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Ride Or Die

(feat. Tone)

We just ride and get high, 'til the sun cracks the sky
Keep that heat by my side, that's how gangsters get by
Cause it's an eye for an eye, when I bust you that's fly
My gun never been shy, that's how gangsters get by
It's either ride or die...

[Verse 1: Xzibit]
... we just boogy, advance
The rubber band stack thick in my pants
Real gangsters make plots and plans and touch dirt
Only prayin for the day when they can wash they hands
Real gangsters leave nothin to chance at first glance
If it ain't a sho' thing then you bet' not swing
Real gangsters keep that Cutlass clean, keep the monsters mean
And when you dump it drop it right at the scene
Real gangsters got a gangsta lean
You might not talk red, black, or blue but everybody talk green
Glance to my left look over my right shoulder
Livin life in my rearview, FUCK stayin sober
Forget back I sit back and wait for the click-clack
Real gangsters want real spit so I spit that
Real gangsters don't even say it
They just hit the trunk cock it and spray it
Light up your Christmas! Yeah!


[Verse 2: Xzibit]
... and don't slip up
It's way too late when the bodybags zip up
Real gangsters pray for they soul when they get up
You live by the gun but you'll die by that hit up
Watch that rig up, find yo'self in a box
in a spot where the cops can't dig up
Real gangsters ain't just thugs in bandanas
Slugs and big cannons, drugs and big hammers
Real gangsters open up ya minds and expand 'em
Why was Tupac really spittin at the cameras?
Cause real gangsters get no peace, they want us six feet deep
or locked down in the belly of the beast
Real gangsters make bread, rise like yeast
Won't hesitate to put hot chrome to ya teeth
So fuck beef! Real gangsters load heat
When ya see 'em in the street better call the police, c'mon


[Verse 3: Tone]
... syndrome is a fear
that inner-city residents have of they own peers
People in they own community
usin a case where two blacks got smoked by one in '93
And ain't now nigga be the murder case
Usin and servin survival shit as a defense plea
In Cali big knot (knot)
The judicial system out here'll have you level fo' 'til you rot
It's because of the system we violence stricken
Forced to frequent the zone when the reefer's driftin
And it's hella drift cause in Southeast Danglewood
Damn near, 30 years of Bloodin and Crippin
And we inflicted with a disease mo' trip than an H-I-V
Can't nuthin protect you from a hundred, drummer 2-2-3's
You can call the police
Wear a V-E-S-T but forget about safety



Rimz and Tirez

Take a chance, come dance with a cowboy
Playin stopped playin long time ago with childish toys
It's only men in here; deuce deuce inch Pirelli
and Goodyear niggaz, sip malt liquor beer
They gave me sixth man of the year, came off the bench for Tha Liks
Shot the lights out at the championship
Big chips, big trips, new fits, my money clip's
full of green cheese, my other pocket got green weed
Rap niggaz, we different individuals
Elevate the level of the music and the visuals
It's do or die, I need a +Priest+, call +Superfly+
Whatever we discuss when we meet's between you and I
I'm truly high, red-eyed for the red-eye flight
Five hours, eight drinks, I rode all night, shit
Everyday, every night's a saloon
Crime blitty, good bottle, million dollar tunes

[Chorus: Goldie Loc]
Love when when you're out there on the ave
When you're down 24/7, niggaz don't know the half
My Romeo's step down on the pedal
my back keeps on scrapin the metal
I be coastin and be coastin, hittin three wheel motion
with my rimz and tirez

I ain't never seen Kevlar flesh (hell naw)
Y'all bitch niggaz is flirtin and fuckin with death
I was taught to stick with the right and work with the left
Never love nothin, never turn snitch and confess
Got catch me in the heat of the act, and run the risk
of catchin three to the back, and try walkin with that (yeah!)
I ain't goin to the pen for shit, except to snatch up
my loved ones to get loose and hop the fence
It ain't hard to look hard, snatch up a catalogue
Mad dog to niggaz that walk up your boulevard (yeah!)
But one day, you gon' feel it (what?)
I'm a firm believer in the theory if it bleeds, I can kill it
A hit man for hire (yeah!) caught up in the crossfire
The live wire, leak a nigga like a vampire
My empire roll rimz and tirez
Either get with us, forget us and get behind us, muh'fuckers


Ride along, with my rimz and tirez
Side along

Mr. Recycler (what?) I'm lookin for a sixty-two Chevy
and she kinda bad, threw him six and I was read'
(Whatchu want me to do?) To get spic and span
Man I'm glad you came and got me from that old white man (good lookin)
He took me to a spot in Long Beach, hooked me up with four pumps
(bzzt) but everybody in the hood can't jump (bzzt)
And I change colors when the sun hit me
Fix me up, now my owner wanna slang me for 50?
Bling bling, now I belong to a Japanese
And they was quick to throw me in the magazines
I make money (huh?) I never broke down, fools trippin
(Check it out) How many cars you see in Seoul on streets dippin?
(None) Afraid to get that ass caught slippin (why?)
For me it was an easy task
I kept an engine on my ass with heat under the dash
Fool (peep game) I was born to lowride on rimz and tirez, yeah

[Chorus] - 2X

[ad libs to end


Saturday Night Live

(feat. Jelly Roll)

Ahhh! We bout to go this motherfuckin club tonight, y'knahmean?
Poke some motherfuckin hoes, y'knahmean?
Make sure them hoes, y'knahmean? Gon' act accordingly, y'knahmean?
Some nigga over there tryin to love one hoe
Y'knahmean? You got one hoe!
Nigga youse a stone motherfuckin Jackson
Nigga youse a stony Jackson, you can't fuck with us
So nigga, tuck your tail and hide your hoe nigga

[Jelly Roll]
We parked our rides, in front of club
All these niggaz started givin us love
Sayin I'm the shit, Xzibit you the shit
Jelly Roll get 'em, can I be for real?
It's Strong Arm and Jelly Roll, cool for real
Yeah motherfucker, why don't you just chill
Cause I'm just coolin at the spot
Ain't much wrong plus you're makin it hot
I like shinin from all the grindin
Girl's best friend, man I'm just like diamonds
I like khakis and Air Force Ones
Gangsters in the hood with them air force guns
We poppin them tags, our pockets fat
We fin' to put the world in a shopping bag
Nigga X the man, and I'm the man
We tryin to make you love it, don't you understand?

If you're with Strong Arm, you're really down with us
If you get high, then get a blunt and roll it up
Your hood's gon' ride, then let me see you throw it up
If you ready I'm ready see really we don't give a fuck
Get'cha ass up if you're really down with us
Girl you ain't cute, get on the floor and move your butt
The bar is open everybody's gettin drunk
If you're ready I'm ready see really we don't give a fuck

Another night in L.A., the homies all valet
We got it lookin the dub show in front of the place
Strong Arm + 75, we so deep we arrive
and then we swarm like you fucked with the hive
Gotta look a nigga right in the eyes, to tell the truth and the lies
Even the strong find it hard to survive
Another day another dollar we can walk on water
Better, drop your tone, you ain't nobody's father
Hotter than about a buck shot your carne asada
X burn down the town like a path of lava
Pathological drama so we got it inside
Is it the wine or the women it's so hard to decide
Look alive it's crackin; this is organized street hustlin
with corporate backin promotin interstate traffic (traffic)
Classic, smash out right
Cause live from Los Angeles it's Saturday Night

Cause I, can get yo' ass on the floor
Cause this, is this the funk that you want?
The hand, it comes way up in the air
And wave 'em all around like you just don't caaaaaaaaare
Bitch, come off of those pots
Stop, shake that junk in your trunk
See you, can move this groovyville shit
The shake that makes the whollllle club flip


You might get shot in the face if you don't stay in your place
You ain't a soldier like me you a fuckin disgrace
X move like a shark in the water, I'm dodgin death and disorder
I'll get you hit it won't cost me a quarter
I was sent here to strangle and slaughter in no particular order
Your big mouth might endanger your daughter
Another day another digit I'ma speak it and live it
Better get yourself a gun 'fore you fuck with Xzibit
Pockets shorter than a midget, you can fuckin forget it
X green light the target and easily hit it
Grab the zone and split it so we smokin them woods
Steady givin niggaz the business and keepin it hood
Firearms we packin, this is military mindstate
that's ready for action we mercenaries and assassins (blastin)
Clashin, smash out right
Cause live from Los Angeles it's Saturday Night

[Jelly Roll]
Let's hit the club and get it on tonight
Let's get drunk this is Saturday Night
Just got paid, shine my chrome up tight
Time to get it crackin, off the Henn' tonight
X is here, the gang is here
Jelly Roll production bangin crystal clear
I've been low, now check my highs
Million dollar niggaz right before yo' eyes

In Los Angeles, homey (it's Saturday Night)
In Houston, dogg (it's Saturday Night)
In Miami, mate (it's Saturday Night)
In Atlanta, shorty (it's Saturday Night)
In St. Louis, dirty (it's Saturday Night)
In New Orleans wodie, yo (it's Saturday Night)
In New York City, yo (it's Saturday Night)
Around the world baby, yo (it's Saturday Night)

On some straight motherfuckin pimpin shit, y'knahmean?


Scent Of A Woman

Yeah...Check it out...They say behind every strong man
Is an even stronger woman

Cause she, was put here to defeat me
Cause she, cuss me out, quick to leave me
Cause she, not what I want, not what I want, not what I need
Cause she, blow my phone up, to reach me
Cause she, tried to lock, now she leaves me
Cause she, not what I want, not what I want, not what I need

Man, (?) with that sucka, she
I'm from a place, where they quick to say "Fuck A Bitch"
And gettin' grits, off of pussy, try ta get a hitch
But I'm a bachelor, stackin' it, drinkin', need to quit
Me and my clique, ride through cities like we own da shit
You caught my eye, looking fly, body lookin' thick
So who am I? I reply with my government, exchange the numbers
Escapades for days, satisfying my hunger
Don't trip, you from a long list, a long line
Get in line, you so fucking fine, you spendin' time
Introduce you as a friend of mine, never my woman
I got 20/20 cord vision, seein' you comin'
Livin' my life, I don't need a wife
But you persist, tryin' ta strengthen our relationship
But I'm a dog, and a dog gotta run the streets
Without a leash, this ain't workin' so I'm sayin' peace
You ain't the one for me!


You found some way to hold on, through all the bullshit
Never seen a woman so strong, I used to pull shit
Now them days, long been gone, I gotta move in them streets
Provide a place for all my peoples to eat
I'm feelin stuck, had to hustle up
The A-T-F, hit the house, had me shackled up
You lost your mind, hate the time, I was in and out
You never let a brother down, when you stressin out
You stressin' wanted me, to figure out a different route
You could've left, but you a rider and stuck it out
And it's a trip, because it's like you never missed a beat
You waited anxiously, patiently, stayin' strong for me
I sat aside, thinking back to the way I was
The way I am, and how I gotta be a stronger man
I understand that you love me and you want the best
but if you wanna take the good, you gotta take the rest
I rock a vest, baby!

Cause I, run these streets for my struggle
Cause I, carry heat for my troubles
Cause I, is that what you want, is that what you want, is that what you need?
Cause I, want family so I'm buildin
Cause I, want you just for my children
Cause I, is that what you want, is that what you want, is that what you need?

And all this time it was you
Baby forgive me for the pain, I was puttin you through
It's me and you against the world, so I'm keepin' it true
I know I haven't been the best, the wrong things I must do
I used to think I was the MAN, wasn't havin a clue
I wasn't lookin for no love, but I found it in you
It's so true, behind every great man is a women
Every time you call me, Baby Girl, I'm a come runnin
You got a soldier livin' right, girl you saved my life
I sacrifice, anything to keep my family tight
I seen the light, and when the world try to beat me down
You always given me another reason, I can smile
Cause you beleived in me, when there was nothin there to see
My wife can be my better half, complete my family tree
Ugh, nothin can stop us now, ?Verawane? gown
Watchin your father, walk his little lady down the isle
Cause you the one for me!

Cause she, was put here to complete me
Cause she, wooze the earth, underneath me
Cause she, got what I want, got what I want, got what I need
Cause she, won't let go, she won't leave me
Cause she, won't leave, what she don't need me
Cause she, got what I want, got what I want, got what I need

Dedicated to the real ones out there
Ugh, yeah, this is for you



Verse 1.

its a long day Friday
its like movin on this way
got Xzibit up tight, right
Partner cam through wit two white boys
talkin noise bout a hot spot
where bitches come alone
and niggas dont cop block
let the top drop
and we out
hit the liquor store
give me O.E. and three blunts
no make it four
anything else
(Vitamin C pills and orange juice)
what are you drinking gin
(no dude its the shroomz)
the shroomz? (what?)
yeah thats some other shit
one of the reasons why George Clinton sees the mother ship
how high it make you get
fucked up?
throw it up, guts
or do it have you stuck wit soft dick and cant fuck
hold up

Verse 2.

now chew 'em up and slam the orange juice
vitamin c chase
kill the taste
you can tell its nasty by the look on my face
dont get it twisted like a nigga coked up
and druggied down
see cannibus and mushrooms be comin from the ground
all natural
post it at the club
looking funny style
tight slack
pimp feather hat
where the bitches at
we giving orders at the bar holding money
when all of a sudden
all the people started looking funny
and started lookin runny
and likwitfy
right before my very eye
this is a different kind of high

(ohh shit, you see this shit
this motherfuckers melting and shit)

Verse 3.

niggas and bitches walkin by that i recognize
feeling hypnotized
pupils dialated changing size
thats when i heard the battle cries from across the room
set thes crooked niggas straight
nickel proof
for mom
i brought wild niggas smashing you
came crashing through
elbows and right hooks for you
we got thrown out by this time
my shit is blown out
pull the phone out
accelleration and we bone out
in the zone out beyond
Captain Kurk and cling on
shit that im on
be high powered like a yukon
back to my house
fucked up
trying to see straight
how much of that bullshit did I actually take
(2 grams duuude)
god damn
no wonder why I feel like a underneath total white boy fagot
we got beef
over did it holms
niggas playin bones in the living room
try to find anything to mess with
where my keys at
pickin up clothes
trying to fold this shit
see my riot gage on teh wall
better unload this shit
fucked up niggas and fire arms dont mix right
cocked back the chamber
dumping shells till it felt lite
thought I dumped the all
counted 7
but it was 8
straight gone
point the barrel at teh flow and let it go

(fuck!, shit!...wooow...ah ah ah its cool, I just shot the flow man.
Its all good, its all good...ah ah where everbody at, ah shit (haha)
fuckin wit dat shit


So Good (With Davina)

Tres, un, tres
Tres, un, tres
Tres, un, tres
Tres, un, tres
(repeat through rap)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Feel so good, yeah, ha
Feels so good
Like this, yeah, feel so good
Hey ya live, bring it

See I been waiting all my whole life
For something like this
Who woulda thought the end of all time
Would start wit a kiss
I'm not the type to show emotion
At the drop of a dime
But at the bottom of the line
The decision is mine

To approach and get close
Takin' a chance in a way
But Xzibit give a damn what the next man say
Because you only die once
I'm tryin' to live to the limits
And it just now hit me that
I wanna take you wit me

For the long haul, I'll be there
Whenever you call
And get together, we stand
And everything goes according to plan
We'll be tight from tonight
'Till the daylight
If lovin' you is wrong
Then I don't wanna be right
So good

Never have I been so mystified
By anyone's love before (hey, yeah)
I feel so natural
I keep coming back for more
And each time we touch you open up a new door

Baby, you're such a midnight tease
It's gonna take everything to keep you from me (hey, yeah)
And the joy that your lovin' brings
Can separate the mountains from the sea

1 - I don't wanna be wrong
But it feels right
If loving you is so wrong
I don't want to go on

2 - I don't wanna be wrong
But it feels right
It feels good
So good, so good, so good

Spent so many nights believing I was wrong
For you being in my life
I can't ignore it when
Some say that it ain't right (It ain't right)
But I decided you're the best thing that happened
In my life

I haven't had everything (oh no)
But you come close to everything that love means (hey yeah)
In heaven's eyes love is embraced between you and I
Now that we have each other
I don't have to dream

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

I don't wanna be wrong
But it feels right
If loving you is so strong
It can't be wrong

Repeat 2

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yo
I walk the earth like Kane from Kung Fu
To kick it wit you
And all your people like to criticize
The things that we do
But I don't sweat it, what we got baby
Is good like credit
And be careful what you wish for
You just might get it, forget it

I'm not about to let this good thing go
I try to keep it on the low
Put on a show like a Giggalo, so
It's dedicated to the one that I got
And other folks that start the talking
Would be walkin' the spot

But they don't understand we in a place
They can't even see
Besides, I'm not livin' for them
I'm livin' for me
And it don't take no brain surgeon wit a master's degree
To try to figure out
What real love is really about

Just let me live to the fullest
And keep my name at your mouth
And I won't bring you no drama
Without no reasonable doubt
So therefore, I'm not the one to try to knock like wood
You be my baby forever
Because it feels so good

Like this and a, and that
With Davina, like

Tres, un, tres
Tres, un, tres

Repeat 2
Repeat 1
Repeat 1


Some L.A. Niggaz

[MC Ren]
Yeah nigga, MC Ren up in this motherfucker
(West West y'all)
Yeah, L.A. niggaz
L.A. niggaz rule the world nigga
Y'all niggaz gotta recognize, yaknahmsayin?
Niggaz don't wanna peep game, yaknahmsayin?
But this shit come all the way back around here
My nigga Dre, droppin heat box on y'all bitch-ass
Yaknahmsayin? You gotta recognize
L.A. niggaz, connected all over the motherfuckin world, nigga
Recognize this

[Time Bomb]
Now in my younger days I used to sport a rag
Backpack full of cans plus a four-four mag
G'd from the feet up
Blued up from the sewer's how I grew up
Loc'n, smokin and drinkin til we threw up (threw up)
At Leimert Park, taggin, hittin fools up
Ditchin my class, just to fuck yo' school up
You don't wanna blast, nigga tuck yo' tool up
But don't sleep, y'all niggaz quick to shoot you
Now there's another motherfucker with no future
But Time Bomb much smoother when I manuever, dope like Cuba
Got em jumpin {*King T starts speakin, indecipherable*

[King T]
I'm comin "Straight Outta Compton" with a loose cannon
Smoke big green, call it Bruce Banner
Watch your manners, at last another blast from the top notch
From way back with the pop rocks, I pop lock witcha
Picture this, Dr. Dre twistin wit Tha Liks
and Hittman bought a fix
Don't trip, it's a Time Bomb in this bitch
Here it tick tick tick tick {*BOOM*
Wait a minute it's on, I tell it like a true mackadelic
Weed and cocaine sold seperate, check it
From sundown to sunup -- clown done run up
The Aftermath'll be two in your gut, nigga what?

Chorus: Knoc-Turn'al, Kokane

We roll deep, smoke on weed drink and pack heat
Requirements for survival each day -- in L.A.!
It don't stop, we still mash in hot pursuit from the cops
Analyze why we act this way -- in L.A.!

Gimme that mic fool, it's a West coast jack move
They call me Hitt - cause I spit like gats do
cock me back
Bust caps for my max crew, at Fairfax
who used to wear Air Max shoes, that's true
But I grew up where niggaz jack you, harass you
Blast you, for that set you claim (where you from?)
Mash on you for your turkish chain, C.K. B.K.
Blued up or flame, I ran wit a gang
I helped niggaz get, jacked for they Dana Dane's
My pants hang below my waistline
I look humble wanna rumble? (yeah yeah)
I bang though, like Vince Carter from the baseline
don't waste my time
Fuck a scrap in killa Cali, AK's and 9's
One-time's, sunshines, and fine-ass bitches
Hawaiian thai, drive-by, six-fo's on switches

I was raised in the hood called WHAT-THE-DIF'
Where the brothers in the hood, refused to go Hollywood
Slugs for the fuck of it
Anybody hatin on us can suck a dick
If I catch you touchin mine you catch a flatline, dead on the floor
Better than yours, drivin away gettin head from a whore
It's AvireX-to-the-Z
Fuckin with me might get you banned from TV,
cassette and CD it's all mine the whole nine the right time
Multiply, we don't die, the streets don't lie
What, so neither do I, I'm bad for your health
like puttin a pistol up to your face and blastin yourself

Five in the mornin, burglars at my do'
Glock forty-five in my dresser drawer
Let em come in BLAOW he see the thunder roll
Roll with niggaz, who by fifths by the fo'
and bruise by the case
SLAP YOU in the face with the bass, Dr. Dre laced
Likwit Kings wit Sedans and gold rings
Haters fold the style, but can't find no openings


In L.A.

That's how we ride (4X)


Sorry Im Away So Much

(Xzibit talking)
Come here Tre, what's up son, come on
To whom it may concern, yeah, listen
Sorry I'm away so much, yeah, yeah
All the sons, daughters, penitentary niggas, yeah, feel me
Uh, sorry I'm away so much, yeah

My son was born about four and a half years ago
Nothin protected him, amazin how fast they grow
I came to know about his likes and his dislikes, yeah
Video games, taught him how to ride his first bike
This is the life my little nigga, I see you gettin all upset
When I leave the house, poutin, let me tell you about
Tryna make it in this world and provide for you
'Cause on them overseat plane rides I miss you too
Never knew that I would have to be away so much
Five thousand dollar phone bills keepin in touch
We Starskey and Hutch, yeah, we partners for life, yeah
I rock mics, so I'm sorry when I hug you if I squeeze too tight
Long nights in the studio take me away
Gettin mad 'cause I'm tired and you want me to play
Money can't replace time, I'm just tryna get you outta the fine relyin
And expand your mind my lil' ni', yeah
Yeah, c'mon

Look, sorry I'm away so much
Understand me, yeah
It's for you, hah, yeah (you, and you, and you)
C'mon, look, sorry I'm away so much
Huh, we keep it gangsta

I got a brother locked down, he be out in a couple
Knuckle for knuckle, a veteran and nothin but muscle
Now broadcastin live from behind the wall
Stayin tight through long kites and telephone calls
Gettin hype when you see your brother on T.V.
Can't wait for your release so you can roll with me
Arrange everything exactly how it's supposed to be
For right now here's a tho


Spit And Shine

Xzibit - Spit Shine
Verse 1
I 'ma clean this whole shit out like climax,
with words put togeather better then sony electronics,
king of the jungle, humbly stay honest,
eat with the lions, swim with peranas,
gassoline the scene, strike the match,
inferno, I'm to throue nigga, so stand back,
I spit shine, get mine and rip rhyme
and make my career take a incline,
I'm strick with knives, straight with razors,
good with grenades and great with gadges, (yeah)
been around the world on a million stages,
watch nigga's bitch up and go through changes,
I had gun's before guns was in fashion,
I mashed out before niggas knew mashin,
I knew terror before the plane started crashin,
I got punch lines and nigga's aint laughin...


I'm gon be here after the smoke dye down,
Insomnia style I won't lye down,
fight the good fight don't need no help,
keep your hands up defend yourself,
move like I move and live lifelong ,
can't move up if your hearts not strong,
get your own shit cause this shit's mine,
every time I spit, I shine

Verse 2

cock-sucker I preach what I practise,
back shit up, wrap this, rap shit up,
still actin up, get found in the trunk of an Acuva,
yall suck like jail in dracula,
X turn up the heat, increase the hatred,
straight stone face don't fuck with gay shit,
so i guess that means I cant fuck with you now,
drew down, let off, facate to new town,
you feel like bishop, induced now,
gotta flame thrower that will burn
great holes till you goose down, (yeah)
rough sound, same strong background,
bent on black the big boys playin tips down,
my whole train of thought is the party,
any motherfucker with problems and not get caught,
I was blessed with life when I cursed to death,
I'm a spit till my very last breath...

(fuck yall)


Verse 3

Let me get a three second look, I hit a million dollar target,
You ain't came up yet well nigga' let me show ya, (aaaa)
Come across dope like planes and boats,
Like baloons filled with coke, down a mexican's throat,
you ever seen a man get smoked and shit on himself,
the body shake for a second, then it can't stop a second,
the evidence are the weapon and the people involved,
let one nigga talk, everybody gettin caught, for sure,
I say that, to say this,
if you cant handle the time then ride the beach,
might as well touch your tail and jump the fence,
castrate yourself expose the bitch,
X go head up, the fuck never ran from it,
I got engadged with buck shots that you can't stomach,
You ain't a killer you a album filler,
You ain't a soldier you a rap premoter,
Game over...



Step Up

Aw yeah!
Right about now its time to get busy
Huh, straight out the box, nonstop
Kurupt the kingpin, xzibit, crooked i

(wait a minute, um)

Crooked i:
This is the art of, manslaughter
When Im rockin Im more shockin than droppin a boom box in bath water
You entered the wrong scuffle
You catchin a chrome buckle
I uppercut niggas hard enough to break my own knuckles
Deliver the sick verbals
My shotty spit a round, before you hit the ground,
Your body spin around, in six circles
Diminishin infamous menaces
Im waitin to get dicced, if not, Im a start finishin innocents
Lyrics (lyrics), Im breezin the region
Freezin gs in your legion
Freakin ancient techniques when Im speakin phoenician
Its all about crooked
These bitches shout crooked
Ill make you say the west coast aint shit without crooked
I own a vicious label, niggasll get disabled
When Im spittin rhymes written on project kitchen tables
I load this 4-5 and let slugs dive at ya
Now thats for crooked i, the scrap happy, mic snatcha

Motherfuccers can you dig that, huh?
Can you fucc with this?
Lets get kurupt the kingpin to fucc yall niggas up
Yall dont wanna see none of this west coast mc shit
Yeah, how you like me now motherfucker!? !

Terror starts, in the midst of your heart, starts
The storm, my vocals float like arts
In the mystic state of mind, when I create a rhyme
My microphone massacres every year the same time
With audio amputations, vocal thoughts of a loud talker
Up against the microphone night stalker
With a tendency of bashing mcs, like ten of me
As you can see I continue mashin mcs
Caboom, the room gets cleared as my views get clearer
Extra-terrestrial microphone terror
In effect, get infected
Tell me what the fucc you expected
These venemous injections
I leave whole sections, and sections full of injections
From these poisenous melodies and selections
I select the methods of slow anguish
I mangle shit with my language
Tell me, have you ever seen one elope
With the microphone
In a scandal like abilities to make mcs explode
Baboom, alone in my own zone
So dont compare me to none
Not ones nearly
Severe, cuz I severely, impare mcs
Near me, oppose and fear me, I got plots and theories
Sincerely, I could have the spot locked
Niggas get stoned for touching microphones
With no knowledge on how to rock

Yeah, back in effect, it dont stop
Turn your speakers up, dj battlecat on the table
We fuckin it up like this and like that, yeah
Got my homeboy xzibit in the motherfuccin house

When I was enlisted
I came to the table double fisted
Sadistic, heavy artillery, for all my enemies
Bust shots up in the sky screamin obsenities
Make niggas sport cackies and chucks from hear to italy
Itll be, a cold day in hell when you see xzibit fail
Act like a bitch on bail, tuck tail, and run
See we do it how it cant be done
Im the rough cut, plus how the west was won
Or direct descendant of the gatling gun
Dont test me son, you fucc around and catch you one
That aint a threat, thats a promise I can definitely keep
You cant compete wit 25 niggas wit heat in the street
Ready to repeat, round after after round at you
All hell break lose when the whole pound come through
I found that you and yours, can never fucc wit mine
I own shit but gimme some more like busta rhymes
Cross the line, now you gotta pay the piper
Im the alkaholik sniper, that be keepin the crowds hyper
Its ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Cant stop till me and my niggas is platinum plus
My dogg kurupt

Yeah, no shit
Yeah, yall cant fucc wit that

Thats what Im talkin about
West coast, we been doin this shit for years
Aint nothin happenin wit that
(dont step up)
Right, right
(dont step up, unles you wanna get hurt)
Huh, huh, huh

(get get get get hurt)
Whatcha say
Motherfuccas that be hangin in the battle
(get hurt, get get get get hurt)
Thats what Im talkin about
Daz dillinger
(dont step up, unless you wanna get hurt)
Break it down, break it down

(mixed with battlecats scratching)

Motherfuccas cant fade this shit

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