mcgyver
I make fakes deteriorate like richard pryor
Now whos the liar, whos the man with the answers
Am I the xzibit or breakin down like branches
Tryin to survive in this high price of livin
Thats only most niggaz is dead or in prison
And a whole new style of livin



Yeah!!! aowwww, aowwww!

[chorus: repeat 2x]
Sometimes Im my own worst enemy
With friends like yall, the fuck needs enemies?
I beat, I stab, I kill my enemies
Refuse to let you waste my energy

I heard they callin me a immigrant; well this motherfuckin immigrant
Came to yo city and started runnin shit
X is like the government, taxin that ass
Been harassed to the point that Im ready to blast
And spend the rest of my life behind metal and glass
Never seen a nigga move so fast, cut you in half
Sick of all these threats, these bitches with no action
Hog-tie, watch you die and start laughin
And no longer will I sit back and let you disrespect the fact
That we elevated west coast rap
And bring shit back to the point "x" is all that they checkin for
In the clubs, the streets, the shows and the record stores
What more can you ask for, eat your heart out
Fall out with bitch niggaz constantly callin my name out
Im really not givin a fuck, youre pressin your luck
Im a walkin warhead ready to self-destruct, so what? !


My name feel like a slap in the face
My name feel like a gat in yo waist
My name is all over the place
Erasin all misconceptions
I live my whole life with aggression bitch;
And Im not stressin
Your words aint workin I feel so much pressure
Padlock, chain around, neck no lesser
Sick of niggaz runnin they mouth
It dont take much to get knocked out, round these parts when I start
Shit full clips get emptied, revenge we
Move like the secret service, I aint nervous
I just wanna tell the truth.. the whole truth
When Im on the stand explainin how I had to shoot
Absolute domination, extreme mutilation
No hesitation, Im a movin violation
So dont get hit in the street
Used to have friends and family, now I got nothin but beef
What the fuck? !? !


So-and-so hate me, blah-blah gon get me
If I gotta go, yall niggaz comin wit me
Ima walk like a soldier, talk like a soldier
Cinderblock stock, shootin straight from the shoulder
Just too much shit in the air
Burn bridges you could never repair
I slap box with a bear
I can speak from experience, you speak from ignorance
I remove you, have your whole family feelin it
Yall hate the fact that x-man got hustle
"man vs machine," mind vs. muscle
I drop concoctions, you leave me no options
Have your bitch screamin out, "somebody stop him!!"
No more mr. nice guy, Im a tyrant
L.a.s finest, open bar behind us
Dont look hard, it aint too hard to find us
From here to infinity, fuck my enemies!

[chorus - repeat 2x]


Enemies and Friends

Rule Number One
Always be aware of your surroundings
And peep all exits
Stay and move to the next shit
Rule Number Two
Love no one that don't love you
And if the shit come down
Then you know your way around
Rule Number Three
Realize it ain't about size
Or havin' gats and guns
Because it only takes one
Handle your business
Don't let your business handle you
It's a lot of motherfuckers tryin' to do
What you're doin' right here, right now
Same color, same style
Tryin' to claim worldwide
And ain't traveled but one mile
In these shoes, I paid dues
With nothin' to lose
Live by the rhyme
But I'ma die by the booze
Xzibit breakin' down niggas
Who got somethin' to prove
Here we are face to face
Nigga make your move
You're in the wrong place
But at the right situation
Cause i was waitin
Hotter than Satan, never perpetratin


I treat my enemies like friends
So I can reach out and touch
Leave'em in the dust at the very end
You now tuned in to Hennessy and Gin
Ice cold Heinekens and down for whatever skins
Animosity you can reach out and touch
Heavy right handed
Teeth grind like a clutch
And plus you ain't never had this much
Too many friends too close
You might collapse from an overdose

I was raised to never follow after no man
To be my own man
So I can die by my own hand
And never knowin' what the next day can bring
So I gotta make the ends
Justify the means
Yo, I'm on the scene, here to do my own thing
Can't never spend a lifetime
Chasin' after dreams
I got the right shit
For all the wrong reasons
As long as I breathin'
Niggas change like seasons
Never trust a man
Who can't look you in your eyes
Only the strong survive
And that's word to the wise
Yo, when dead bodies get outlined in chalk
Everybody should walk
Cause real killers don't talk
I ain't really concerned
How many bridges you burned
I extinguish your flame
And take aim at your brain
Givin' ligament pain
To have you walkin' with a cane
Wantin' money and fame
You got your fuckin' self to blame
And that's West Coast rhyme
Without no gimmicks
Here come Xzibit to break it down
Like a chemic
I'm spreadin' like an epidemic
And all good things come to an end
Enemies & Friends


I don't give a fuck
About the set you claim
Xzibit easily dispersed like crack cocaine
See I lent my shotgun to Kurt Cobain
And the motherfucker never brought it back
Ahh, that's wack
As a matter of fact
This one nigga tried to jack
My squad had his ass
On the run like track
Never knowin' who to trust
In this shit called rap
Here to let you know
My sound surrounds like dat
Never half step
Or play the role like DeNiro
Y'all niggas wasn't down
When we had less than zero
Fuck tryin' to be a hero
Tryin' to save some bitch
Mr. X to the Z
Never play that shit


Yes, 1996, yes
Bringin' it live from the Westside
This is X to the Z
These niggas don't know
These niggas ain't ready
Yo, Mr. X to the Z
From the Likwit Crew

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