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Likwit Rhyming

From now and forever its the likwit emcee

"from now and forever its the likwit emcee" -scratched by tony touch

Danger danger, wild west ranger ranger
Rearrangea the mark ass stranger
Behold, the look on my face stone cold
With a rare cowboy style that never grow old
Im the golden state bear with a rough flare, plus debanare
Time for me and mine, but for any kind I cant care
Stormy weather rain liquid
Defari con tony toca, tash, and xzibit
Break necks bounce with it when I spit it
Knockin this jam is a form of calastenics
Let it knock when you mashin down the block
Rims spank with the car wash
Watch the bitches stop
An look, always stay five steps ahead
Hard at work, while you tricks lay in bed
Dead to the world but ? hayru? he be the sun
Always burnin, cuz my job is never done
Run from one time I rather dump an ak
Thats for all the black and brown that got carried away
To the morg, when I look in the mirror I see the lord

"oh my god" -scratched by tt

Since niggas wanna set trip
Its time to start the checklist
Tash the likwit rhymer runnin through your city reckless
Blame it on the hennisey, we drink that shit for breakfast
My style be standin out like my homie tonys necklace
This is flawless rawless for ya ballers
Nah, fuck yall, this is for all my drunken alcoholiks
Nah, fuck dat, this is for my homie tony touch
I told ya homeboy we come through in the clutch
New york, l.a. its not the same thing
Yall niggas rob, out here we gangbang
Guns to the ammo, niggas think they rambo
Standin on the corner with they khakis and they flannel
Dang yo flow sound just like ds
Who wanna battle three gs for ts
Please, read it off the lips of the alki-bumrusher
Fuck you up so bad, tony wouldnt wanna touch ya

Say what?
Say what?
Say what?
Say what?
Say what?
Say what?
Ill fuck you up so bad, tony wouldnt wanna touch ya
Say what?
Ill fuck you up so bad, tony wouldnt wanna touch ya

Lets get upclose and personal, malicious, sid vicious
I bang bitches, you might find yourself missin tonight
Rappers delight, keep it at the house but aint fuckin it right
Gotchoo stuck in the headlights, cant move
Impact is all of the sudden, vehicular homicide
But I aint stoppin for nothin
Me and my cousin, strong buzzin, and playin a dozen
Pushin and shovin, leads to gettin sucked and rolled up
Like a nigga with a mask and a gun, hold up
Rappers act like they aint gon die for small fry
Try to reply, dont touch what you aint gon buy
I aint gon lie, motherfucker love to get high
Barely get by with scraps and pennies
Now we winnin grammys and emmys
And party with the henni and remi
Got a big bang theory nigga keepin it hot
Its the art versus ? ? ? or not

[scratched by tt]
"let me show some off me skills here"
"alright....that does it"


Loose Cannons

Intro: repeat 4x

"yo man, I dont think they heard you
Wont ya tell em what your name is? " -> dr. dre
"daz, kurupt.."

Aight everybody get on the ground right now
Yeah, this is not your money this is insured by the federal government
So this is not your money, dont move
Dont be a hero, and you wont get blown the fuck up right now
Yeah, aight yall we got three minutes
Startin now lets keep it rollin

[dogg pound]
Hit the bank from the back
Double the trouble, forcin my entry
The first nigga that I saw, shot him in the jaw
Xzibit started stompin him and so did we (get down bitch)
Aww shit, about time we started dumpin on security
High society -- takin whats mine
Snatchin each purse after purse -- for every nickel and dime
Premeditated created by the scorn and the hate
But I made ma, the big time, lights and the shine
Its a full scale war -- everybody bear arms
Wear body armor, national arms
Dip away to get away -- sirens alarms screamin
Yellin out, "hell demons of war"
Hell hounds that surround the wells fargo browns
No tomorrow, hollow, harness rounds

Take a sip of your perrier
To pay, ima dump like a dumptruck, scramble to make my escape
Dat nigga daz, shootin so nothin else come in
Im shootin in the opposite direction, we closed in
Shells spread nigga -- because we can do the work
First things first -- like snoop, ima shoot the clerk
And I did -- now its time to split -- get nigga get
(lets go) dumpin and shoot the hostages
Soopafly outside in the ride
Bout to start shootin everything that he see outside

Loose cannons, face covered with bandanas
Chrome pieces - motherfuck the police
Its everybody killers on mine
If I ever get caught for crime, wont be doin federal time
Loose cannons, face covered with bandanas
Chrome pieces - motherfuck the police
Its everybody killers on mine
If I ever get caught for crime, wont be doin federal time


Los Angeles Times

At this time, please extinguish all smoking materials
Return all seat backs, and tray tables
to their most upright, and long position
Also at this time please take care to fasten your seatbelt
Enjoy your stay, welcome to L.A.

Chorus: Xzibit

Welcome to L.A.
Where you can see the whole city burning
Cause the cops got uzis and the dealers keep serving
and your kids ain't learning shit, except this
Sex power and wealth, fuck everything else
(repeat 2X except last line)
Trying to survive, Los Angeles Times

Verse One: Xzibit

MC's get fucked up, chopped like Braveheart
Don't start what you can't finish, serious bidness
Down La Seneca to bust a left on Venice
where you can find me and mines -- Los Angeles Times
Welcome to L.A.
Where every other day I'm taking the hat off my head
Givin respect to the dead, and avoid havin the same thing
said about me, Xzibit stand underground
like the roots of a tree, watered three times a day
Forty ounce Olde E, like a magnifying glass
making it easier to see, the Mister X to the Z
Don't peak, L.A., why test without vest-es
stop lead projectile, Apocalypse Now
Love Allah not new car, faggot, superstar
type of cat, fuck that, mash away in a
diamond-white Concourse 'Llac
Still black so the one-time react as if under attack
Ain't nothin changed but district range, feel no pain
Mr. Big Bad Insane Black John McClane with
liquor on the brain, down to earth like dirt
From the city where niggaz known for puttin in work


Verse Two: Xzibit

Welcome to L.A.
If hand determine dick size, I'm palmin the Earth
Select turf, then plant bad seed and give birth
And make the hard work look easy fuh sheezee
Leavin you and your best man, stiffer than mannequins
Enough to break the skin on a Vietnam leatherneck
Marine drill sargeant, you nothin but a target (pow!)
Charge it to the game, gotta look beyond the brand name
Comin from the guts like I slammed down twenty cups
of Hennesey straight, relate feel my hate
Xzibit flippin through these bitches like DJ trait
Translate to left field, only real niggaz follow
Bitches suck and swallow, I'm livin life behind the bottle
Never the role model, still shinin like a new automobile
Flow six-fo', you can't steal
cause I got a kill switch with a itch for the action
While other rappers use mass weapons of destruction
to sell they shit


Verse Three: Xzibit

El ve-te-rano, you can only pray to learn what I know
Ride slow across the horizon a lone desperado
Comin through the door bringin nothin but hits
Sometimes I feel like a matador, lookin at this bullshit
Niggaz pull rent from the crack of they ass
Maintain do your thang this too shall pass
I season beef with lead pieces then cook it with gas
I'm from the school of hard knocks way ahead in the class
Xzibit hard to get through, like bulletproof glass
Break it down like Johnny Cochran then mix it with hash
Your defense can't last against advanced prosecution
Hit the airwaves like pollution -- hey, here's a solution
Take a trip to Washington then burn the Constitution
Top government officials locked down for prostitution
Recruitin the hard rocks mean streets keep producin
The world is a riot shit is mine for the lootin


Everyone's got to make a living (2X)



Loud and Clear

feat. Butch Cassidy, Defari, King Tee)

Addicted to life, had to pay a heavy-ass price
Sacrifice worth waitin on the platinum and ice
I'm precise with the merchandise, came back like Christ
to change the game, while y'all niggaz remain the same
Clear the lane, comin through like Kobe, you can't hold me
You can't stop me, ever since I dropped "Paparazzi"
I done watched the game unfold into some hideous shit
Like every idiot that can spit be droppin a hit
I transmit for the convicts, committed, never bullshitted
Shadowbox, detox, my own worse critic
It's like tryin to squeeze water from rocks
I negotiate the neighborhood stops and clean your clock with a glock
Sick of niggaz screamin they hot, but really they not
Beatin you all to the ground like six L.A. cops
Put your fist up in the air if you ever been shot
and lived to tell about it, never leavin home without it, c'mon

[Chorus: Butch Cassidy]
There's no one out there, for us, to fear
I'll say it loud and clear..
Who can say they're close, to us
Speak now and you'll be brought, to tears

[King Tee]
They probably saw me on the 91 East, gettin off on Central
with the rag back, lookin like life's so simple
Tela take a loss, still floss, all bets
If Trife can't cover the house, call X
Likwit crew brothers, Blues Brothers
Move somethin, make killers do somethin, f'real
The bitch-made often politic with the skill
Now shit's all twisted, unlisted
Guns fixed it, best not speak about the Likwit
We gifted, twenty-four hours and still lifted
(*X*: Bitch keep your vagina) We drunk and ain't interested
Bitches come a dime and a dove, we ain't trippin it
Standin at the bar, soft-styled in the cut
"Ooh, boo wait, I think you had too much!"
Bitch what? Act right and pour it in a cup
The West and Eastside keep smokin them blunts, niggaz

[Interlude: Butch Cassidy]
Let's get with it, I was born to trip
Stay on the lookout, ain't no time to slip
We ain't for games and shit
Change your spot, cause we're known to dip
No time for chasin hoes
I'm on a mission cause my cash is low
There's no need to speak on those
Doggy rags are the gangsta's clothes

There's two sides of my family, both sides from the ghetto
Pops Finnish choco-late, moms Mississippi yellow
Caramel, Cherokee black man, with a pedigree of excellence
Together we rise, no time for seperateness
My grandfather Snake was a Jake, or a jack
of a smack to a bird who don't know how to act
Straight hustler, Mississippi moonshine smuggler
Good ol' wrangler in his day with that attitude of "Fuck ya"

Built to run forever, X the infinite
First line of defense to smash through the immigrants
Can't straddle the fence, it's all or nothin
Close the curtain, shut down your whole production
Don't be scared, be prepared, niggaz do be bustin
without thinkin; I mastered the art of hard drinkin
Yo, you wanna stop the X, try your best
I'm still fuckin with your pockets like the IRS, so yo


[Butch Cassidy]
Gather all around, to see
how we display our vicious skills
I done seen and heard, enough
Let's prove the West coast is for real

.. speak now and you'll be brought to tears



I've beeeeen this way and I can't stop (ah)
Hands on the ball and I won't drop (no)
Half-assed rhymes that you can't watch (no)
It ain't cause I want to it's cause I got-ta
Get it Crip while the gettin is good
before the game is 10% skill and 90% Hollywood
I don't need that, I don't believe that
E'rybody gon' get hurt, if I do dirt
I flirt with the idea of quittin' the game
Nah!! I'ma evolve continue to change
It take brains, balls and backbones to get it on
and keep it on, we keepin it movin, to each his own
So I spit about it, whatever I feel about it
I'm just bein real about it; X get hot nigga forget about it
Speech don't failllll me now
Dedicated to the enemies and friends that hold me down

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
(We) back on line (We) came to ride
(We) deal (We) stack (We) multiply
(We) stay on the grind (Until) we die
And back for mo', cause we can't get enough

Above the rest, accept no less
Go ahead, check the game, be my guest
Somethin brand new and heavy to get off my chest
Win time after time 'til there ain't none left
Hardhat, punch the clock, back to work
I'm bigger, stronger, faster, built to hurt
everybody and anybody who come to my party
like they ready to get roudy and touch somebody
Who's that nigga y'all came to see? "X!"
Often imitated, but cannot be, "X!"
What's next, collect respect like paychecks
Straight to the bank with my bitch and have safe sex
What do you believe in? I believe in
seizin the moment, livin and dyin to spit with a vengeance
Here for redemption - been around forever
Y'all cats were just too blind to listen


[Nate Dogg]
It ain't my fault.. we keep droppin hits
And you can't spit like this, so I'm takin yo' bitch
It ain't shit changed.. we gon' bang like this
And I'm drinkin this fifth, we still don't take no shit

I got a "Sixth Sense," that tells me you ain't worth six cents
I'm sick with my sixth sense
Whattup Doc? I'm gettin down to business
Crooked ass the cops to the Rampart district
Loose yourself in the music, move it or lose it
Abuse it, let's booze it, please don't confuse it with the
next man, it's the X Man rollin
Stand firm, solid as the ground I'm holdin
Make mine +Golden+, permanent +State+ issue
Stacked with the wealth that you can't take witchu
Long range missile, if we got issues
I'ma squeeze this shit and nobody gon' miss you
I'ma keep swingin 'til the medics come get you
We busy, stay off my line, you can't get through
Peep the design from the mastermind
Yo Dre, bring that shit back one more time!

[Chorus] - repeat 2X



You Know It Could Happen
It Don't Happen Till It Happen
When It Happen
You Gonna Wish It Never Did (Hey!)

Hey Baby, Sexy Lady (Hey!)
You Make Them Pants Look Crazy (Woo!)
I Know You Schemin
Have You Leavin'
Screamin' "Fuck You, Pay Me!"
LA Got Tons Of Dameies,
Thats Quick To Have That Baby
And That Try To Squeeze You
For Every Penny That You Thought Of Makin'

These Streets Is Fuckin' Viscious
Can't Make The Wrong Decisions
They Have You Shot Up
And Shot Up, Caught Up Behind Some Bitches
Handle Your Business Homie
Cause Ain't No Homies In Business
So Many People In This Business
Be So Fuckin' Phony

I See Right Through Them Traps
These Niggaz Run Their Yaps
But When It Really Cracked
Them Pussy Niggaz Runnin Laps
I Clap Em In They Tracks
My Paper Come In Stacks
And Stacks Of Rubberbands
Thicker Than A Paperback

Just Let The Henny Flow
Go Where You Wanna Go
My Party Heavyset,
Ready Set Baby Here We Go
Its Not A Fuckin Game,
You Know my Fuckin Name
I'm Number One,
With A Motherfuckin Bullet MAN!

You Know It Could Happen
It Don't Happen Till It Happen
When It Happen
You Gonna Wish It Never Did

My Soldiers Go With Missiles
Gauges, Grenades, And Pistols
Picture On The Front Of The Paper
Dyin' To Press The Issue
My Soldiers Gettin' At You
Full Clip Is Spitting At You
You Duck and Stuck In Position
Just Like A Fuckin' Statue

Nigga Im Quarterbackin
We Got It Fully Crackin' And Poppin'
And Showin No Signs
Of Stopin With Options
Fuck The Industry
Derive Energy
From Hennesy
Literally, I Smoke Like A Chimney

Y'all Know We Got Them Hummers Tight
We Got Them Lovers Right
They Want to Catch ya
Get Naked Begin To Spend The Night
Here You Go Some Good Advice
Come Through Steppin Light
Believe Me, Extremely Easy
To Lose Your Life

Get Em Up And Keep Em Up (X!)
They Trying To Get Me Touched
If You Gonna Swing It Nigga
Bring It I Don't Give A Fuck! (Yea!)
Better Make This Party Jump (Yea!)
Better Make This Club Bounce (Yea!)
So Take Your Shoes
Before You Step Your Ass In My House

You Know It Could Happen
It Don't Happen Till It Happen
When It Happen
You Gonna Wish It Never Did

Bitch We Keep It Crackin Right
We Bring It Back To Life
Biohazard Motherfuckas
That Spreadin' Like A Parasite
We Aint The Fuckin Type
You Get The Target Site
Lee Boyd Malvo,
Can't Stop Me Now No!

Get Your Fuckin' Paper Up
We Outta Snatch It Up
Full Metal Jacket
Stay Clap Clapped In The Back Em Up
Dont Even Think About it
You Get Your Shit Rerouted
Straw For Your Food
Have You Pissin' Through A Plastic Tube

I Know You Fuckin' Hate It
We Stay Inebriated
Break out The Hennsy Bottle
Baby Your Regulated
Its Not A Fuckin Game,
You Know my Fuckin Name
I'm Number One,
With A Motherfuckin Bullet MAN!

[Chorus x2]
You Know It Could Happen
It Don't Happen Till It Happen
When It Happen
You Gonna Wish It Never Did


My Life, My World

Ok, alright, alright. you got me up? is the mic on?
Yeah. I pledge allegiance to the un-united streets of los angeles
Check this shit out, yeah yeah...come on, ha!
You thought I was about to start right there right?
Yall motherfuckers turn this shit up, its x to the motherfucking z
Yeah...ha, welcome to my planet..

[verse 1]
Some things money just cant buy
From what I seen now thats a God damn lie
Been involved in some other shit, ran from the government
Landed the mother ship, thanks for the ride
My niggaz still bang like the wrath of cain
Fast lane, smack ya bodyguard and take ya chain
And its all in another days work for me
I spit the truth, the truth gone set yall free so-
Whats my anti-drug? drugs!
Anti-drugs is when I cant get none, for fun
I drop flows, punk the punk rappers
Load clips for nines and clap with gun clappers
Listen, too many motherfucking cooks in ya kitchen
Missin the most important part of life cause you bitchin
Bitchin so much you should tuck ya nuts
And dick between ya thighs and color your eyes
And wax your legs and buy some bras and thongs
And go crazy in the nightclub for sisqos songs
You a hook motherfucker with the jordache look
Bring lead with ya heat so the beef can cook

[chorus: xzibit]
Whos sticking to the script like pistol grip?
Xzibit, tradition of x-cellence
Hit em up, this westside g.s.b
Openbar all night drinks for free
Victory cause we make history
Niggaz actually have the audacity
We the shit from the get and we set to win
Straight hard on a bitch yall sensitive
My life, my world, x to the z
The streets done took so much from me
Fuck what you heard this is realityyyyy
I close my eyes and pray just to see
Another day I live to breathe
My life, my world, this is realityyyyy
(yeah, welcome to my planet)

[verse 2]
I done had sleep for dinner, natural born sinner
Watched fiends suck crack through car antennas
Now that we winning motherfuckers aim to get us
The game is vicious constant hostile conditions
For the times I dropped jewels and nobody would listen (nope)
A new position, got a couple of pots to piss in
Got the aim of oswald nigga I aint missin
If everybody eating who the fuck gone clean the kitchen
I got vision, and a real deep suspicion
About a lot of rappers reps and they street conditions
Everybody got bricks of yay, claim they do crimes that pay
And tell you that it paved the way (bullshit!)
Well only a few niggaz really came up this way
With gunplay day-to-day quick to blow you away
Trying to sound like snoop, trying to ball like dre
I just think you mutherfuckers aint got shit to say

[chorus: xzibit]
Whos sticking to the script like pistol grip?
Xzibit, tradition of x-cellence
Hit em up, this westside g.s.b
Openbar all night drinks for free
Victory cause we make history
Niggaz actually have the audasity
We the shit from the get and we set to win
Straight hard on a bitch yall sensative
My life, my world, x to the z
The streets done took so much from me
Fuck what you heard this is realityyyyy
I close my eyes and pray just to see
Another day I live to breathe
My life, my world, this is realityyyyy
(yeah, welcome to my planet)


My Name

This ain't beef man
I don't know what the fuck to call it
But no beef
Whattup X?

I float like big spirit in this bitch I'm ghostly
Rush me, cause you ain't gonna live to roast me
I'd have my motherfuckin ass kicked by Moby
if I let some bitch in the Can like 'Bis cop over me
to do war, and try to bring my crew back down
I'll never stoop, to that level, to do that now
I got a new cat, this time I'm pullin two gats out
With bullets, I finally got somethin to shoot at now

Let's see who got they city on lock
Let's see who got the better aim with the glock
Let's see who come out on top
Let's see who REALLY want they name in the streets
Let's see who wanna die the same time as me
and make ends meet
Now was I, blessed with a gift, or cursed with a curse?
I follow, hearse after hearse, with verse after verse
And I'll be damned if I let Billy dance Dupri
Or anybody swing an axe at my family tree, so now

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
I love it when you niggaz be talkin, sayin my name
Seems like your mouth is not connected to your brain
Two-zero-zero-three, and shit, it ain't the same
Better have a strap my nigga, simple and plain
Put your nuts on the table, my nigga let's play the game
Heard you so long, you be up to get the pain
I don't wanna hear what you meant, do not explain
Right before you lay in your coffin, hoe say my name

Why do you hate me? (Hate me) I came from nothin
Blood sweat and tears, you did not create me
How can you doubt me? (Doubt me) You don't know shit about me
There'd be no West coast without me
Cut with the bullshit (Bullshit) I struggle for survival
And now you tryin to act like my rival?
Watch what you say partner, it's a small earth
Don't play games with your life nigga, it's not worth
all the pain (all the pain) all the agony (all the agony)
All the horror (all the horrow) all the tragedy (all the tragedy)
Put your hands up people, it's time to fight now
I beat holes in your chest, remain hostile
Threaten my life? (C'mon!) One day you'll understand
They say that pride is the sign of a foolish man
So who the FUCK?! (Who the FUCK?!) you think you talkin to
Live and direct in the flesh, I'm right in FRONT OF YOU!


I never really smashed on Jermaine's ass, Dre smashed him
Nobody ganged up 'til he came back and jacked him
I never really brought it to his ass, I tapped him
I coulda been like Treach, boom-bapped and slapped him
purple, for mimickin him with two rappin Urkels
I coulda snapped, took it past rap and hurt you
But I didn't, I kept it on wax and served you
I "Square Dance" cause I'm sick of rappin circles
around these clowns, stready tryin to call me out
It's like I'm listenin to motherfuckin dogs meow
You'd probably do better tryin to come and stomp me out
You don't want it with rap, this is what I'm all about - c'mon
(I) No gangsta you ain't either
(Will) But I know that I spit "Ether"
(Not) I shoulda crossed your belly
(Lose) Show you I'm not R. Kelly
X, pass me the weed, I'ma put my ashes out on his ass
For the last time man.. {*scratched* - "Watch your fuckin mouth"


For the last time man, I'm through


My Writes

Yo - who hold guns and rock ice bigger than life;
Got bitches throwin they drawers on stage - that aint me!
I raise kids, push whips, piss an mc
Love money like I love my moms
Love my nigga com sense when he bang dents all up in they wallets
Wall to wall bullshit I got hardwood floors
Set sail for tour ever since eighty-nine
So yall are fuckin the same hoes who used to be mine

And Ive been waitin three summers to rhyme longside my people
Rico, de la, inject you with the lethal
Dose of hop-hippin if you thought catash was slippin
Then put that drink down, you drunk off what you sippin
Catash put the dip in dip dive socialize
Fuck around with me and next youll find yo crib burglarized

Yo you better recognize and try to analyze this
Hand over fist - how can a man act like a bitch?
Change and switch, snitch on his crew
Yo get rid of the niggaz before the same thing happen to you

And theyll leave your ass sticky like glue
Blood leakin out, girls freakin out, motherfuckin cops tweakin out
Got you on your knees like a freak, jugglin deez nuts
Smugglin these cuts from s.c., you best be-
-lieve theres no web or leave a net
We done swallowed 40 bottles of threat, yo

Chorus: all together

What you know about my writes? (my writes)
What you know about whats weak, whats tight?
And what you know about an off night? (uhh)
What you know about niggaz frontin for the light?
And what you know about them gun fights? (gun fights)
Got a nigga duckin while them girls show fright
What you know about my writes? (my writes)
Ah what you know about my writes? (my writes)

Yeah, yeah, look
Im samson without delilah, the soul survivor
The drunk driver that rolls straight, take the whole cake
Chop it up with the family, wash it down with alcohol
My tellys a desert eagle for all the fuckin shots I called
My niggaz gotta ball, never settle for less
Heavy metal, heavy on yo chest like two breasts
Step into my office cause its time for you to roll somethin
One false move, and we gon beat you like you stole somethin

Yo these style I kick should be called ? ? rap
Drawin the pussy out the nigga after my prize, cause I want it
They stomach what I throw, they know Im right for they diet
They librarian flow keeps the party real quiet (shhhhh)
The love I lost outweighs the rhymes I gain
But the fact that I spit em makes me cherish the name
So pass the mic so I can put in my share
I rip it from home to l.a.
With connectin flights to rip it elsewhere

Drinkin up black & tan in the back of a van
I learned as a young man - long trip, piss in a can
Gettin a house for two grand, now you got your own land
Let your mind expand, everyday have a plan
Ro-gram is rare earth, swingin black tarzan
You got to live with the cards dealt in yo hand
Stay young like peter pan, like sly, take a stand
And go uptown saturday night like ichiban

I keep it dirty like under the bed (dirty)
Dirty like uncle red; aiyyo, (? ? ) (? ? )
Dirty brown likwit flow thicker than the yoo-hoo
Dirt you dishin out, chef tellin it all
Face down in the dirt, doin my dirty work
Expert, tryin to regulate my network
Head jerk, spice it with rice, stick with it
If they ask who cut the grits ima say e-swift did it

Chorus w/ minor variations

And Ive been known to get it on, past the break of the dawn
Tashll punch you in your grill and leave "potholes in yo lawn"
(cmon!) you makin diss songs? spit that rhyme my way
I can shut yall niggaz down like the y-2-k
I did a tour in ninety-four with de la soul and tribe
We on the same vibe, cause real niggaz coincide
("right-right-right..") the situation is drastic
But see songs like these is why this album goin classic

This is for the dj, bring it back one time
I drop bombs like when my moms told me to rhyme
Im - old school like my dad is
So add this, to your collect, plug won - who the baddest?

Aiyyo we theme park status, upstage these niggaz like gladys
Them little pips, they done tripped the wire
Blamin they legs, while Im claimin these tunes
In this well stay down like seats found in sorority bathrooms

Yeah - we flat out classic, seperate the real from the plastic
And I gotta say no names
Play no games, hit the switches, crack the frame
Show no shame or fuck it all up, take the blame
Brand name fresh out the box type hustle
Manpower success is mind over muscle
Grind til the wheels fall off, accept the loss
I never been soft, whatever the cost, addicted to floss
Nailed to the cross its time to return
My only concern is makin sure that hollywood burn,
Hollywood burn, burn to the ground, trick-ass niggaz
Is all up in the game and dont deserve to be down

Four bottle rap, twist the cap and kick back
De la, xzibit and tha liks came to get that
And what you know about us droppin ya
And leavin you with half a face like the phantom of the opera?

Chorus w/ minor variations

[chorus extended]
Ah what you know about my writes? (my writes)
Ah what you know about my writes? (my writes)

You got the right to shut the fuck up! {*laughing*


Nobody Sound Like Me

If you saw you walking on a street and a
black man were comin' torward you
what would you be feeling?

Scared man:
Just one single black man? (yeah)
I really don't fear that
You know but if it's a group I'm talking from age thirt
even thirteen even younger than
thirteen. Yes I will walk across the street.

Well let me ask you this...

"I don't want niggas soundin' like me" -Ghostface Killah on 'Shark Niggas
"I don't want niggas soundin' like me knowhatI'msayin'?" (x2)

Yo we gettiin' restless me and D.O.G.s
Never pretendin' rather we sendin' a very clear message
Either you with me or against me punk hit 'em up
Provide housin' for these shrimp from the shells we dump
I'm makin' 'em bounce other niggas fail to bump
Til we takin' advantage of inflicting irreversable damage
It's the long awaited anticipated Likwit MC
Bombin' first cause I feel it's better to give then receive
You better believe
Xzibit stays savage above the average
When niggas try to switch turn bitch for the cabbage
But see all that irrelevant it's like tryin' to turn a whore celibate
I dance with the devil for the hell of it
Burning down your lavish lanndscape on digital tape
Cause everything you rhymin' about is actually fake
So make room for the legitamate nasty inconsiderate
Thinkin' you rankin' top dollar but really counterfeit


Niggas we null and void I get swole like a keyloid
To overload your system with rhymes for millenniums
To shut down artists with beats the deep closure
Battlin' top rank for bank and exposure
So open up your door to me Cause if it's closed
I'm a brakin' in with some pantyhose
Over the mic
So you don't know who I sound like
Executing those who record and bite to sound tight
It's not permitted by the right
The Gustopo surprising these niggas like Benny Blanco
Remember me man? You thought I was a fan till I threw you in the back of a
Yo these Drop Squad delegates rhymes are delicate
I spit on the mic to get these MC's pussys wet
For those with plans to clone me thee original
It can't be done I'm digital (digital)


Yo who wanna come see the hard rock?
The non stop green block yo whole block recieve speed knot
You need not
Get brave my bullets never graze
They hit close to home seperating flesh from bone
So better get off on your own bitch
Rollin' chrome shit tryin't to own shit
I was molded, after the best that the streets had to offer
The author of my own destiny
So I suggest you stop stressin' me
I'll find out when I pull my nine out and blow your mind out
Play a deadly game with no fouls and no time outs
Inhale large amounts of dojah forever ready like a soldier
I'm lock mode and shoot from the shoulder
And burn down your lavish landscape digital tape
Cause everything you rhyme about is actually fake
So make room for the legitamate nasty inconsiderate
Thinkin' you rankin' top dollar but really counterfeit


"I don't want niggas soundin' like me. On no album"

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