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Nobody sounds like me

If you saw you walking on a street and a
black man were comin' torward you
what would you be feeling?

Scared man:
Just one single black man? (yeah)
I really don't fear that
You know but if it's a group I'm talking from age thirt
even thirteen even younger than
thirteen. Yes I will walk across the street.

Well let me ask you this...

"I don't want niggas soundin' like me" -Ghostface Killah on 'Shark Niggas
"I don't want niggas soundin' like me knowhatI'msayin'?" (x2)

Yo we gettiin' restless me and D.O.G.s
Never pretendin' rather we sendin' a very clear message
Either you with me or against me punk hit 'em up
Provide housin' for these shrimp from the shells we dump
I'm makin' 'em bounce other niggas fail to bump
Til we takin' advantage of inflicting irreversable damage
It's the long awaited anticipated Likwit MC
Bombin' first cause I feel it's better to give then receive
You better believe
Xzibit stays savage above the average
When niggas try to switch turn bitch for the cabbage
But see all that irrelevant it's like tryin' to turn a whore celibate
I dance with the devil for the hell of it
Burning down your lavish lanndscape on digital tape
Cause everything you rhymin' about is actually fake
So make room for the legitamate nasty inconsiderate
Thinkin' you rankin' top dollar but really counterfeit


Niggas we null and void I get swole like a keyloid
To overload your system with rhymes for millenniums
To shut down artists with beats the deep closure
Battlin' top rank for bank and exposure
So open up your door to me Cause if it's closed
I'm a brakin' in with some pantyhose
Over the mic
So you don't know who I sound like
Executing those who record and bite to sound tight
It's not permitted by the right
The Gustopo surprising these niggas like Benny Blanco
Remember me man? You thought I was a fan till I threw you in the back of a
Yo these Drop Squad delegates rhymes are delicate
I spit on the mic to get these MC's pussys wet
For those with plans to clone me thee original
It can't be done I'm digital (digital)


Yo who wanna come see the hard rock?
The non stop green block yo whole block recieve speed knot
You need not
Get brave my bullets never graze
They hit close to home seperating flesh from bone
So better get off on your own bitch
Rollin' chrome shit tryin't to own shit
I was molded, after the best that the streets had to offer
The author of my own destiny
So I suggest you stop stressin' me
I'll find out when I pull my nine out and blow your mind out
Play a deadly game with no fouls and no time outs
Inhale large amounts of dojah forever ready like a soldier
I'm lock mode and shoot from the shoulder
And burn down your lavish landscape digital tape
Cause everything you rhyme about is actually fake
So make room for the legitamate nasty inconsiderate
Thinkin' you rankin' top dollar but really counterfeit


"I don't want niggas soundin' like me. On no album




1996, the Disfunctional member of the Alkohaliks family
It's XZIBIT, Bring it live, one time, like this

Verse One

Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth my while
Xzibit stay versitile
with Million Dollar lifestyle
and I can feel it as a child growin' up
the niggaz that were real and the niggaz that were scared as fuck
that's why Xzibit only roll with a chosen few
You ain't really real, I can tell when I look at you
So ease off the trigga talk, you ain't killin shit
it's not affecting me or the niggaz that I'm chillin with
I don't believe the hype or buy a Woof ticket
Nigga you make a gang of noise and never seem like a cricket
I guess that's why we never kick it
a lot of niggaz are soft and get tossed tryin to fuck with the liquid
How many niggaz do you know like this?
Also claimin that they're riding but they really turn bitch
It don't make sense
Either you're a soldier from the start
or an actor with a record deal tryin to play the part
like dat


It's a shame
niggaz in the rap game
only for the money and the fame
It's a shame
niggaz in the rap game
only for the money and the fame
Paparazzi (2x)

Verse Two

I don't need no lights no cameras
just action god dammit
never no superstar
I'm more like a planet
so my composure is kept while others start to sweat
A merchant from the fog with my fucked up dialogue
try to live high on the hog leaves you bankrupt
and niggaz you spent it on, would not give a fuck
now that's deep, how deep, It's deeper than Atlantis
Home of the scandalous
Big Bad Los Angeles
Dangerous, Vandelous
Yo, not to be trusted
so how the fuck is you hard
not being scared by the boulevard
I'm pulling that card and sayin Gin muthafuckar
flowin like liquid, soak it in muthafuckar
I'm breakin it down, my sounds, so crowds are like deaf
from the West
puttin whole counties to the test
it's all in perspective
Breaker one-nine copy
this is for the niggaz gettin caught up in the Paparazzi


Verse Three

Niggaz smoke stress and cross dress
but I just play the back
others going through schemes and pipe dreams
for a contract
real tightly rolled, fuck 'em all how I feel
I made a cool half mil
before I had a record deal
there for you look and stare like it's magic
too much of anything can make you an addict
when devils be startin static, forgot the automatic
I set it off straight, I spread hate, then I vacate, but wait
who dare to cross this path
yo, I do ya like math
cut with glass, make a blood bath
so on behalf of all niggaz I get drunk with
smoke a lot of blunts with
I dispose of your punk shit
keep it all in perspective
Carbon Copies gettin caught up in the Paparazzi




Check unheard messages: press 1,1.
First message:
X its Paul. Uh, listen, the manager of the 'Crazy Horse' just called me and
I didn't even know where the fuck you are. Iguess your in Vegas, but apperantly
you left the club two nights ago with ten plus girls, and nobodys heard from
you, nobodys heard from the girls. So, if you get around to it and you think
maby its a good idea, how 'bout you give me a call. Let me know what the fuck
is goin on. Thanks.
End of message.


Plastic Surgery

Arabian Voice:Doctor, Doctor, I need help Doctor
Nurse:Sit down and wait your turn
Xzibit: Sit your ass down

You have, scars in your mask like Seal
That ain't for real
We'll have to fix that, yo nigga sit back

Your flow remind me of a nigga that I just don't feel
Same style and delivery
Might as well have his grill
Pass the scaple, the alcohol, plants
25 hundered get you style enhanced
It's like...

This, mask right will lift your grill
It'll put height in your mack
Don't take to much off
If you want a nose like Michael Jackson

If you want it done right, nigga come see this
maybe even send your bitch
We can fix them tits
From a C cup to a double D cup
Make them big shits, doctor lick em, yeah

I like to, axe em, jack em for their financial
need a facial I'll change the skin tone in the inner racial
After I'm done, you might have a little pouch tone
Nothin' my scaple can't fix
What kind of face you want

Singing Voice:
I want the kind that make me look like I can rhyme

It'll cost you

Singing Voice:
But I can find the skrilla, if I can have that nigga face named Saafir!

That's inposterous, plus I never cloned a microphone
What type of shit you on, I hope you got insurance
Before I sit you on my gurney
And lead you to an anestetic breather
If ya not broke, I'll save your face like dope and make it right
Casue being fake ain't tight
You need plastic surgury

I hear the same ole rhymes, the same ole style
(It seems you need plastic surgury)X5

I'm located, at, the bottom of the black list
I like to malpractice, complicate a surgury
Intoxicated, smoke cigaretts, drop ass in your gases
feel the utencil, knife is dull like a pencil
And what?
When a nigga place pussy get fucked
Without a kiss or a hug, like contaminated blood,
Transfused from a junkie
With the hair of Jones, I reconstruct the bones
Of all hip hop clones

Ras Kass:
I date fat girls that weight 215
With low self esteem, cause it's easier to get the pussy
I'm performing vinyl liposuctions

Phat MC

Ras Kass:
Phat production, motherfuckin' facial reconstruction
Needles injected 33 RPM of anestic for ? to require cosmetic
sex changes from bitch niggas to ra ra niggas
the only cure for sick lyrics is to implant a hit gimmick

This shit is full blown, you better head to the clinic
After Captain Save A Hoe, we had the luitenit
Operate get straight, we hear to seperate the fake from the classic
niggas get blasted if they plastic


Ras Kass:
I'm like Dougie Howser MD with a desert eagle
Criminal Genius
operation, seperatin' them siamese twins hangin' beneath them niggas penis
Take it to your face like a skin graph
rappers, I specialize in talent transplants (word?)
You want (phat) fat lips nurse get to college
And ten tons of stomach pumps from all the cum you and Richard Gere be
Now followin' aks Vanna to buy you flowers
so you can C (see) I A (aye) E-Swift O (Oh) U (you) know Y (why)
We remain uncontested to the contender, we can
Million Man March all the way to December
January, Feburary 28th

I, never, wash my hands
The only rubber gloves I wear is on my dick
But I'll split you quick
Like Jackie Chan, the way I switch my wristhand
I make ya sick, but I'm a doctor, don't trip
Hopefully, in surgury, I won't slip
on a tile that file and twist ya lips
Like Collin Powell
Descriptions I'm overwrite
For the ones thats over bitin' on dental records
bitin', to God, send your blessings
I'll put your mask on, fast like Romidon minks
and bitches, I have, ? half blind in the paper, they named me
A Large Professor, a Mad Scientist, with a long line of clients
You don't have an appointment or an application
For me to attack your face in my practice
Never lackin' when I"m insurting these plastic patches
Seems like you need plastic surgury


Positively Negative

King Tee:
Now let me introduce whose first
The nigga that's been down
with the set since birth
Whatever it was worth
I checked in on the norm
Since a juvenile callin'
Shots in the dorm
Moms said you better get right
Or shake the spot
I chose to break and be a rollin' stone
Like pop
Stashin' the rocks by the gats
With the Gs
So I can talk crazy when the narks yell freeze!
I don't fight the feelin'
Gotta hustle with a passion
Comin' cross state to put you down
With some action
In actuallity I keeps it real in the streets
Remininsin' younger days
Over gangsa ass beats
And I,
Hit the weed
Til myeye balls bleed
While my life is corrupted
By lust and greed
Serve you anything from cocaine
Up to speed
I came with the drank
So here's five on the weed

See kids don't belong
Up in grown folks buisness
The Likwit niggas rollin' through with a thickness
Sickness bear witness
Like tequlla without a chaser
It burns going down
Niggas guarenteed to drown
Legendary sound
From the west coast underground
The mighty King Tee
And Mr. X to the Z, see
Never underestimate the power
Of the X man
Dismantle your plans
Or just catch you with a back hand
Xzbit bring it to you live
With the know how
Cool in a gang
And ain't about to change
My lifestyle
Catchin' bodies in this uphill battle
But Xzibit unravel
Have smoke will travel
I bust Teflon rhymes
Into the crowd, bitch
You anin't Steve Rif
So stop trying to get Loud
You need to pump your brakes to avoid the collision
Xzibit still winnin'
Unanimous decisions

King Tee:
It's going down
Once again everybody lay down
Run your money and the jewels
To the front without a sound
The infamous supreme King Tee
Glad to meet ya
Derranged in the mothafuckin' brain
Through ya speaka and hey
I walk around the hood lookin' looped
Strapped like a mothafuckin'
Desert strom troop
Niggas be like "King Tila
How you get that Benz?"
By sending birds to Oklahoma City
To my friends
I slang my gangsta funk
Through the night
Sometimes I fight
Like I'm the ghost of Eric Wright
Compton is where I dwell
It's like hell
Slangin' the shit that got the smokers
In a spell
And all my homies live lives
Like crooks
Rich and infamous
Hoes wanna look but get shook
Cause we don't trust you hoes
You'll have a nigga fucked up
With a bullet through his clothes
Positively nothings positive
Negativity positively how we live
Positively nothings positive
Negativity positively how we live

Ladies and gentlemen
Undivided attention
Xzibit get you open like Nicole Brown Simpson
It's the...
Most dangerous things next to grizzles
Unsolved mysteries
Xzibit hit you penetentary style
Quick sharp and straight to the neck
I'm heavy on your chest
I'm all up in your life
Like stress
The coast that resides to your left
Whre niggas perpitrate
And catch a fate worse than death
And like Cyanide I'm hard to detect
Got more desighns and stragiht lines
Than an architect
King Tee chapter four
Verse seven reads
Xzibit shall come and break down humanity
Niggas lose ther're sanity
Trying to handle me
Dysfunctional member of the Alkaholik family


Prime Time

Yo its prime time, only when the beats and the rhymes shine
All that other bullshit can move it to the sidelines
Whoever you are, wherever you at
You are now breakin your necks wit true underground vets
Yo its prime time, only when the beats and the rhymes shine
All that other bullshit can move it to the sideline
Ladies and gentlemen, what we have for you
Mr. catashtraphe from the likwit crew

A lot of rappers fuck it up, catashtraphell fuck it down
Im so hungry for the mic like we just gettin off the ground
But my style is at a national
Three albums in, you ask your friends about catash
Theyll say "tash can injure ninja"
The gunner, I walkin in ask about the spread
Bet against the likwit crews the best way to lose your wig
Cuz Im above yall niggaz heads, below yall niggaz knees
My stylell get you drunk till you cant say your "abcs"
I get my write on, nick at nite wit my light on
Cuz goin plat-i-num is what my homies got they sight on
Cuz I been mega-tight on microphones since I was tethen
I may not look like Im the deepest, but looks is deceivin
Cuz I be takin mines into deep space nine
Wit a sip of brew for me and two sips for mankind
Cuz tash got the style wit more soul than solid quartz
I got that big game, you might hear my name on ea sports

Yo its prime time, only when the beats and the rhymes shine
All that other bullshit, can move it to the sidelines
Whoever you are, wherever you at
You are now breakin your necks wit true underground vets
Yo its prime time, only when the beats and the rhymes shine
*flex starts cuttin*
All that other bullshit, can move it to the sidelines
Ladies and gentlemen what we have for you
*flex blends into next song*


Pussy Pop

[Method Man]

It's the Meth in the house! Ha, yeah, break it down.


When it's all said in done, we gon' be on top
Cause we don't stop, now, lock it down, hit the spot
and clown; Niggas relyin on special effects
While the khakis and chronic, got the bitches still breakin they neck
Move the crowd without breakin a sweat
Trend setter, with a Beretta, so keep it on deck
Cause you never know when Xzibit gonna move through the set
Don't be scared, just be prepared and quiet as kept
At a night club, talkin bout you don't go out
And you tryin to got to school and make a certain amount
But the last part, I just couldn't figure it out
I guess its real hard to talk with a dick in your mouth
Lightweight, like confetti, steadily tested by motherfuckers who ain't ready
To deal with the legendary
Soopafly, emcee, and bullett logo
Shot callers, clear the whole block like we po-po

Chorus: Method Man

Round and round we go, it don't stop
Till we all get dough, c'mon, make it hot
Baby girl to the pussy pop, pussy pop
Lick shots for the pussy pop, pop, pop!
Lookin good with your stink-ass
Type of ass make a nigga pull it over fast
Make it hot, baby girl to pussy pop, pussy pop
Lick shots for the pussy pop, pop pop!

[Jayo Felony]

Well, you gotta pop the pussy, get rid of the next with a name on your gums
It's the ?Bidulo Gang? bitch, we both want some
You got titties and ass
But I got a dick and some cash
You ain't talkin bout shit
Then I'ma smash, bitch
On three, on me, bitch, you my property
Daddy Jayo Felony, ain't nobody stoppin me
And I said daddy, bitch thats what you gon' call me
I ain't no simp or a wimp
I'ma motherfuckin pimp
Tear spots in my hoes, make they high-heels fall off
You got me ? the fuck-up, if you think I'm goin soft
on ya; I'm hard on my hoes that's how it goes
Bitch, get up off your toes, and get my six-four
? My name, you bounced, so you might as well break bread
And only Dulo niggas know, whats the head
My name is Billy Loco and this is my opinion
I'm coming from SD, and Dulo is my religion
Be-b-b-b- atch!



I don't save or pray, or ? clothes
All I really wanna do is win the game, fuck hoes!
In Jamaica, at the Half Moon Villa, with a killa
And a cocain dealer, layin low from the law
See it all comes down to who's quick to draw first
Pay attention, prevention, ridin off in a hearse
Mister X to the you know me
Thousand-dollar bitches wanna pop the pussy for free
The disfunctional member of the Alkoholik family tree
Frequently bang bitches, Wu-Tang, Killer Bee
Hennessey on the rocks, with Pina Coloda
At the Ramada, make you work hard like Donna
For the cheese, got you down on your hands and knees
After that we kick back and burn up some trees
Mad shout, cause Xzibit's not the type to be treatin
I'm an Alkoholic and I'm late for my meeting
(Come on, Like that!)



Recycled Assassins

Theres no escape from the ones who harassin
The reason for the illin is the reason for askin
Now I try to school em on the killin and blastin
But season after season they recycle assassins now

Hes too advanced for his own good
He didnt get a second chance to see the glock pointed at his hood
Makin his way through the rain hes caught in the game
He felt the pain of a slug to the back of the brain
Nothins changed in a city flask
Where niggas lurk in black shirts pants and low hats, forever
Until the job is done and no ones left
My man jeff told me with his very last breath
To watch moms
But they got her with the car bomb
Pop tried to save her second blast got his arm
Niggas play for keeps like casino
Babys has got fathers just got back from doin chino
With nothin to lose loose screws in the attic
The only skill a nigga knows is how to strip an automatic
And stash the barrel stab a nigga something terrible
Death resume 20 kill in incredible time
No guilt and shame
On the mind stuck a nigga for lookin didnt know he was blind
So I find
Mankind is a serious threat
To another others kind when theres something to get
In a vet gonna fast jet to the spot to see what they got
Nobody saw shit cause its not
Cool to brake the rule of the code of the streets
Niggas frightened by the visions of the blood on the sheets
And its deep how blood drys as a mother crys
Open eyes gettin landed on by flys
Theres no disgues for the ones who harassin
The reason for the illin is the reason for askin now


I came from a family of one girl and three boys
Fuck playin with toys our fun was on the block
Watchin all the cats negotate the neighborhood stock
My job was to come runnin whenever cops was comin
My older brother I figure was the ring leader
Whenever these cats move they all bring heaters
All black and nickel plated (cmon)
Soon became fasinated bitches cars and kicks
And look at how fast they made it
My younger brother gave less than a fuck he was content
With g.i. joe and tonka trucks
But I want butts, livin first class delux
15 years old soldier ready to serve these clucks
My older brother was touched
Its a game where you dont play gotta have cane
Crack house for my birthday
The next day my brother shot in cold blood by the police
In a rage he lived but he payed the price
Caught with keys 25 to life
Takin in by the crew time to standed on my own two (cmon nigga)
But as I marinated thinkin about the hood
I really cant remember my body doin good
For long big decisions somebody got to make em
Undercover recognize the face now cant shake a
Phone tap (what) and now Im in the belly of the beast
Use to sittin in leather sheets now Im sittin awaitin release
Visitors day, my younger brother came down
Put the toys down excited about the first round
He bust I was crushed to finally see
The solution to the problem could of started with me
Its on now



Release Date

Yeah, today the big day

Been here four years, eleven months and twenty-nine hot ones
One more day and Im a free man walkin
Leavin from behind these gates, I paid my debt to the state
And ever since they took the weights
Wasnt much for a nigga to do but start thinkin
Wishin I was back home drinkin every weekend
Remember like its yesterday, eight-teen and ?
I cant remember the letters I just wrote a lot of them
Goin for a ride that I cannot stop
Set up shop in cochran, connect the dots
And for those that dont know, thats the pen-east to fresno
Northeast to baskersfield, fuck "lets make a deal"
Livin around niggaz who kill, right along with the niggaz who will
At the drop of a hat, sharpen up anything hard to stab you with that
Niggaz givin up the manhood they cant get back
Its a sick university, murder the cirriculum
Concrete campuses, I miss los angeles
More than that Im missin my kids
Missin my turf, missin my bitch, what could be worse?
Shouldnt have asked that, called the bitch collect (its xzibit)
Some nigga picked up, wanted to break her neck
When kites slide up under your door, you slide them back
Cause when you pick em up and read em thats where youre at
And if you aint rollin with that then watch your back
Level four right away, gettin hit the same day
Playin the price for the games you play
Never realize how precious time is til you give it away
Cant remember what a t-bone taste like
I stayed awake nights listening to the sounds of prison life
Motherfuckers cryin, shanks gettin sharpened
Tacs gettin taced up, plottin and talkin
Sellin everything from weed to blow
When its time for you to go youre the last to know
Niggaz holdin weight, essays got the power
Locked down, one shower every seventy-two hours
? tuna, trigger happy sharpshooters
Waitin for the jump off, cant wait to thump off
Had to smash a nigga readin my shit
Tryin to intercept my outside and write my bitch
I seen niggaz sleep for weeks, get too weak
And then physically and mentally cannot compete
Find new shit to master, make the time move faster
Home sweet home, shipped off to land caster
Kept a low pro, close to home and Im trippin
Time to catch up with all the shit that I been missin
Everybody runnin they mouth, pussy to count
Cause bitches in cali love niggaz thats freshed out
But some of these niggaz on swipe
Gettin out with the virus caught from the nigga he liked
Fuck that, when I touch back I got plans
If I cant rock the powder, rock the fans
Give my naked pictures away, shake some hands
Hope I never seen none of you motherfuckers again
On all times take the long walk to the front gate
Dress out expandin shit, today my release date

[x] alright my niggaz, Im gone, see you in an ounce dog, woo!
[g] whats up nigga
[x] yeah, whats up nigga
[g] hey get in the car, my nigga, sup x?
Here goes ya motherfuckin chain nigga
Lucky I didnt pawn that motherfucker
[x] ha, yeah right
Check it out dog, everybody know that you just got out
That shit was all on the radio
But dig it I got two strippin bitches
Just flew in from motherfuckin las vegas
Ready to get down and dirty, I got a pound of weed, got on the hennessy
Everybody at the club waitin, what you wanna do?
[x] take me to the motherfuckin studio


Rework The Angles

* also featured on sway and king techs "this or that"

Check it out now
I work the angles like, off the cushion in the sidepocket
Electrifying like a live socket
Hit em with all flavors, yup
We tryin to be neighbords with pro-ballplayers, Im talkin papers
Or keep it realer, and see me on a iron caterpillar
On point like a killer, plus ready, to deliver
Type gifted, treat the mic right, or I might rip it
Critics dig my style cause I write different, no hype
I just kick it, low-lifes, they wanna get it
I shine like the ice when I hold mics, everytime
Got every dime, sayin this nigga so nice, you know what?
They so right, you get stuck, Ill go twice
Lit it up when I blow mics

Show mic precise, require sacrifice
Thats no hassle, the master got more loops than lassos
Yall hear me? they all conspiracy theories
Worthless, like testing ev defeats the purpose
Since the beginning, intrigued by pot and attentive women
Breakbeats and windmills on concrete
Covered by cardboard, seafloor to skyline
Bottom line, in rhyme yo, put in time you shine
Thats right sometimes I get so hyped
I feel like diamond d the best producer on the mic
I aced this -- most punchlines are tasteless
Regular, average, mediocre, makeshift
To all my djs, with skills you got a lotta
This aint on your mixtape, yo it coulda been hotta
The method in this game theyll have you drained and strangles
Dont go to them, let em come to you, and work the angles

Dont sleep on, I leave your knee torn, like sehorn
Liquid mc storm, like children of the corn, a wild freeform
Of energy, mentally fit to last a century
Like centuries, one double-zero translate to victories
You kiddin me me? come wack thats not my history
Kidnap the wack and break his ankles, remember +misery+?
Lyrically youre skatin out of control
Work the angles round the globe, from newark to south pole
Its so cold that mcs catch pneumonia
Im airborne, from l.a. to barcelona
I rock heads from pomona out the bronx
Drop the sure needle contact, now watch me launch
Djs, you jugglin, that means Im bubblin
Defari on the remix fix, this shit is thunderin
Picture me fumblin or droppin the ball
Thats like picturin guy without that nigga aaron hall

Well if a brother gets the best of me
Aint no use in sniveling and blaming the referee
Fuck that, I strip the mic with tenacous d
Kick it up to evidence, yo kick it out to me!
Line up the three, trifecta stroked properly
Rocca, I work the angles triple opticly
The hip-hop multi-beat real monopoly
My g is god, whats your g for, geometry?
This man of war beats cold on the seashore
An deeo enough to take it to the sea floor
Every single beat bangs like a c-4
We drop beats, why you asking what the beat for?
The spitfire fighter dilated entity
Im learning shockers like shockra building energy
While barbershops sipping henny like the kennedys
Im always been independent, thats word to beni b
Its guaranteed

Make t-shirts and slingshots, I bust khakis out, bounce to the weed spot
Naturally, me and my faculty never play with this
I used to love h.e.r. too, but now I fucking hate the bitch
Shes sucking up to all the niggas with the chains and whips
But thats alright, because all she do for me is pay the rent
And keep it moving, got a bad habit of losing my cool
Acting a fool, breaking out tools, and making the whole corwd move
Towards the exit, this be the next shit, we got you dilated
Hotter than satan, the repeated parole violations
Xzibit work the angles, cordless to dirty angels
How the west was won: with microphones and turntables

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Xzibit, ( 8)
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