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Eyes May Shine

Yeah yeah
Look, you could've got away but your response wasn't quick enough
Can't preserve life 'cause the best wasn't thick enough
Teflon, Napalm, Homicide scenes
These are a few of my favorite things!
But I ain't Mary so ain't a damn thing poppin
Only death disease and a whole lota palm trees
Not only for mics, Xzibit is a way of life
Until my death so I celebrate success
Best of the best wouldn't test these waters with a yacht
Sendin' sixteen shots across your parking lot
All up on your proximity drinking Hennessy
Holdin down ground like the Statute of Liberty
So nobody ever can rush my spot
And the torch stay lit so I ain't worried about shit
It ain't where your from it's al about how you represent!
Unfamiliar faces better know who your fuckin' with

[Chorus]: (2x)
Eyes may shine, Teeth may grit
And all of that shit
And you still won't step
So what's next?
All of a sudden you ain't sayin nothin
[You Better off buckin yourself]
[You need to stop frontin]

I'm only comin' through when it's time for collection
Xzibit forever nasty, spread like infection
Ain't no protection ever made by man to withstand this punishment
In other words runnin' shit
Keep your eyes wide cause the style gets darker
I make papers and see more new cars than Bob barker
'Cause if the price ain't right then it's time to take flight
Let the piece go twice to make sure you see the light
Plus I'm dreaded not by the locks but by the cops
And flocks of females that only think with their croth
Unlimitted smoke
The bonified cut throat Columbian neck tie
Now don't you look fly
I'll leave you there to be discovered by your mother
Or maybe your brother or your boty boy lover
No matter your backround Xzibit never backs down
Be prepared for static and semi automatics in your grill

[Chorus]: (2x)
Eyes may shine, Teeth may grit
And all of that shit
And you still won't step
So what's next?
All of a sudden you ain't sayin nothin
[You Better off buckin yourself]
[You need to stop frontin]

Everything that come around go 3.6.0.
Longtitude and latitude
It's alll in the attitude
I'm in the mood to put a twist on things
Xzibit here to rock the planet 'till the fat bitch sings
The shit is closer than you think
Don't blink it might be over in a matter of seconds
I'd like to say this off the record
But it's not
So I testify to the fact
Chronic mixed with the Yak make a hellified contact
It makes it real easy to trip
Unload the whole clip on your block then split!
Aint no answers to the test you taken
Never move fakin'
Can't be shaken'
From my solid foundation like this

[Chorus]: (2x)
Eyes may shine, Teeth may grit
And all of that shit
And you still won't step
So what's next?
All of a sudden you ain't sayin nothin
[You Better off buckin yourself]
[You need to stop frontin]



Yo, turn it up a little so you (Focus)

Homeboy I ain't never gon let em take me under
I maintain with a mindframe to bring the rain and the thunder
Fast 5 days straight to meditate, build hunger
and focus(focus) on the days and times(focus) that approach us

Verse 1
Bad seeds is planted to grow large and toke us
Whatever is left will be eaten alive by the locusts
Hear me not, believe me later
You can feel the animosity through this Irwin Vega
A full clip to make this bullshit stop
I'm in the struggle to bring the underground to the top
Head lock, Las Angeles, home of the scandalous
And beautiful bitches, smell the aroma
Nothin but doja, the Likwit soldier
Quick to fold you in half, sit back and laugh at you
Xzibit standing firm ground like a stone statue
You ever have a .45 slug blown at you?
We unstoppable, so everything is possible

Xzibit maintain focus till the casket drop
That's (focus) the only to survive and stay on top
Fast 5 days straight to meditate, build hunger
And focus(focus) on the days and times that approach us

Verse 2
Be on the lookout
Cause this year some niggas gettin took out
Takin off of the scene
Man versus machine
I live between a rock and a hard place
About face stand straight
This is General X
Dedicated to the critics that hope and pray
That some day I'll go soft
And try to swing with a gimmick and fall off
Runnin with dogs you can't call off
Isolate to eliminate
That's the mind state
Never violate
I make your whole chest dialate
Defeat my appetite to annhilate
I carry the weight from state to state
Spread the product
Tired of friends and relatives gettin shot up
It's time for some action like Redman and B-Real
Cause I can be a dead man if I stand still
Too close for comfort, I'm under the gun
Like a felon going back
I'm ready to crack
Making niggas role the credits and fade to black
fade to black fade to black fade to black


Yeah, everyday of my life
Got clear thinking, and everything stay tight
Drop bomb shit
Only bomb shit
Here come Xzibit to break it down like this




Verse 1

When I look you in your eyes I can see my own
Straight love manifested in flesh and bone
You's a breath of fresh air in this world of shit
You was born to be a soldier don't ever forget
Hit back when hit
Use force that's effective
All these bitches and women
Son, please be selective
This is California can't stick your dick in everything
We will survive necessarily by any means
Let no man ever hold you down or supress you
It's the 90's the police just arrest you,
disrespect you on occasion take life
By the time you come of age they'll probably blast on sight
It's a shame they protect them but try to serve us
When your neck is on the line stand ground then bust
In God we trust but just incase keep it loaded and locked
Ready to rock
Then shake the spot
The Foundation

Verse 2

You came from a long line of killers and drug dealers
Who forever smoke bud
So it's probably in your blood
Realize you can only run the streets so long
Then the streets run you into the ground then gone
It's kinda ruff trying to teach you what's right from wrong
Same shit different day
It's the same ol' song
If the time ever comes that I meet my match
Take control of my assets
Fuck startin' from scratch
Take care of your mother
Keep yourself on track
Just cause niggas get behind you don't mean they got your back
Beware of the serpent
Cause there's a time in life the mothafucker will strike
And try to make you loose sight
Don't be a fake mothafucker tryin' to keep shit real
Fill cassettes with idle threats with no guts to kill
Son if you ever pull heat
Then use it
If you got a chance to walk away
Then do it
Total domination takes full concentration in all situations
A solid foundation

Verse 3

You are the foundation
Begining of a new generation
I remember hospital hallway pacin'
I was anxious as fuck to see your face shine
Only to find that yours looked like mine
So it's like I'm livin' twice at the exact same time
In this life you can't press stop
Then press rewind
Gotta live to the fullest never follow behind no man
Have your own plan, expand your mind
Ain't no paper thin game to raise wannabe thugs
This is nothing but love
Via sattelite Muggs
Take heed when it's your turn to bring new life
Make sure it's the woman you gonna make your wife
Be prepared for the worst
But expect the best
No matter where life takes you
Come home to the West
Survival takes more than just gats and guns
That's words to live by
From a father to a son


Freestyle Ghetto

(see look look)
I grab the mic and start breakin down niggas
Wit out no problem
Broadcastin live from the bottom/aint no mic checkin worse/
Kick some rhymes if you got/but if its wack
I draw back the cap for the peelin
Should of stuck to rock dealin
Cuz its the blood stealin/super vill..
Chill..stayin high like the ceilin
See there aint enough room for the both of us
See its a showdown/throw down
Your best style Ill bust
(yo)i write rhymes that make niggas throw they sets up
Couldnt hold my style if you had a pair of handcuffs
In all disrespect
Ill snatch you by your neck
And do a suplex and step
So nigga you can check my credentials
Just hard rhymes and instrumentals
Xzhibit smash you wit a dental
And a loaded pistol
No longer lookin in the window
Ill bust a field wit indo
Killin quarts of beer
Sadies outta here...

Verse two: mc breeze

Like a fuze/start spreadin the news
Its 94 and breeze is givin niggas the blues
I paid my dues/and now its time to go on to the next mode
Make room for the kaboom/cuz Im about to explode
And drop bombs like a b1/cops I seize none
And niggas step up/i soak emcseason
3 seconds to detinate/you betta evacuate
No time to hesitate/you fuckin featherweight
I aint the type to pic up the mic
And catch the stage fright
Ill pull a gauge if I aint paid right
To the promoters on tour
Short me a buck and a buckshot and the barrel is yours!
Im psycho pathic like manson
Aint wit the dancin
But still I get more cheers than ted danson
More dough than marino or roles than pacino
You beatin me? thats only in your dreams ho
Im not sayin Im unbeatable/im sayin Im untouchable
Livin comfortable just like a huxtable
Plus Im rollin wit the cross roads
Movin fast foward/while you other suckas
Stuck in a pause mode
I goes deep like a great white
But Im a stay black
No matter how high the pay stacks
Or if my rep gets bigger
You might get take this nigga out the ghetto
But not the ghetto out this nigga.....

Verse three: j-ro, tash

For the balls basketballs
Microphones gassin grass(hey)
Some of the few things j-ro likes to pass
93 mandingo/94 Im the pharoah
Cuz Im b-bbad to the bone marrow
I get wild
Wit more styles than the martial arts
I need weed
I roll more grass than golf carts
April 92 you no the ro was a looter
Now Im writin raps on my lab-top computer
J-ro the tittie fiend/rap dean/wearin green
Been on the scene/since the age of 13
I learned I had to earn the mic
Nows my turn
I got furious styles like larry fishburne...

Wit da bitches tunin me in
Like its the young and the restless
Next up to bust my shit
From the l-i-k-ss
Yes its the freshest
Wit lyrics rough around the edges
Ill smoke you on the mic
Like a pack of benson hedges
But..hold up wait
Ill bust rhymes thatll circulate
Thatll wake yo punk ass up like mc eiht
Cuz I be rockin rhymes
Since the roof was on fire
So point me to the bitch whos the dopest butterflyer
Ill make her break it down like she patra when I catch ya
Broadway is on the tables
While I throw these lyrica atcha
So....slow down before ya fuck wit my sound
You betta do the hokey pokey
And turn ya self around...


Front 2 Back

[Xzibit - repeat 3X]
Oh no, X get drunk and fuck fo' sho'
Please stop runnin yo' mouth let's go
Actin like you've never seen a dick befo'
All these bitches in here

Will the real X to the Z please stand up?
With my niggaz and my guns, not givin a fuck
Stickin 'em up at point blank range
They say the more things change, they stayin the same
I can't complain
Type of shit that make you wish you was dead
Make you fight the curb, a stomp down on the back of your head
Blow it out like a afro pick
Attract bitches like flies to shit
Pop pills and ride the dick
Niggaz can't swing this quick, I'm Dark McGwire
Bangin shit over the fence with Rottweiler
Listen, niggaz do anything for a dollar, even
killin they own, let it be known, it's like

[Chorus - repeat 2X]
It ain't safe where I'm from
Niggaz start beef never knowin the outcome
Rather be caught with it than caught without one
Leave it alone because the life that you save might be your own

I'm pullin pistols if you don't break bread
Mr. Wrong Side of the Bed, only get excited for head
Now print this in your industry books
If it wasn't for crooks you niggaz'd still sport the Jordache look
Hit the switch, front to back, side to side
Natural born killers never let shit slide
Never rely on the next man to swing for you
A rock and a hard place, duck between the two
And y'all bitches just somethin to do, don't get it twisted
You're easy like Sunday mornin and shopliftin
It go simple as that, I'm never givin half to a rat
I'd rather bam to your face with a bat
You get tied down to the tracks
Used to make a living cookin coke to crack, now I can't turn back
This is holocaust rap nigga, overreact
and I'ma bring to yo' chest like an asthma attack, ya heard?

[Chorus 1/2]

[Xzibit - repeat 2X]
Oh no, X get drunk and fuck fo' sho'
Please stop runnin yo' mouth let's go
Actin like you've never seen a dick befo'
All these bitches in here


Fuckin You Right

(Xzibit talkin)
Listen to this, I'm just tryna do this for us
You know what I'm sayin, you scream at the top of your fucking lungs
Yeah, I'm just tryna do this hard work and get this good between us baby, yeah

Look, Samantha, Loraine, Monica, Veronica
Veronica, she treated my dick like a harmonica
How you think I learned how to twist it and turn
Ya back until it's broke, make you feel it in your throat
It was Pamela, Linda, Keisha, Nicole
Had me fuckin while I was drivin on cruise control
Can't wait to get it home and teach it all to you
Look I'm just tryna be the best, I'm doin it all for you
You know that thing with the peanut butter
My Brooklyn bitch said fuck untyin the ropes,
it's faster with a box cutter
I know you love the way I'm diggin you out
But always wanna fuckin aruge so let's figure this out
I'm just tryna make you happy bitch
Who's there for you anytime you get in the mood for suckin a dick
I took the time out to find out what ya like
You bust fifteen nuts, wanna get up and fight
So look

You should thank of all the bitches that I have in my life
All the experience I'm gettin got me fuckin you right
Never took time to see it and plus
All you thinkin 'bout is yourself, I'm thinkin for us
You love the way I beat it down when I come in the house
And all in ya mouth, the bedroom, kitchen and couch
You should thank all of the bitches that I have in my life
All the experience I'm gettin got me fuckin you right

It was Gina, Julie, Renee, Ty and Tammy
Made me spend some extra days in Miami
Candy, Trisha, Prescilla, Melissa
Showed X to the Z it's better with three
Who could fuck your ass


Game Face

I dont fuck around Ill break you down in the hours of h
All these l.a times motherfuckas keepin the pace
No need to pull strings things still get done
To have you yellin at the top of yo lungs
So xzibit never speak wit a false tounge
Slid off like a handgun
Tryin to build an empire to pass to my grandson
I never like to talk business over the phone
So either have love for the game or leave it alone
Plus action speak louder than words
And pussy move faster than birds
So I gotta keep a gameface
On the street you slip, and you might catch a hot one
Xzibit stay low and kick back like a shotgun
I keep it bangin to the end of the line
When a rapper think his saggin style is fuckin with mine, its divine
Cuz my family is harder than bricks
Anything to keep it movin cuz its harder to hit

(ras kass)
Only right I fuck wit you when you fuckin wit mine
Keep it movin to the end of the line
And action speak louder than words
And pussy move faster than birds
Gotta keep a gameface
Only right I fuck wit you when you fuckin wit mine
Keep it movin to the end of the line
And action speak louder than words
And pussy move faster than birds
Gotta keep a gameface

Verse 2: ras kass
Men must be either tramp or the crutch
To regulate, relegate, delegate power, nigga touch something
Trust no one and die dumping
Drained ya battery you barely talking like teddy ruxpin
See thats wassup, nigga I dont give a fuck
Say some shit so nasty, itll make little kim blush
As if, a 98 bentley didnt tempt me
To lay bullshit over this empty
But consequently my conscience wouldnt permit me
Im one-third black man, one-third jackie chan
One-third sand, shiftin across the surface of the land
Golden state warrior let my nuts hang like niggas in nooses
While you givin groupies all your loochie
Im known for fucking hoochies in suskis
And slippin ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Loved and feared, severe yet loved
The full time titan fighting three million over night thugs
So keep your, hand out your rectum cause you cant stop shit
Dont rock shit, studio hustlers
Claimin they got more keys than a locksmith
What part of the game is this
Bonus round, give me the mic, the money
The pussy in that order, the mortar over populated
Get fucked and orally copulated
And all you chumps on some you owe me an apology shit
Can suck yo apology out my dick


Verse 3:
(ras kass)
This is for the black niggas, the yak sippers
The part time strippers,slash full time student,and fifty buck slippers
I got athletes feet,we run these contrete streets
Sporting cleets, aint nothing sweet
Im making rappers get they shit together
Still smokin, still drinkin, still maintain clear thinkin
Everyday is the weekend, mashin thru in a lincoln
And style so sick, the whole car start stinking



Get Fucked Up With Me

Yeah man, I'm glad to have this opportunity
cuz I never get to sit down and chop it with y'all
Man, face to face, so you know I definitely wanna get fucked up
(*fills glass with ice*)
Yeah man, I'm glad I need to sit down and chop it with y'all man
cuz I never had an opportunity to do that, so, yeah
I want to blaze something up too, you smoke? good
You mind if I smoke? well, alright

[Verse 1]
(*Inhales*) So let me introduce myself
X to the motherfuckin Z (*exhales*)
I had to introduce myself appropriately
I'm that nigga you was hoping to see, fall flat on my ace
Look respect then fall from grace
But you know, (*inhales*) things move slow
I refuse to lose the game like dude from blow (*exhales*)
Like it ain't crazy enough, huh
My life got ups and downs like an all night fuck,so what (*inhales*)
Y'all really want from me (*exhales*)
I'm trying to live with two hoes like three's company
Ask me what is success
Nigga, success is when your no mean no and your yes means yes
And you can stand by your word cuz your word is your balls
(*Inhales*) Lose one your losing them all (*exhales*)
All hail to alcohol
Cuz it's my turn now try again tomorrow

Roll another blenny up, pour another drink
I want everybody to get fucked up with me
Get a glass and fill it up
Lick the philly, seal it up
Everybody get fucked up with me
Roll another blenny up, pour another drink
I want everybody to get fucked up with me
Get a glass and fill it up
Lick the philly, seal it up
Everybody get fucked up with me

[Verse 2]
Life's a real bitch sometimes (*coughing*) oh shit! (*coughing*) wait
Okay I got it (*coughing*) I got it, I got it (*coughing*) I got it, hold up
Life's a real bitch sometimes
Your heartbeat raising like the rate of the crime
I could probably turn water to wine
Restless, double platinum, it's the sign of the time
It ain't my fault, your kids wanna c-walk
Dress how we dress and talk like we talk (*inhales*)
Ask Miss Cleo (*exhales*) if this is the matrix, I'm Neo
This is dedicated to that female CEO
That sucked my brother's dick for jolly St. Nick
Shit (*inhales*) make some room (*exhales*)
Somebody laced this shit with shrooms, cuz I'm flying


(*Inhales*) What's the big deal (*exhales*)
Couple of (*pause*) shootings, couple of (*pause*) get killed
Happens everyday around this way
Took my homie lil' Mo dog and blew him away
Shit (*inhales*) at the age of 19, what a bummer'
Another crazy ass summer
These types of things never die down easy
Gang of retaliation, homeboy believe me (*inhales*)
Fien for the recipe (*coughing*)
Man, these blunts gon' be the death of me
Fuck it, next flight to Amsterdam
A few girls, fifty grand and a handy cam
Posted up at the Cypress Hill coffee shop
I'm miraculous, fuckin unorthodox (*inhales*)
I'm glad we could chop it up
Before I bounce let me get a blunt (*exhales*)

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Get Your Walk On

(Yeah) I can drink a whole Henessey fifth
Some call that a problem but I call it a gift
Xzibit make the whole continent shift (hell yeah)
Invadin your territory in a blaze of glory
A soldier story, livin off nothin but instinct
Bitch niggaz continue to floss and lip-sync
And I'ma just continue to flow, while rockin the boat
Probably smoke three-hundred thousand dollars in dope
Don't make my desert eagle barrel touch the back of your throat
Always approach niggaz that's known for killin your folks
Be surprised who could turn around and bust on y'all
Catch your mother or your sister comin out of the mall
Bang holes through they coats and they Macy bags
No retaliation you basically runnin with fags
In these streets, you only good as your last transaction
Funny style, and these niggaz ain't laughin
Y'all got it all fucked up in zero-zero
Think life is a video for "Last Action Heroes"
Face the price you pay for the games you play
When it's all said and done at the end of the day, you gotta

[Chorus - repeat 2X]
Get your walk on, get your head right
I know you feelin the shit, shit is dead right
Get your bounce on, back dat ass up
Bitch pass me the bottle, fill your glass up

Judge and jury, don't get your case dismissed
When I get pissed and smash through the makeshift
Uplift, dump this, make your shit knock
Hypnotical hardrock that don't flop
It's the best thing crackin my nigga
Lot of rappers talk of flashin the trigger but don't ever deliver
From the home of the toe tag, lowriders and body bags
earthquakes police with automatics and nerve gas
Learn fast or get left behind quick (yeah)
You testify, you get wrapped in plastic (hell yeah)
Xzibit turn your SUV into a casket
Mailed your body parts in a tub full of sulfuric acid
Drastic measures we take just to get by
for all the shit you gotta go through to get high
Stand by, do or die for the West coast
Wanna fuck with Xzibit but can't come close motherfuckers


Tell y'all people to call my people
Recognize all men are not created equal
I'm lethal, all y'all faggots remain see-through
Only the kid from "The Sixth Sense" can peep you (DEAD PEOPLE!)
When I get through the world'll be a better place
A little Jesus Christ mixed with some Leatherface
Go find some punch to spike, find some dope to lace
Pull a pistol from my waist, nigga reach for space
Smack the taste out of your mouth if you talk shit
or hit so hard to the chin it make your back flip
My transcript number one up in this conference
It's nonsense, all y'all niggaz want is conflict
Only associate with pros and the convicts
Xzibit roll up in the spot with a bomb bitch
and then bounce with a couple, motherfuck a tussle
You never have enough muscle to stop a nigga hustle

[Chorus] - 2X


Getcha Groove On

Millenium shit
Limp bizkit, ha, x to the z
Yeah, ha
Bringin it live to you and yours
Ladies and gentlemen, ha, ha, ha
My homeboy, yo get at em dog

Hook: fred durst
You dont wanna fuck with, me today
Cuz a little somethin, somethin didnt, go your way
So try not to be like, that today
Cuz Im a real motherfucker from round the way
We dont give a fuck when were rockin the place
Were only givin a fuck if youre invadin the space
So getcha, getcha groove on [gotta getcha groove on]
Dont keep us waitin too long [dont keep us waitin too long]

[fred durst]
Dont you treat me like a toy kid
Do you enjoy this
Every single second Im alive Im a mess
Got these laser beam mic checks
Communicatin through the genelect
High tech, keep you on the run now
Dont wanna be that, guy
Every single second Im alive, im, alive
I, dont understand why
I got control, full of candy in your soul while
Pumpin up the sweetness
This is what you need
Another little piece of me inside of you
Cuz you know that I always keep it true (keep it true)
And thats exactly why I do just what I do
Yeah, its what I do


I got breakneck delivery, no time for chivalry
Extraordinary ability, shit longevity
Dig deep in your soul and find yourself
Cuz mind control can turn yall to someone else
So fast, your headll probably spin the fuck right off
Me and fred about to go half on microsoft
Me and limp burnin twenty percent
Your little half ass direct hits aint even makin a dent
What an event, all hell xzibit and limp
As we attempt to bring home the championship
Its all in the wrists I still leave the league an assist
Gimme the fifth, Im drinking while Im takin a piss, bitch


I got untapped material, I serial kill shit
Gimme the real shit, x finish em all quick
Makin your jaw split when Im touchin the mosh pit
Constant conflict, knockin faggots unconscious
Nauseous, raisin the stakes, increasin the weight
Got homies I can lay down that lift they plates
So quit trying to invade my space
Before I call for a face to face, and gotta rest my case like...

This is how we do it
Just recognize we keep gettin right to it
Lookin through these eyes, look into these eyes
And youll see the size of the flame
Then you might despise the size of my game
Step the fuck back, xzibits on the track
You shouldve buckled up before your head hit the dash
You gotta hate that, a demo from an eight track
Brought me to a place, where platinum comes in eight stacks, bitch

Hook to end

[xzibit over hook]
Limp bizkit ladies and gentlemen
Cmon! yeah!
Takin this shit over for motherfucking 2000, 2001
Limp bizkit, mr. x to the z, xzibit
Kickin a mudhole in you bitch ass motherfuckers
Yeah! ha! it dont stop what, it never stop huh
Like this! huh
Yeah, yeah, 2000
R.i.p. roger troutman, yeah, yeah

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