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Handle Your Business


Yeah, uh, what, worldwide

Yeah, Im forever, ever lastin, spread the wealth
Procrastination like masturbation, your fuckin yourself
So we gonna move on em quickly (what)
No chance to think about coming back
Chain smoke em, turn they lungs black
See I was raised to love black, but sometimes
Black folks wanna sweat you harder than the one-time
Never participate in dumb, def and blind shit
Plus I got my little man, so daily I'm reminded
The ride only gets rougher (right)
But I'll be damned if me and my niggas suffer
Smuggle this motherucker with the raw shit, I'm blessed wit
Lookin at the world, burned for the young and the desperate
Showed heart, but got cardiac arrested
More than a nigga with an image and a press kit
The wreck hits, creates desert land, desolate
The whole intent to rock the shit, keep the herb lit

Chorus: Xzibit (Defari)

Handle your business before your business handles you
Mister X to the Z (and Defari Herut), one two
(Remain true, regardless what we go through)
Yeah, handle your business so you can stand on your on two

[Defari Herut]

Everyday I puts in down in LA, hustle in this
Assassin lyricist, serious, muscle in this
I call the bets, I know we got coordinates on more games to wreck
We blaze shows, never no Half Step
Tactics, B-Boys, no games no antics
No false images, no bullshit semantics
We planned this, for hundred of thousands
Reignin/Rainin on they brains with lyrics, from the mountains
Don't contemplate what you can't even demostrate
Defari lottery draftpick, never the second rate
Nigga who wanna hate but front like its all great
I gots no time for these emotional niggas, I gots to motivate
Moves to make, best rhyme straight
That's for the old school, this here's our year, it's time to elevate
Handle this, don't hesitate got money to make
Push maximum levels from the Golden State


[Defari Herut]

This combination's high calibre
Hatians stay amazed and confused like this was algebra
I'm scoutin the, best land for property
Never sloppily, picture someone stoppin me
>From gettin mine, line after line
And you wonder why I call these fake niggas Miller
they think they Genuine; I'm startin to shine, imported Italian
With a custom made Herut charm as my medallion


Seem like, I recite the same prayer every night
Watch my folks, make sure my dogs stay tight
And fully prepared to gunfight in broad daylight
Till then, lick it to the chin, let it begin
We could break bread or break skin; and watch me send it
Try not to break the law, sometimes I gotta bend it
And my directions, suggest for your own protection
You motherfuckers keep it movin like an intersection


Serious business *scratched in background*
Fuck you, like that Mr. X to the Z, Defari Herut. Yeah, yeah right? *3X*
What, keep it movin like this y'all


Handle Your Time

[convict 2/sadat x]
Oh my goodness! look what they sendin through nowadays
Ah, its a light-weight
And he got a smirk on his face like its all of that
Yeah, well we gone see what it is

[convict 1/xzibit]
What you in for, everything under the sun
Recently, got me first degree wit a hot gun
Thats my third strike, so xzibit cant go home
Fight to see daylight like sylvester stallone
Dont ask too many questions nigga, keep that on the d-low
My family might mistake you for an undercover c-o
Last one that tried didnt make it past bookin
Five times in the neck when everybody was lookin

[convict 2/sadat x]
You see the judge, but he dont budge
Thats youre third felony, I believe strike three
Remanded and stranded, to the cold steel granite
Lost to the world, your moms and your girl
Keep your weight up, or your ass get ate up
Cats is stickin, straight up
Wit the shank, get more time in the tank
Ask hank, he bout to bank, killed a cop wit high rank
They gave him life and now another cat is fuckin his wife

[convict 1/xzibit]
Just because Im locked down dont mean the hustlin stop
Her-oine and beer joints twenty dollars a pop
You a new recruit, so today Im lettin you slide
But tomorrow youll be confronted wit the twos in the side
If you a smart mothafucker, youll be fallin wit mine
Behind bars, no bitches and cars, we only got time
Were Im from, time is money and got neither to waste
Once in a while catch a cannanite in the wrong place
Beat him down, break the strongest hand, piss in his face
Strike fear, play the rear, fore he catchin a case
Low-class, got a dozen free visitors pass
Plus the female c-order wanna give me some ass

Chorus [sadat x] 2x
This is your new home boss, where you survive at all costs
And if you dont, well its only your loss
Youre only here cuz you tried to force and be the boss, ha
Handle your time like a man yo

[convict 1/xzibit]
So its my twenty-third birthday, drinkin brew-no
You know no matter what it take, we gotta celebrate
Fuck stayin straight, hair braided by this muslim cat
Regulate the whole yard, now we got the straps
Niggas say "who the fuck is that? "
The x-man, rowdy, gettin treated like the feds in the county
Correctional facilities, basically you dont wanna fuck wit these
Murders and felonies keep you company ("yeah!")

[convict 3/kid creole]
And yes yall, come on in ("yeah")
All you brand new heffer, sissy, soft booty-ass shook niggas ("yeah")
Yeah bitch, welcom to central booking ("yeah")
A sleep-over for pimps, private hustlers ("yeah"), drug slingers, and gun
Even bitch-ass, shook-ass niggas ("yeah") like yall
Get on your ? ("yeah"), get out the blood on your ? married character?
Kitten-ass faces ("yeah"), niggas about to beat you all down to the last stop

[convict 2/sadat x]
Im all good, as I telephone my hood
At first I was shook, tried to play by the book
But you cant bid your time by stayin in the cell
Im gettin high everyday like I was still on the corner
Where Im in fat pink caps, new york to california
Makin deals for mills, holdin cigarette lottos
Givin cats pills, and tell em "yo try those!"
Niggas try to scheme but my team is tight
We as shady as the night and bring fright to sight
Hey you be aight, but dont act like a sucka
Aint you aint got to be the wildest mothafucker
Use control, put a cat in whole if hes broke
And let em know, I just wanna serve my time and go
And flow, lay low, try to grab some dough
Aiyyo I aint tryin to jail, somebody post my bail


[convict 2/sadat x] (convict 3/kid creole)
Yo man shhh, I need some new kicks man
(oh what? oh shut the fuck up!)
Somebody got some at least some money man (nigga what!)
Or something man, I aint get no letters man
(you gone be my bitch tonight, what)
Niggas forgettin about me man
(Ill poke yall, dont come on the island)
Namsayin, supposed to be my crew
(dont be on the island when I get there)
Cant even make collect phone calls
(mothafucker, what ah um!)
Tryin to jam my collect calls now
(you will be mines tonight mothafucker!)
Nobody aint home, nobody wanna write me (mine you hear me!)
I aint got nuttin to read, yaknamsayin
(youll be mine tonight mothafucker!)
Aint nobody put no money on my book
(dont fall asleep tonight bitch!)
Its like Im starvin in here
This aint no fun



(feat. ras kass, saafir (golden state warriors))
Ah, I dont wanna hear shit
Get off ya motherfucking ass
Its right now, right now, right here
And we bringing it to you live, come on!
Golden state, what... come on, what bitch
New shit! ha, come on, yeah ras kass blaze that shit up
Xzibit, break it down slam it, jelly roll

[ras kass]
Show me a bitch and Im a slay her like sarah michelle gell-ie
Rap star, trash tellies blow up my sprint celly
Dare me, I tongue halle berrys belly
Show her a monsters ball, fuck it you tell me
Platinum, heavy 22 inch perrellis
Jelly, it gets so ugly it gets scary
Haters act like under-age hoes so whats really-
Cant fuck wit yall, paging r.kelly (ooooohhh)
Oh, if the shoe fits buy a matching shirt
Ya nothing take ya face and attach dirt
Catch me and my niggas wit strick-9
Strictly constrict 9 triggas disfigure ya figure
Our figgas got bigger, niggas the same
Menace to society and yall done made me kane
Cant extort us faggot, you bust we bust
In God we trust but we paying at dusk, biatch!

Dont you think this shit is for fun (no!)
Think before you reach for that gun (think!)
Look at all the shit that you started (yeah)
You bring heat but we bring it harder (sing!)
La la la la la la la la (ha!)
La la la la la la la la (sing!)
La la la la la la la la (yes)
La la la la la la la la (come on)

Yella, yizzel, shaft shizza-lean
Fuck what yall talking about, this shit clean
Thats why we filthy rich behind the scenes
Game spitters with helmets and shoulder pads on the hitters
Bullshit so far what this game sent
We here to burn it down open bar entertainment
Taking the work clipping the clientele on raw
Lactose intolerant but I still sell
Game enough to mash on the coach like sprewell
Dont salt there hoes flows aint got that sea smell
Overstand under surveillance, ben savage-
Cant come to the town terrorizing we been laden
Been beat heavyweight beefs and went passage
Back to the blockmates and its safe to unlock cakes
King sizzel makin bank, shake the spizzle,
We dont make it drizzle we rain in the g-state

Dont you think this shit is for fun (no!)
Think before you reach for that gun (think!)
Look at all the shit that you started (come one)
You bring heat but we bring it harder (now sing!)
La la la la la la la la (sing!)
La la la la la la la la (yeah!)
La la la la la la la la (sing it!)
La la la la la la la la (yeah)

Feel the adrenaline, feel the rush
The effects of the compound the ammo dump
Doc dre dont fuck with punks
We all thump like maximus, stop fucking with us
Take a ride inside the home of hands-on hip-hop
Speak what you believe and hope you dont get shot for it
Ghetto poets, show it if you got one
A hot one, with ass and rap like a shotgun
I can write to the sound of the sunset
Smith & wesson, I use words as a weapon
Gun sling my dreams I rain supreme
And fiend for the next challenge, knocking you off balance
Look, I been through the worst, avoided the hearst (survived!)
Starving to death and dying of thirst (alive!)
Here in the flesh, elope with the profoc-
The answer, the solution, the remedy, the anecdote

Dont you think this shit is for fun (no!)
Think before you reach for that gun (think!)
Look at all the shit that you started (yeah)
You bring heat but we bring it harder (now sing!)
La la la la la la la la (yes)
La la la la la la la la (sing!)
La la la la la la la la (ha)
La la la la la la la la (come on)

Bounce... bounce... bounce... yeah... golden state


Heart of a Man

Ain't a damn thing promised to ya
Except livin your life, and dyin one day, I'm just bein honest to ya
It take a whole lot, just to get a little
Gettin caught up in the middle the answer to life's riddles
never, come that easy, but it was easy
to lead me, but it wasn't easy to see me
Get up off the block to the TV
And sell a couple million CD's, best believe me
You see these callouses on my soul?
Couldn't let hate and paralysis, take control
I pick you up when you down 'til I can't no mo'
My name sting in your mouth like canker sores
Been at war my whole life, sleepless nights
Endless fights, but still can't walk to the light
Cause my work ain't finished on earth, for what it's worth
From the cradle to the hearse, God and family first, for real

[Chorus: singer]
Somewhere in the heart of man (somewhere, within, somewhere)
There comes a time when he must understand (when he must understand)
The strong withstand, the weak will fall {*repeat*
Cause tomorrow may not come at all {*repeat*

Life ain't long, it's more like a snapshot
You can have the top, I live for the hop
Never take a day I'm breathin on this planet for granted
Time for change, time for growth, peace understandin
See but niggaz keep forcin my hand, disturbin my plans
Bringin out the soldier in a peaceful man
It's like tryin to build a house on sand; you never get
a solid foundation, one man can change the nation
Yo I put that on all creation; Haitian, Jamaican
African, Asian, Caucausian, Indian
Whatever your persuasion, this is the message
Time is of essence especially when you're countin your blessings
Lessons learned from the deepest of pain, it's not a game
Keep my name outta your mouth and I'ma keep it the same, ya dig?
It's a shame, graduated to the rap game
Only to find out crack and rap was the same thang, damn!!


Who got skill? Who got hustle?
Who got they family with 'em? Who pay for they muscle?
Yo it's all gon' come out in the wash, the lost angel
with dirty wings, bullets ricochet off my halo
I lay low for no one, I love my life
Ain't afraid of no hard work and sacrifice
Was born twice through the life of my seed
Makin sure he see a side of life, I was never able to see
Hittin home like "Ground Zero," move over now
Peace to the real heroes, still underground
I put it down for the homies that came that's hard in the paint
I'm livin proof it's never to late, you straight
Once in a while I go back to the main strip
And see the same niggaz still doin the same shit
And all I can do is increase the flow
Put it out, let it soak in, and hope they grow, c'mon

[Chorus] - repeat 2X


Hey Now (Mean Muggin)

[Verse 1]
I'm a menace, to society baby
the police want to relocate me
they run up with gun up, but they can't faze me
they wanted to come up, but they ain't crazy got ?
Six train Chevrolet rolln' without no top
got them hydraulics is dumpin and make it drop
California to Virginia, Timmy makin it hot
takin long rides in a G4 plane
X-Man to the stage got em goin insane
Yeah nigga got the world sayin my name
I'm bout to make a little change, I'm a keep it the same
X to the Z baby, run up on ya, hittin corners
Phantom platinum grill
X be the life of the party,
don't be scared girl, reach out and touch somebody

Can you feel the speakers jumpin
other cats surroundin' but they won't say nothin
Muggin in the club like they wanna do somethin
feelin kinda rowdy, huh?
Hey Now, Hey Now
All the girls mean muggin
cuz they musta seen what a girl pulled up in
In the club like they wanna do somthin
feelin kinda rowdy, huh?
Hey Now, Hey Now

[Verse 2]
Hey girl, look where I live
40 acres and a Maybach Benz
you wanted to party, but I got biz
this ain't entertainin, I'm feedin my kids
On a 4-oh-5 in the car pool lane
Got to hit some corners, I'm ridin the cane
Wanna ride out to a island, and tan your frame
and just waste away a couple of days,
Holla back at me!
Look where I rap, make the crowd get loud like the sound of a gat
LA on my baseball hat, where they wanna ride up on you in that black on black
Move, betta, bounce like a mother
when brother got mass weapons of war with each other
X getting big, not ready to die yet, my militant mindset
got you runnin for cover


I'm the life of the party,
I got a moon roof, we poppin up out of
Look at the whole world they talkin about us
I got a mean hook, to ride on ya body

[Verse 3]
I wanna talk a little, pick ya brain
wanna see you in somethin little, walk around the plane
I got a lot to gain, getting my record off the ground
like David Blaine
So now, what you know bout me?, I'm a self-made man from poverty
Now I own a lot of property
I pimp rides, lifestyles, and companies
Now let me spit you the facts
I used to hustle the corner, but I ain't bringin you that
I'm like swingin a bat, run at yo kneecaps for comin out ya face like that
baby girl touchin my chain, now let me tell you who I ain't
Bitch you can't run no games, (A gangsta baby, ain't nothing changed)


Hit and run part 2

[Hightower]: Baby, do me a favor, call up Xzibit for me.
[Xzibit]: Allo?
[Girl]: Hello, Xzibit?
[Xzibit]: Yeah, yeah, what's up?
[Girl]: Hold on one second ok?
[Xzibit]: Alright
[Hightower]: Xzibit?
[Xzibit]: Hey, what's up?
[Hightower]: It's Ron, Hightower.
[Xzibit]: Ah, what's up dude, what's goin' down?
[Hightower]: Eh nigga, it ain't nothin' but a party!
[Xzbibit]: Yoo! shit it's goin' down?
[Hightower]: Hey, let me tell you something.
I got some ladies over here, you know...
[Girl]: Hi Xzibit!
[Xzibit]: What's up?
[Hightower]: He he, see what I'm saying.
They were just trying, you know, to tell you hello and shit
But listen why don't you do this
When you're done over there, why don't you come here and shit
You know what I'm saying?
That way they can tell you hello on person
[Xzibit]: Ah alrihgt, you want me to bring you somethin'
[Hightower]: Hey, bring yourself, I'm sure they can handle the rest
You know what I mean?
[Xzibit]: Yeah yeah, alright, I'll be over there in a minute.
[Hightower]: Peace!
[Xzibit]: Alright

[Verse One]:

It's a lazy Sunday night
Xzibit posted at the lab
Gettin' high as a kite
Proceed to rolll the light
It's real tight
In a paper Philly Blunts I don't need
It might fuck off the taste
Of this bomb ass weed
My nigga Tango and Breeze
Came thru we blaze a few
Together bored as fuck
Niggas down for whatever
Break left from the bomb
Phone call from Ron Hightower
Shower at his crib in a hour
All the women involved drop drawers
Don't say nothin'
Just a lota nuttin'
Fuckin' plus dick suckin'
Goddamn who was that?
Half black with the fat ass
Too much to ask if you can put them on the glass
[For me]
My name's Xzibit
I aint' tryin' to spit game
Just tell me your name
And the proportions of your frame
That's right
Xzibit now has it poppin' on Sunday night

[Chorus]: (2x)
I don't wanna save 'em
Pay em' or buy clothes
All we really wanna do
Is try to fuck these hoes

[Verse Two]:

[Rass Kass]:
You knew the game
And you still ended up on your back...

Bitches get laid like tracks
Break it down like that
With stacks of profilactics
Got ill tactics just to get you on the matress like yo
[girl moaning in background]
With minimal conversation
No time wastin'
Only hard penetration
Gettin' shiners on recliners
Cummin' in your faces
Stop! Get on top
I take your mind different places
Won't be satisfied till I hit every race
Color and creed in deed
All I need is weed a fly steez
Who ain't afraid to take the lead
A little dirt on your knees
Looked over saw Breeze
Laid out on the couch about to let it all out
Nigga that's the kinda shit that I'm talkin' about

[Chorus]: (4x)
I don't wanna save em'
Pay em' or buy clothes
All we really wanna do
Is try to fuck these hoes


How You Livin

(snoop talking)
Wassup dog?
Wassup my nigga, how you doing dog?
Man, Im chilling my nigga
How you livin?
Shit, Im livin it up baby
Really, ohh really, shit
Its all great then
Im glad to see ya, basically
Yeah, yeah
But on the real though dog
How you living though?
Who me? shit

I got two boys and a wife
I live a luxurious life
And Im respected in this game
Cause I dos the same
Man, look here
Let me spit you something for a second
Cause I see yall aint been peeping out my record
I see ladies, I see players, and I see haters
And all you fools who perpetrate us, Ill get back with ya later
I got a plate of shrimps, laughing with some pimps
Chopping game, while my diamonds swinging
Banking off my gold chain

(butch cassidy)
My time has come
The way its done
No more being strung
Around just like a bun
My dues are paid
Darkness was paved
Lets go find some shade
Then weve got it made

Money aint everything dog, but I tell ya
If I didnt have it, Id be labelled as a felon
So, as long as I breathe, I achieve
Keep God first in my life, I know thats right
And I prevail, whether I do or dont sell
It aint about that, its about giving back
We trying to get our live on, while you jib on
Let a homie get his sang on, instead of his bang on

(butch cassidy)
My lifes my friends
And its gonna be here till the end
It brought me a past
Out the hood, so I know its gonna last
Down by the sea
Is where all the ladies see me
They tried to flash
Be down, but I had to make a dash

He went from a bucket to a benz, from some change to some ends
From his homies in the pen, to his balling friends
You know, flossy, flossin, bossy, bossin, boss
But I paid the cost

(butch cassidy)
I wanna go
As far as I can go
Just not loco though
Japan and even tokyo

(xzibit talking)
Yeah broadcasting live to your radiostation
This is snoop dogg
You know what Im saying
Yeah giving a shout out
Mr x-to-the-z-xzibit
To all the homeboys on dogghouse records
Like this



In My Face

Oooooh...do re mi [xzibit]
Fa so la ti do yeah Im doin vocals
Intimate turn the music up, yeah cmon!
{beat starts...
Yeah! cmon in, yeah welcome
Haa! yeah! yeah!!
Uhh, ya undastand me?
Hey yoooooouu... dj motherfuckin quik, yeah
You know me, x to the z, yeah (arah!)
Ahh, it dont stop, huhh yeah
Some new shit, come on...
We just want you to bounce to
This shit for a minute, yeah
Aint no rush...relax yourself...
Relieve your stress, here we go
Bounce, come on bounce, come on boooounce...{repeat

Put your pussy in my faaaace...
And let me lick you till i
Feel the taaaaste...

[xzibit] (verse one) {1:56
I am the master of the ceremony
So my territory be off limits to gimmicks
And niggas with wack lyrics
And tracks that lack spirits
So pop your collar (pop your collar!)
Fuck a dollar, Im at ya tough and hard to swallow
Hard act to follow never the role model the what not
Set up shots slipknot my way to the top, pa-da pow!
Then changed the direction of it (yeah)
From the niggas that hate it to niggas that love it
What choo want from it
A reputation a luxurious life
Maybe find you a hoe that you could transform into a house wife
You loose stripes when you recite thru your wind pipes
With action cameras and lights and your shit aint tight
Its on on sight thug rugged the love of it (yeah)
Push it shlingdit shove it in the vein we dope
Remain with smoke, remote with tash and ras kass
Six months of full blast bitch, gimme dat ass!...ha ha

(chorus) {2:42
Put your pussy in my faaace...and ill
(let me lick you laaady)
Lick you till I feel the taaaste...
(would you, would you)
{repeat 2x
Feel the taste...
Feel the taste...of lovin you
Feel the taste...
Feel the taste...of lovin you

[hi-c] (verse two) {3:24
Im a royalty check cashin
Coup deville smashin, pretty titty assassin
Lookin for some action
If you want compassion, Ill be pussy basshin
Baby hit me up like yo, what the fuck happened?
was it somethin I did? was it my three kids?
You dont love me no more, was it the wave or the wig?
Im tryna be nice, so Im sittin there thinkin
But I had to tell the bitch baby your breath be stinkin (ha ha)
Niggas, spendin they last, tryna hustle for ass
You bought a cadillac truck, but you cant buy gas
Insurance is a bitch, I hope you dont crash
But when you do, let me buy them rims and slap em on my jag
When it come to fasion, dont make me start flashin
Break a bitch off, and have that whole tire slashin
Im leather, youre leather, together we be clashin
Quik! hit em with the chorus, homie start bashin!

(chorus) {4:06
Put your pussy in my faaace...and ill
(let me lick you laaady)
Lick you till I feel the taaaste...
(would you, would you)
{repeat 2x
Feel the taste...
Feel the taste...of lovin you
Feel the taste...
Feel the taste...of lovin you


Inside Job

(Intro: Xzibit)
Mr. X to the Z (who am I?)
M-m-m-mr. X (who am I?)
X to the to-the-to-the Z
M-m-m-m-mr. X-x-x to the Z (yeah, yo)
M-m-m-m-mr. X-x-x to the Z

So it's one fifteen in the mornin I'm comin up, a hard day, serve
We gettin drunk smokin herb and the third dike you roll
Non-stop cash flow, 20,000 dollars and the rest cuttin yayo
We had the rocks, my nigga late to pick it up
get him on the phone, hurry up cause I ain't tryin to get stuck
So what the fuck is the hold up?
("Nigga sit your ass in the chair and I'll be right there")
Reminds me I gotta shake the spot
I got bitches in the hotel room ready for me to bang cob weight (*knock*)
Yo, who is that man?
("He wanna spend a couple of hundred, (yeah), but he'll be right back")
That's when I shoulda got the heater
But I was too busy in the kitchen countin money and takin shots at Tequila
Started countin out twelve when it hit me
If you was Rocksteady, you woulda came when the C-Note's rang
Before I could yell out to lock the front
Niggas rushed in the front door with the gauge, ready, duck
Bad enough I'm caught up in it, jacked, but worst than that
I'm caught in the kitchen without the strap
("Where the muh-fuckin sack homeboy?")
Yeah, woulda killed Terminators only D between us is
a stove and a refrigerator, came in and put the gauge to my chest
Took the money off the table and said ("Yo, where's the rest of it nigga?")
You gotta love it, came straight to the moneyman
20,000 cash, needed stacks, wrapped in rubber bands
Snatched the whole shit and broke out
I ran to the living room and got the heat from under the couch
Smashed out into the middle of the street started blastin
Dumpin at the getaway cars but they was mashin
I thought I heard the homies just in time for the action
Police hit the corner with they reds and white's flashin
These niggas rolled off with at least a cool fifty
Ya, I'm in handcuffs on the ground and mad cause the K-9 bit me
Shipped me off downtown for the bookin
Threw my herb sack when the cops wasn't lookin
Fingerprints, hold the tape, hear come detectors
One at the door, another one askin questions
Stupid shit like: - "Who was I shootin at?"
Was it game related and where do they kick it at?
But I didn't say shit I can tell from all the people
Involved it was an inside job
But I'm the wrong nigga to rob, I'll hunt you down
Fuck the money, I'll take you off and accept the loss
Set bail at fifteen g's, no sweat
Got cars slippin tonight, and almost got wet
Homies come to set bail see, but that's all right
Since I'm already here I'ma spend the night

(Outro: Xzibit and another having a conversation)
("Hey, hey I need to use the phone again") (*Car horns*)
("Ay, ay man") ("Since when did you start takin shoestrings and shit?") ("Man")
("Ahhhh") ("Do I look like I wanna kill?") ("Ay man, fuck that")
("Ay, look") ("I just need to use the phone real quick man, eh, fuck it")
("Aight, ay, let me get the top bunk")
("Ay man, this, this, this blanket, this blanket smell like urine man")

All right, you're charged with Public Intoxication
(All right, listen there's a thousand people down there who are drunk)
Okay, I understand that


Jermaine Dupri Diss

Ladies and Gentlemen!
This is dedicated to the man we all love to hate
Tattoo a.k.a The Leprechaun a.k.a. Mr. Jermaine Dupri
Come on ladies and gentlemen, sing a long

{Randy Newman - Short People Sample)
(Short people got) What! (no reason) Yeah!
(Short people got) What! (no reason) Come On!
(Short people got no reason to live)
Haha fuckin' faggot...

If ya So So Def than bitch get a hearing aid
Ain't worth ya gauge ya heart pumping lemonade
Hook, line and sinker ya took the bait
Act ya age, not ya size, not ya weight
Every time you professional making hits
Why it always gotta sound like the next men shit?
Went from Big to Puff to Snoop to Jay
Hey Jermaine who's dick you gon' ride today?
Couldn't wait to get the green light from Dr. Dre
Never liked ya fuckin' ass any goddamn way
And I could care less if we label mates
Your style been dead Columbians should drop the weight
I got love for Da Brat get off Bow Wow back
Fuck you, fuck ya niggas that's writing ya raps
What up lo get ya L.A. pass revoked
Don't get me wrong Papa Smurf you won't get smoked
But ya might get robbed and choked
Or you might disappear, kidnapped with no ransom note
Off the leash, off the hook, off the chain
Fuck Jermaine you ain't gotta say my name
Speak now or forever hold a dick in ya mouth
You ain't the mayor, you don't run shit in the South
Scarface run the South motherfucker you will be on
The underage bitch in the Kelly tape getting pee'd on
Cock-eyed midget with a Napoleon complex
Nickelodeon fetish you represent nonsense
Harlem Shake to that, high jump to hell
You the best in the business, I can't tell
Too late to apologize kiss my ass
We about to cut your whole sound scan in half
Got to keep your hands up homie protect yo'self
Stop fucking with the West nigga respect yo'self
It's a short ride to the top and a long way down
Look Man vs. Machine about to drop now
This ain't no beef it's more like lunch meat
Loss caliber heat let's take it to the street muh'fucker

Ha ha...ha ha....ha ha.....ha ha ha ha ha ha....haaaa ha ha ha ha ha
Oh my god...yeah, yeah

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