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Alice Cooper: Da Da

Alice Cooper: Da Da .


Da Da
Da Da
Da Da
Da Da
Da Da
Da Da
Da Da
Da Da
Da Da

I dont know what you mean about nasty feelings, its

Let me help you out of this, you were starting to feel a
certain way, violence, resentful.

How do you know that? I told you? I told you that?

Thats right, remember yesterday?

I dont want to talk about that, I dont want to talk about it.
Lets talk about, uh, talk about something else. Ok?

What would you like to talk about?


Tell me about your son.

My son, yeah well, he took care of me. Hes took care of me
For a long, he still takes care of me. And she takes good, and
She takes care of me. She takes, she takes good care of me.
He takes care of me,
Do you believe it
I have a daughter too.

You dont have a daughter.

Yeah, I have a dauther, yeah.

A son - you have a son, a son.

No I, no I, all I have, I have
I have a son, I have a son and a daughter, and a daughter.
No, I have a son, daughter, daughter too, and a boy, and a boy

Da Da
Da Da

Im a little tired now

Well thats alright, I think thats enough for today.

Im feeling rough and kinda hungry too.

Da Da

Whos my boy?



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