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Judgement Day

(Ohhhh, yeah yeah yeah yeah)

[Chorus: singers]
You can turn your back and then walk away
(You can turn your back and then walk away)
Soon be comin the judgement day
(Ahh, soon there be comin the judgement day)

[Xzibit - starts over Chorus]
Yes, uhh, breathe with me
C'mon.. listen, yo
I know you're fed up, feel like you can't get up
Have faith, stay strong, keep your head up
Yo, it only gets worse; we in a world
where your status and your bank account determine your worth
There's no time to rehearse, the clock been tickin
cause we all started dyin at birth, I speak the truth and it hurts
It felt like I was dyin of thirst
'til I was blessed with my voice, I move mountains with verse
The worst thing you ever seen in your life, "The Passion of Christ"
Pregnant chicks buyin rock, hittin the pipe
It ain't like I ain't tried to tell ya; misery love company
Keepin the wrong company brings failure
Cause people use people like paraphenalia
With a scam, with a scheme, with a dream to sell ya
But I ain't got nothin but love for all my soldiers and thugs
To all of my women, we gotta keep livin, c'mon

[Chorus: singers]
You can turn your back and then walk away
(Ohh, don't turn your back and then walk away y'all)
Soon be comin the judgement day
(Soon there be comin judgement day)

[Xzibit - starts over Chorus]
Yeah! C'mon
Mr. X to the Z had to raise the stakes
Had to touch my people like T.D. Jakes
On the ground like a nigga flippin crumbs to cake
I won't stop like an eighteen wheeler with no brakes
Bein dipped in her-on so each CD's weight
Niggaz be fake, they speak what they can't create (create)
You won't, see me break, I'm built for a tough frame
One-eighty-five and I'm still on huff
I was only 15, tryin to pass that rock
Never got caught, just sat down, collected my thoughts
This is bullshit, I ain't got a plane or a boat
I'm just another nigga sellin some coke, y'know?
Had to grab life right by the throat, murder I wrote
My callin for ballin wasn't pedalin dope
It was oversea convoys, bangin out cuts
No police or government agency lockin me up, so what?

[Chorus: singers]
You can turn your back and then walk away
(You can turn your back and then walk away)
Soon be comin the judgement day
(SOOOOON there'll be a-comin a judgement day)

What do you believe in? I believe in karma
And that fo'-five to drop that drama
Can't wait for the time when I meet my maker
Picture everlasting life in Jamaica, time to wake up
Watch your thoughts, your thoughts become words
Your words become actions when the bullshit happens
Keep laughin, that's when the gauge start clackin
Feel the buckshots smackin have your body mismatchin
Yo, I feel the devil tryin to force my hand
Steady bringin out the soldier in a peaceful man
See I was born to be all that I can, without a Uncle named Sam
As you can see we just a part of his plan
Cause first there was a war on blacks
And then there was a war on crack, now it's war in Iraq, c'mon
I never give up, I only give back
I ain't preachin I'm just statin the facts
So let the choir SING!

[Chorus: singers]
You can turn your back and then walk away
(You can turn your back and then walk away)
Soon be comin the judgement day
(Owwwww, soon there'll be comin the judgement day)


Just Maintain

I look you in the grill
And I laugh inside
Niggas always perpetratin
Like they down to ride
But please don't try to tell me
What I can not see
What's the real definiton
Of A Fake MC
Muthafuckas only rappin since 93
And expect all props
Them gettin dropped like hot rocks
"So stop what you doin cause I'm
About to ruin".....
Like Shock-G get turned to stone
Tryin to rock me
I seperate my thought process
From stress, 24 tracks inside my brain
Tyrin to maintain
I bang shit without no gang or jherri curls
I seem like Kadeem
In a whole different world
It's the girls the cars niggas lose themselves
Forgettin who they are
When they try to be that superstar
They don't understand
It's all in the game plan
Exploit the art
And watch Hip-Hop fall apart
But I'm a do my part, and stay true
And keep breakin down bitch niggas like you

[Hurrincane Gee]
I'm not the type
To play games or drop
Name I just maintain
And burn rappers out the frame
Doin my part to stay true
And keep breakin down
Bitch niggas like you

But above all else
I represent it for myself
Leavin muthafuckas stretched out
Or better yet X-ed out
Xzibit, Excelerate, I rush it to the extreme
Like nicotine, never get me clean
From your blood stream
We all can't bust, so do it how you must
But if you hustle, avoid gettin rushed
With hand cuffs plus
In got we trust but don't trust us, we just
Add to the ashes, then pick up the dust
Like that
I make it seem
Like you havin bad dreams
Have you wakin up out your sleep
By your own screams
Xzibit has arrived Goddamit
We bout to rock the whole planet
And bitch niggas can't stand it
Try to play the back and look intense
You need to hit a fence
You don't want none of this
Hands on experience
I'm no the type to play games
Or drop names I just
Maintain and drop rappers out the frame
[Hurricane Gee]
I bring it to the ruffest toughest
Mic killers
And you wanna be niggas
And you burn bithces, type vicious
Imitating Hurricane flow for riches
You don't know the half
I got the ill vocab double rap style
Gettin bucked
More freaky than your last good fuck
Milkin you like ba ba pieces
Meetin niggas lyrical wishes
Writin rhymes and washin out dishes
Flowin with the likwid wicked
Representin with my nigga Xzibit
And we gonna do it
And do it and do it
Til you satisfied! cause shit is tight
Bodiqua C.E.O. on the mic
Smashin and trashin
Fuck Moschino fashion
All you muthafuckas need to stop askin
Valued more than the chrome
On your last set of wheels
Hurricane here to reign on your brain
Just maintain


Keep It Movin

[saukrates] a ha, capital hill
{xzibit yeah, sit back and smoke a fat one. yeah, pronto. look from los
Angeles to toronto.
[saukrates] I heard that big sox got it going on. I heard that nigga
Xzibit got it going on.
{xzibit spittin at em. yeah, like a automatic philly.

Yo, revolutionary, evolutionary
Bulldozer, leave yall with troops to bury
Clean sweep if ya smell fear in these mean streets
Its instinct, lifes a bitch and shes far from cheap
I got love for my dogs hustling for defeats
Put it down for this paper, increase the real
Come wit it, run wit it, fuck wit it
Big sauk to shock your mind and your spirits
Taste these lyrics while I spit truth on tape
Whether two inch, a dat, or d-a-t-a
I impregnate wax, so get mine regardless
Of anybodys set, Im starving the artist
Whos next to me? the x to z
Together we bomb mcs with text debris
Leaving yall hard pressed to breath
Other words, niggas show love and chicks spit the ecstasy
How real is that?

Chorus [saukrates] {xzibit
I keep it moving and moving, keep it going, going like that yall
{like that yall, like that
{i keep it moving and moving, keep it going, going like that yall
Like that yall

See I put the beated nigga, ask him if hes had enough
Tan khakis, t-shirt, wife beater tatted up
Looking for props
How you explain to nigga drinking beer to the bottom that they cant come up
Mother fucker say what?
Stack loot so much, reach out and touch you probably die from the paper cuts
I see you lazy fucks, sceming on the speed demon
Keep on dreaming, give me any type of reason
To stop your breathing, yeah it me against the world
cause the eyes deceiving, anybody want to bet me
Saukrates, bouncing wide like a jet ski
Meet a bitch who aint hard stick like wayne gretzky
Look I try to live where the lolos and the sets be
I still roll dolo, how a normal nigga test me
I let you have it in the face trying to waste me
Your homies cant face me cause they scared for their own safety

Chorus [xzibit] {saukrates repeat 2x

How real is that?
{feel the rush yeah, feel it
{feel the adrenaline *echoed*
Feel the rush, feel the adrenaline

Yo, take that, take that, nigga stay back
With that fake rap, break that fore cats react
To your shallow ass shit, go practice
Saukrates never making wack shit, trust me son
If Im eating, my dogs eating
Use experience for teaching without preaching
Each, and everyday I be thinking about my future
Preparing for the new world we aint used to
Handle that, with supreme caution
Peep this mental distortion
Hitting you with grips of funk by the portions
Consulting with killers could lead to abortion
Face down in a closed coffin, what!

Chorus x2

[outro: xzibit]
This is how we do mad dawg. ha ha ha ha. yeah, pronto from here to
Toronto. x to the z, saukrates, liquid mcs baby. so, keep it moving.


Kenny Parker Show 2001

You are now tuned in to the ultimate sounds.. of Dr. Dre
You know what time it is!
Xzibit steps up to the mic
layin down the hard-core, real raw, underground
My name is KRS-One, and it's REAL!!

Well it's me, down with D-R-E
X to the Z rocks any party
Rocks the beats, and the breaks
Rocks the cocks off the whores in the place
Cause suckers shake, while I'm creatin
They get together and they start to hatin
How can we take him out one time
cause he brought back the West with the freshest rhymes
I might go first, and he'll go second
I'll wreck 'em, deck 'em, set it, just checkin your mic
Droppin hot shit I like
So throw up your hands bitch, run your ice
Cause I'll go third, and he'll go fourth
By the fifth eat shit, you'll step off
Six is your beatdown, your title is seven
Takin out your four man crew makes eleven
By the twelveth I go for self
Rockin L.A. like no one else..
You can check any rapper from the underground scene
but few have dropped hot shit and seen green
Some have dope twelve inches, count 'em
But not many niggaz have slammin albums
X to the Z rocks consistantly
I'm "Criminal Minded" so don't fuck with me
Why? Well that's my secret baby
I don't take shit, so fuck you, pay me
So you can call me, a public servant
Not a king but a teacher I believe I've earned it
So I just walk, or ride my bike
and bust on the +Up In Smoke+ stage tonight
Give me a chance and I'll rock the house
But let a motherfucker try to take me out
Cause male or female, I will strangle
If it's a label, they have to untangle
Adidas, chains, jerseys, braids
Bandanas hangin off the end of my gauge
Step right up if that's what you like
but watch your bitch, I catch hoes like a dyke
In the night at a height right for flight
Way out of sight, you bite, I recite
My chain shine bright, plus my kicks stay white
as your faggot CEO say, "Well alright!"
.. I am your mentor
History is mine, it's time you surrender motherfuckers
and just back up quickly
Your style is sickly but you persist to get me
or outwit me with the style that I created
years ago when I was sellin powder to the hoes
Oh, all of a sudden you don't know
or can't remember can't recall can't bring to mind
that rhyme that place do not chase
I run a marathon a race of rhymes in your FACE
In case you hate I won't write no tough rap
Fuck with me get your whole FAMILY kidnapped

Yo Xzibit! Show these motherfuckers man!
I don't think they understand this shit!
Break this shit over they backs!

I don't dress up to rap or keep a hairdo
I only grab a nine to bust holes in your crew
I deny your existence as artists
You puttin out a record expectin to chart but it's weak
but when you speak through the microphone
you fail to realize, nope, you're not alone on the earth
The light comes forth cause Mr. X
Intelligence, smoke and guns manifest in the flesh
I snatch the mic and get hype
Behave, before you make the news front page
Headed for the grave and the wake
So save your microscopic miniature small talk and WALK
And put a little pep in your step
X to the Z will destroy any motherfuckin rep-utation
in the nation, in creation
All you assholes in ANY occupation
Like rappers with nothin to say
I CRUSH 'EM like chronic and then smoke 'em with Dre
Cause no matter how fatter the wallet, I'd rather
gather together and splatter
whatever egotistic bullshit, the game is over
when you push the record but don't push the culture

Breakin, emceein, graffiti art, deejayin, beatboxin
Yo Xzibit, keep rockin!

Just throw your hands in the sky
Still believe real niggaz never die
And if you in this life just gettin by
Somebody say, "I'm high!"
(I'm high!) "I'm high!"
(I'm high!) Yeah, and you don't stop

Woop woop, woop, woop woop!
You know what time it is
Pull over, all wack emcees, AHH-AHHH!
Yo.. YO! You are tuned in.. to the ultimate..
underground.. rawness! Straight off the street
Xzibit, turn it up..


Killin It

Ahh, ahh
I be killin it (why Tash?) cause I be feelin it
I get money so no need for stealin it
I work diligent beneath the Earth's soil
where I write rhymes so fresh it's like I wrapped my styles in foil
But I sit at home and boil spicy rum when it's freezing
Cause I from the Likwid crew where we got drinks for every season
Maybe that's the reason why I live high all July
And the place I buy my beer is callin in for more supply
Maybe not, maybe so, maybe yes, maybe no
Maybe niggaz got some friends that wanna battle for some dough
If you know somebody holla, cause I take those extra dollars
Split that shit with J and Swift, buy a ninety-six Impala
and lace it with the deez out my own stack of cheese
Get a extra flossy floss and toss King Tee the keys
and say, 'Nigga that's yours, cause you opened up doors
Before Tha Liks had a deal, you had a nigga on tour
So God bless ya, never let this rap pressure test ya
You know who got your back when them other niggaz sweat ya'
So check uno dos while I roast this coast a toast
When it comes to beats and rhymes, you know who got the most
I be killin it (killin it) killin it (killin it)
Tha Liks rock that shit that have all ya niggaz feelin it
Killin it (killin it) killin it (killin it)
J-Ro is up next to flow

Dat's me
I be killin it (killin it) when I be feelin it
Got rum in my cup, best believe I won't be spillin it
Yo Xzibit (whattup Ro) I got to know
Do I got that Likwid flow (oh fo' sho') well here I go
Mida, mida, down the barrel of my heater
I torch ya, then skeet out in my Porsche two-seater
I'm from the home of rattlesnakes and golden bears
And Astro-vans with swivel chairs hoes come in pairs
Plus, makin mon



Yeah.. huh.. it's been a long time
It seem' like the whole world is waiting on the West Coast
We missed you... welcome back... Let's go!

Uhh, yeah that, New West
C'mon, uhh (uhuh)
Here we go; Steady Gang, Steady Gang, Steady Gang, Steady Gang
Uhh, yeah that
Klack klack - klack klack klack klack klack klack, uhh c'mon
Yeah, uhh
(Yeah! Yeah!)

Strong Arm Steady we ready it's time to ball out
When vocal chords spit cold shit they never thaw out
Industry tried to pigeonhole, I had to crawl out
Hear my name bein' called out, nuclear fallout
Full body armor with bangers, we goin' all out
Garbage bags in trunk of the car, it won't stall out
Hit you where you stay, hogtied, you gettin hauled out
Crush the whole car, it's well planned and thought out
Try to attain fame from beef, you went the wrong route
Scrape a .38 on your teeth, I knock 'em all out
I know you ain't fuckin with me dawg (c'mon now!)
Underestimate, run up on, it's on now
Have your niggaz plottin' revenge and puttin songs out
Demise by design, blueprints is drawn out
Flood crack back in the hood, it's been a long drought
Show you what this gangsta-killa Cali is all about

[Chorus 2X]
Klack, for the niggaz that bangin' it in the city and
Klack, for the enemies creepin' to come and get me (Klack klack klack klack klack)
Be thankful, if you get away alive
You wouldn't kill or won't let nothin' die, so keep it movin'

Yo! You don't like how I'm livin'? Well fuck you!
Nostradamus style, make every line come through
Don't make me spit, predict your last action
Last man standing (yeah), last man laughin' (yeah)
Assassin, crosshairs, smile for the birdie (click!)
Hit you long range, high-powered 30-30 shit
If you never heard of a heavy assault rifle
Hit targets a mile away from the top of the Eiffel (woo!)
Knock the soul out of your body
Stay plottin' like Bin Laden to swoop down and crash your party
All bark no bite (shiiit!) we don't bark nigga
We bite to the white then shake 'till the afterlife
Hard work and sacrifice, who's your daddy?
Make you wanna drop e'rything and move to Cali
We classic, go 'head, speak my name
And I'ma lay your ass down like the All Star Game, c'mon!

[Chorus 2X]

Sawed-off shotgun, shoot through your shoulderblade
Bitch-made niggaz get hit with a hand grenade
Blow up your Escalade, then I hit the road
And I'm back in the hood lookin' for somethin' to smoke
Everytime, I use the element of surprise
With a gun that's big enough to make an elephant hide
I elevate my rhythm by hustlin' crack addicts
Get locked but when I'm released I'm back at it
See Mitch know the time, in front of me the birdie and
Phil got the costumers comin' to get it early we
Came a long way from po-lice chasin' us
For dope in our sucks and angel dust
Yeah klack for the strippers in clubs shakin' their titties
This, mac'll have you bitch-niggaz runnin' like P. Diddy
I'll bang you, comin' out the side of your mouth
We the reason why you stay in the house, dizzle, gang

Uh-huh, yeah that, recognize nigga
Uhh, klack klack klack klack klack
(Uhh) Steady Gang is now here
The West ain't here to win, we're nowhere anyway nigga
Uhh, get aboard bitch
Uhh, get aboard, klack back here, klack klack klack klack klack
Uh-huh, hear that recognize,
The Golden State, for those that hate
Uh-huh, yeah, nigga we bringin' it to the streets
We ain't going nowhere
Niggas been buyin' till, jewelry, cars
The whole mothafuckin' run, nigga
Don't matter nigga
The West ain't going nowhere
But now we on TV, Steady Gang!
(nigga) Klack klack klack klack klack
We make music and klack for those nigga is in the street that's keepin' it real
Yeah that, yeah that, uh-hoh
Klack klack, uhh, klack klack klack klack klack
Say what (uhh), uhh, right before the West is the
Steady Gang, Steady Gang, Steady Gang
Uhh, uhh nigga, get your boards up, get your gangsta up...


Last Call

Last call for alcohol
The club is almost closed
(thats right)
So I need your name and your number
(yo, yo)
Before the night is through

Yall wanna talk about drinking?
I took a drink, took a swallow
Left the champagne bottle hollow
Passed my keys to lil talo
Cant crash the el dorado
You know how it go
When you sipping on mo
You be tore up from the floor up
And you dont even know

I had the bartender set up three shots
I knocked em back
Nitrate over the track
The whole crowd reacted
From right here through the ? ?
Baby relax youre rolling with me
Its mister a through x to the z

Going out with my friends
To celebrate the weekend
I hope the club is jumping
So I can find a little something
Wanna get my drink on
Wanna get my freak on
Im gonna try to come on
Before the night is over

1 ? [all]
Last call for alcohol
The club is almost closed
So I need your name and your number
Before the night is through
Last call for alcohol
The club is almost closed
So I need your name and your number
Before the night is through

Checkin for the sisters
Flossin the prada
Dolce gabana baby can I holla?
You know Im peepin atcha
Hoping I can catch ya
I wanna get atcha
Can we dance before the night is over?
Come on, oh

Repeat 1

This round is on me
Champagne and hennesy
I got chips just get whatchu like
Next round is on you
Tequila shots and brew
Im getting faded yo
Cause I didnt drive

Its last call yall so all yall
Its time to pull your money out
Come through, post up
Peepin all the honeys out
Smoke fest, guinness out
Got your homies passing out
(party down baby)
You know what x and ca-tash about

Yo I stay with it
While you perpetrate and try to play with it
Something people with the all chrome
Custom fitted whatever you want
From the car straight to the bar
Were the la guns holding hennesy for everyone

Repeat 1 till end



You better get ready for the war

It's so frustratin, so many hatin
Somebody gon' make me break the law
But I ain't waitin, there's no escapin
You better get ready for the war

[Verse One]
A shotgun fanatic, who right back at it
You get, mopped and dropped like a filthy habit
X, snatch and grab it, got you hopin I fail
Cause if I fail you'd be happy like a faggot in jail
I'm full retail, guaranteed to sell
In my jet black McClaren with my mademoiselle
I'm strong-arm steady, you fragile and frail
You think you ready for them steady niggaz? I can't tell
Sex sells so fuck you all, we came to bubble and ball
You getting shutd own soon as I touch down
Bust rounds, enemies slayed and cut down
Fully automatic spittin rounds with no sound
Break down your whole regime, like an M-16
Make sure the chamber in the barrel is clean
And the spring that's connected to the firin pin
That's connected to the trigger when I squeeze it again, begin

[Hook: Xzibit]
Look ma top of the world, the best of the best
King California, L-A-X
Out the hood, in the penthouse, from the projects
One man, one gun, how the West was won - sing!

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

[Verse Two]
Hit like a heavyweight, breathe deep, meditate
Make the whole crowd get loud, make 'em levitate
I ride through my city like a presidential candidate
L-A-X, Phantom double-R, and accelerate
Stack build elevate, crash through the prison gate
Generation hate, appetite to eliminate
X-Man don't spit rhymes, I ventilate
Traffic contraband, yeah banned through the interstate
Got a sick flow - didn't know? Let me demonstrate
Renovate the game, new nigga that you love to hate
The left hand lands and the right hand devastates
Half part of your face replaced with a metal plate
Irate, get snatched to a better place
Let the detached decorate with the yellow tape
Detonate, drop bombs, make the earth shake
In Brazil with a half mill' in the briefcase


[Chorus - 2X]

You better get ready for the war


Let it Rain

Judge: "Alright, your charged with public intoxication,
alright listen"
Convict:"There's a thousand people out who're drunk"
Judge: "Okay, I understand that"

Hook: [J-Ro]
We O-W in the whole zone
The Likwit Crew is on the microphone
Let it rain brother (3x)
Xzibit do your thing

Verse 1: [Xzibit]
You get permanently put on your ass, like Teddy Pendergrass
Whenever you trespass on Alkaholik territory (Yeah, Yeah)
More savage than any rapper on your roster
I regulate, extortin on ya R&B label mate
Xzibit rates the state
Cross me or cause me, fuck jiggy and flossy
I'm tryin to keep the government off me
Dodgin hard time and house arrest
Whatta you expect, findin' what ya never forget
Cause you're sellin wolf tickets that your ass can't pay
What I display, skill last found in Cassius Clay
In this prime time, hustle for mine
Used to nickel and dime
Doin felony crime, but now I bust mine
Instead of bustin' at enemies when the sun go down
Me and my niggas with a fat one
Smoke 'em all down to nothing
Crushin rappers, bare Witness like Jehovah
Swore we haven't been sober
Since 21 and over

Hook: [Xzibit]
We O-W in the whole zone
Likwit Crew is on the microphone
Let it rain brother (4x)

We O-W in the whole zone
Likwit Crew is on the microphone
Let it rain brother (2x)
Let it rain
King Tee do your thing

Verse 2: [King Tee]
When the Likwit hits my soul
I get conceptions to make the microphones explode
The drunk mode, sippin X-O from the straw
King Tee broadcaster raw
Optical intoxication, flood your video station
Scramblin any playahation
But some of these fools got tricks in they boxes
So I blocks it, pull they whole set out the socket
Tha Alkaholiks rock shit
Any which way man I got shit
The Alkaholik don, king from Babylon
With some fatal shock shit
In this district, I'm listed as the mystic majestic, I gets hectic
What you expect, shit
The Likwit comity
Believe me loc, things will get shitty
Ain't gon look pretty
Commin' from the likwidation squad
Smoke weed, drink hard, my god

Hook: [Xzibit]
We O-W in the whole zone
Likwit Crew is on the microphone
Let it rain brother (4x)

We O-W in the whole zone
Likwit Crew is on the microphone
Let it rain brother (2x)
Let it rain
J-Ro do your thing

Verse 3: [J-Ro]
Fuck that East-West mess
I'm gettin' rest last
We make the crowd say "yes, yes"
Faster than the SS
Impala, you got beef than holla
My crew sticks together like Richy and Dollar
We got the boom-boom claats, shakey like Don Knots
They bitin like a room full of pits and rots
I got that old school soul
Called take it back like repo
And I got foes on my shelf like homes T-Paul
I'm C-Bo, that's my homeboy Rico
Posted up with three French bras at the need bowl
I got dressed wit the speed of a cheetah, finished up my two liter
Hopped in my 2-seater
Sunshine, drivin' down fine
Walk a 1 on 3.9
They playin oehh so fine
Got 'em on the fifth floor
Knocked at the door
Xzibit's in the house and he brought three more

"What the fuck is goin' on in here, What's happenin',
Where we drinkin' at, These my homegirls right here,
What y'all drinkin' right now, fuck that, All we got
is Hennessy"

Hook: [Xzibit]
We O-W in the whole zone
Likwit Crew is on the microphone
Let it rain brother (2x)
Let it rain
Rico do your thing

Verse 4: [Rico a.k.a Tash]
And up next, we got the Likwitest
It's so drunk, it's ridiculous
When Tash got the mic,
I swing my shit like Jack Nicklaus
I'm spinnin' this with niggas that slept on Likwidation
Cause no matter where you go,
They know the reputation
CaTashtrofy I punk lyrics with spunk
I'm like the renegade of funk
That get that ?bumstick? krunk
So if you watch your ship sunkin
Fuck you with the drunken
Than come a little closer
Let me head you somethin
I bomb with a wig blowin up your click
Now take your pick, you can kiss my ass or suck my dick
Cause this is how we comin' in 1998
The Alkaholiks, X, and King Tee the great

"It's the Likwit Crew, King Tee, Mister X to the Z, Ah,ah,
Alkaholiks, Likwit motherfucker came to tore the house down"

Hook: [Xzibit]
We O-W in the whole zone
Likwit MC's on the microphone
Let it rain brother (4x)

We O-W in the whole zone
Likwit Crew is on the microphone
Let it rain brother (2x)
Let it rain
Let it rain

Outro: [Xzibit]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, huh
Won't stop, Can't stop
It's the L-I-K's
What, Mister X to the Z
What, Black John McClane
Huh, Defari Herut on ya too
King Tee, King Tipsy
Huh, and the whole fuckin' click
Yeah, realize you can't understand this shit right here
Everybody get live, yeah
Everybody get live, yeah
Uhuh, uhuh, yeah
Uhuh, uhuh, yeah
Uhuh, uhuh, yeah
Uhuh, uhuh
Keep it, what, keep it movin'

Let it reign nigga
And we out

[rain and thunder on the background]


Likwit Connection

"but its a herut-likwit crew connection"(sample) 2x

Dont regret it, you had your chance and couldnt set it
You hear me rhyme and try to shine on my time, forget it
Hear me on radio, live vocally do edits
E-swift scratchin and threading, with supreme unleaded
Only the best out the likwit crew out the west
And we shine time after time writting lyri-gets
On freshly buffed and waxed marble steps
Defari got a stlye thats iller than tourrettes
Make you switch, make a bitch get undressed
Make people in the club wanna dance chest to chest
Bruised falcon, strive for perfection like malcolm
Back the name wit potential, but now they know the outcome
So now the tickets weakened, I stay away from tricks
Defari, phil da agony, xzibit, and tha liks

"the worlds" "but its a herut-likwit crew connection"

[phil da agony]
Yo, talk a big game, play a big game
You know my motherfuckin name
Phil da agony, its all the same same
Game tight, crescent heights, get the name right
I do seven songs in the same night
Work ethic, proper etiquette, the better shit
I want my gold plaque for this shit
Soon as the stores get it (you get it)
Focused daily, likwit activity
Phil da agony causing you total tragedy

My chest is burning from the hennesy rock
Yo I live to see the enemy drop
The safety night got kennedy shot
Its political, the way I smash down is pitiful
Situation critical, barely breathin in a hospital
Dead meat, we give it like professional athletes
The elite wit a chick for everyday of the week
Im talking monday through sunday
Models walkin up and down the runway
I take a lethal role in the gunplay
To finish wit flyin colors, tha alkaholik brothers
Connected, respect it, aint no choice but to love us
Its not, east to west, I want the whole world behind me
I got niggas in l.a. sayin "fuck guiliani"

Im hella-cocky on the mic, I fuck it up on jeep beats
So while you rockin to this beat, the beat is rockin to me
Foul-mouth catashtrophe, I knock heads since 93
So when you come across my style, its like you smacked into a tree
I turn the heat up in this bitch, I make the women strip fast
So no matter what you do you cant fuck wit big tash
I came to kick your ass, quick fast, not to house you
I want your homies saying "tash smacked the shit out you"
Smoke something, drink something, eat lyrics that twist
This that shit thats on your baby mommas christmas list
? so balls? amount to this, no matter what yall niggas name is
Youre not as famous, as the likwit entertainers

"the worlds famous" but its a herut-likwit crew connection (2x)

Its the likwit coalition, start the mission
We gonna turn this into a tradition
My b-boy stance is updated, I feel like we made it
Even though we underrated
Yo, its to the ro, act a fool over flow
I got the uncanny ability to cold rock a show
I got fired from my job cuz I was late to my shift
Cuz I was drinkin a fifth, wit john jingle heimer smith
And heres another caper from the lyric landscaper
I write flows wit two by fos wit sand paper
Now what is a mc if he cant flow
Up next is e-swift and my name is j-ro

We dont give a fuck if you down wit such and such
You can still get touched, by the likwit bumrush
Better train hard before you face me
You better off fightin royce gracey
To get me out that ass you gotta mace me
I make mcs wanna tap out, before I blow they back out
Likwit niggas winnin every bout
Rippin mcs like cheap jeans
Fuck your dj and your mainstream production team
And if you sleepin on us, then sweet dreams
Cuz when you aint lookin we be bookin mad shows makin cream
My profession is killin studio sessions wit no question (whats that)
Its the likwit crew connection

"the worlds famous" "but its a herut-likwit crew connection" (7x)

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